Continuing Education Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Continuing Education is a term that is primarily used within the United States and Canada and represents post-secondary (high school) learning activities and educational outcomes. Forms of recognized continuing education activities include, but are not limited to, degree programs undertaken non-traditional students, non-degree career trainings, workforce training, self-directed learning, and experiential learning. Continuing education is almost interchangeable with adult education in the sense that it is intended for adult learners that are beyond traditional university age. Unlike, adult education, continuing education is not thought to encompass instruction of basic skills such as literacy and English language acquisition. Started by the University of Wisconsin in 1907, continuing education is currently a major industry experiencing growth in the public and private sectors. For more information on the Continuing Education industry and its many iterations and formats, please see our market research reports below.
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Continuing Education Industry Research & Market Reports

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