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Transportation & Shipping Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Transportation and Shipping Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis examine the transportation industry across all three modes of travel – land, sea and air. Key metrics are identified and measured to examine market strategies, opportunities and trends within the transportation and shipping industry.

Independent studies exist for the key players such as the European Union, the United States, China and Japan, as well as specific studies for countries and nations throughout Africa, South East Asia, and the Middle East. Broader reports for North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Caribbean and the Middle East are available as well. Global trends are also examined.

The transportation and shipping industry is quite vast. It consists of the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace, maritime travel, mass transit, railroads, and industrial vehicles. Tangential products and services, such as logistics and shipping services are also included.

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Transportation & Shipping Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Head-up Displays: Technologies and Global Markets

    ...of 24.4%, from 2017 to 2022. Report Includes An overview of the global market for head-up displays and related technologies Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2016, estimates for 2017, and projections of ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Autos Report Q4 2017

    ...of economicand political uncertainty, coupled with falling purchasing power of households, reverse the previouslystrong rise in consumer confidence and spending. Key Views Attempts to bolster sales growth by major car brands through the use of ... Read More

  • United States Autos Report Q4 2017

    ...the light truck segment; light trucks are harder to replace with second-hand models as cars account forthe biggest share of used inventory. Key Views We have revised up our forecast for light vehicle sales slightly ... Read More

  • Zambia Tourism Report Q4 2017 the country has been overshadowed by larger regional markets. Growth to 2021will not significantly change this, but improved marketing and investment in transport infrastructure willmake Zambia more attractive and accessible to tourists, setting the ... Read More

  • Ukraine Autos Report Q4 2017

    ...Views A stabilising hryvnia, a recovering economy and the likelihood of lower interest rates in 2018 are allcontinuing to drive the new vehicle sales market higher, led by the buoyant CV segment. During 2017, there ... Read More

  • Egypt Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017 Egypt as part of its International Monetary Fund programme are starting to bear fruit, andwe forecast an acceleration in growth in the current fiscal year, which is welcome news for the freightindustry. Early indicators ... Read More

  • Singapore Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...from the electronics sector is likely to be the main driver of growth inSingapore over the short term. China's Belt and Road initiative provides plenty of upside risk to our freightforecasts going forward and in ... Read More

  • Turkey Tourism Report Q4 2017

    ...forecasting a slight return to growth in 2017, arrivals figures willremain well below the volumes recorded prior to the crash and Turkey may struggle to change perceptionsof the safety and security of key tourism destinations ... Read More

  • Peru Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...over the short term, although we expect a rebound to occur at least in terms of theformer in 2018. Rail will struggle owing to its reliance on the mining sector; copper prices remain subduedby historical ... Read More

  • Mozambique Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...sectors, rather than the performance of the consumer sphere,which is providing very limited opportunities for growth. Key Updates And Forecasts Real GDP growth will continue to underperform in Mozambique over the coming quarters, as thegovernment's ... Read More

  • Europe Autos Report Q4 2017

    ...and other smaller markets such as Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland andFinland. Key Views Sales will decline in six markets across the region (UK, Turkey, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, andIreland) but this will be outweighed by growth in ... Read More

  • Israel Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...the country and, by extension, the Israeli freight industry. Exports returned togrowth in the second half of 2016, and we expect this to continue to be the case over the coming quarters,amid the strong performance ... Read More

  • El Salvador and Nicaragua Freight Transport and Shipping Report 2017

    ...rate in 2017 with y-o-y gains set to come in at 4.8% following negligible growth in 2016 and acontraction a year previous. Nicaragua's freight industry will benefit from strong remittances and agrowing economy, which will ... Read More

  • India Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...asteady increase in domestic demand, rising disposable incomes and an uptick in private consumption levels.Furthermore, the Make-in-India campaign will bolster manufacturing, and exports of mining and metalswill also perform strongly. India performed very well in ... Read More

  • Taiwan Autos Report Q4 2017

    ...will contract by 2.0% in 2017. Total vehicle production is forecast to contract by 3.6% in 2017. Although private consumption is expected to generate a small recovery, it will not be sufficient to stemthe decrease ... Read More

  • Taiwan Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...independence ambitions. These poor relations continue topose significant risks to Taiwanese trade and, by extension, to the freight mix. Cross-Strait ties are likely tobecome increasingly challenging as China continues with its efforts to curtail Taiwan's ... Read More

  • South Korea Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...upcoming 2018 PyeongChang Olympics and related infrastructure andcapital spending will bolster freight levels. A negative risk to our forecast comes from the weak demand forKorean goods from neighbouring China. Furthermore, a potential geopolitical crisis between ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Autos Report Q4 2017

    ...down our forecast for vehicle sales in the MENA region further to a contraction of 4.5%. Several GCC markets have been revised down as continued economic weakness weighs on bothconsumer and business spending, but particularly ... Read More

  • Philippines Autos Report Q4 2017

    ... Read More

  • Egypt Autos Report Q4 2017

    ...fall 24.2% in 2017 and contract on average 2.5% over our 2017-2021forecast period. Total vehicle production is expected to contract by 23.5% in 2017 as demand for vehicles wavers and theelevated economic risks keep automakers ... Read More

  • United States Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...of 98.4. While the index has moderated slightly since, registering 117.9 in May 2017, consumerconfidence remains buoyant. Meanwhile, we continue to believe that trade levels are set to post stableannual gains in import and export ... Read More

  • Sweden Autos Report Q4 2017

    ...outperform passenger vehicle sales (3.8%). Key Views Swedish new vehicle sales continue to perform very strongly, in line with our expectations. Low interest rates, a booming labour market and robust levels of consumer confidence all ... Read More

  • Russia Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...will pick up, in a positive development for intermodal transport modes,although it will remain well-below pre-2014 levels. Key Updates And Forecasts Russian economic recovery will strengthen, driven by higher oil prices and easing sanctions, driving ... Read More

  • South Africa Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q4 2017

    ...freight will be the only bright spot across all freight modes. Demandfor containerised goods underpinned by resilient consumer demand will support road, rail and shippingfreight. Weak long term growth fundamentals will continue to be a ... Read More

  • Iran Autos Report Q4 2017

    ...up local production operation. Key Views Totalvehicle sales will grow 12.4% and production will grow 12.3% in 2017. The reliability of foreign brands will attract a greater market share as more foreign and domestic jointventures ... Read More

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