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Human resource regulation laws at the federal, state and local levels are in place to regulate how companies deal with their staff. Companies must understand their obligations and responsibilities to their employees in these areas. HR regulations include items such as minimum wage, the Family and Medical Leave Act, discipline issues, overtime, safety (OSHA) and wrongful termination, just to name a few.

Managers must be concerned with areas such as equal opportunity, affirmative action and sexual harassment issues. Equal opportunity laws protect individuals from discrimination based on certain characteristics such as age, race or gender. Affirmative action requires employers hire those individuals who belong to protected groups. And sexual harassment policies are necessary as this is also a concern due to multiple affects this has on employees.

Over the years a number of laws have shaped business practices regarding regulations. Some examples include, the Fair Labor Standards Act denotes things such as minimum wage, overtime regulations and child labor practices. While the OSHA Act establishes mandatory safety and health practices that business are responsible for following. has the available resources to help companies understand and stay on top of the human resources regulation industry.
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