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Transportation & Shipping Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Transportation and Shipping Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis examine the transportation industry across all three modes of travel – land, sea and air. Key metrics are identified and measured to examine market strategies, opportunities and trends within the transportation and shipping industry.

Independent studies exist for the key players such as the European Union, the United States, China and Japan, as well as specific studies for countries and nations throughout Africa, South East Asia, and the Middle East. Broader reports for North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Caribbean and the Middle East are available as well. Global trends are also examined.

The transportation and shipping industry is quite vast. It consists of the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace, maritime travel, mass transit, railroads, and industrial vehicles. Tangential products and services, such as logistics and shipping services are also included.

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Transportation & Shipping Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Cote d'Ivoire Autos Q4 2018

    ... Key View: Côte d'Ivoire's real GDP growth will outperform Sub-Saharan Africa over the coming years, owing to robust fixedinvestment and higher private consumption, which will provide a supportive environment to its automotive sector to grow. Read More

  • Hong Kong Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... freight modes. Strong levels of trade uptick coupled with the SpecialAdministrative Region’s strategic location as a premier transshipment hub will bode well for the logistics sector. Furthermore, wenote that Hong Kong will continue to benefit ... Read More

  • Lebanon Autos Q4 2018

    ... 2018 Key View: This quarter we retain our negative outlook on new vehicle sales in Lebanon, forecasting at best a 3% contraction for themarket in 2018, with risks to our forecasts remaining to the downside. Read More

  • Norway Autos Q4 2018

    ... due to the growing replacement of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars by electric vehicles(EVs) in the country. This therefore impacts our forecasts as the EV market represents a smaller volume of the overall marketcompared to ... Read More

  • Oman Autos Q4 2018

    Oman Autos Q4 2018 Key View: This quarter, we maintain our forecast of 3.2% growth in new vehicle sales for 2018, with commercial vehicle (CV) sales(3.9%) to outperform passenger vehicle (PV) sales (3.0%). Read More

  • Denmark Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... by an annual average of 2.3% between 2018 and 2027, totallingUSD21.6bn by the end of our forecast period. The transport infrastructure sector will be the key growth outperformerin Denmark'swider construction market, notably the rail segment. Read More

  • Jordan Autos Q4 2018

    Jordan Autos Q4 2018 Key View: This quarter, we maintain our forecast of 3.6% growth in new vehicle sales across 2018, with commercial vehicle (CV)sales (4.8%) to outperform passenger vehicle (PV) sales (3%). Read More

  • Canada Autos Q4 2018

    ... Key View: We still expect Canadian light vehicle sales to decline by 0.7% in 2018, led by the ongoing shift away from passengercars; however, we expect production to decline based on retooling and supplier disruptions. Read More

  • Hong Kong Autos Q4 2018

    ... with sales totalling around 41,000units by year end. Rising borrowing costs and the negative wealth effects of a cooling property market will dampen consumerspending and in turn lead to a downturn in new vehicle purchases. Read More

  • Belgium Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... large-scale projects reliant upon privateinvestment (through the use of public-private partnerships) and regional development funding. As an important transport hub inEurope, Belgium is likely to attract further investment over the coming years and the country's ... Read More

  • Taiwan Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... remains committed on implementing its forward looking infrastructuredevelopment programme over the next four years. We are therefore forecasting real expansion of an average of 2.7% per annumfrom 2018-2022 (versus -0.2 in the past five years). Read More

  • Morocco Autos Q4 2018

    Morocco Autos Q4 2018 Key View: This quarter, we maintain our forecast for 7.5% growth for new vehicle sales in 2018, with passenger vehicle (PV) sales(8.0%) to outperform commercial vehicle (CV) sales (2.0%). Read More

  • Cambodia Infrastructure Q4 2018

    Cambodia Infrastructure Q4 2018 Key View: Cambodia's construction market will be an outperformer in Asia, supported by favourable demographic and geographicfactors that are driving investment in transport and residential/non-residential building projects. Read More

  • Thailand Autos Q4 2018

    ... maintain our view that strong economic growth, elevated levels of consumer confidence, risingprivate sector investment, low interest rates, replacement demand following the expiry of the five-year lock-up period for vehiclesbought under the first-time car buyer ... Read More

  • Panama Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... of a nationwide labour strike which caused a substantialhalt in project activity for one month between April and May 2018. From 2019, growth will resume bolstered by the advance of anumber of large-scale infrastructure projects. Read More

  • Qatar Autos Q4 2018

    ... Key View: This quarter, we have revised down our new vehicle sales forecasts for 2018, now targeting a 2.8% fall, to 64,224 units,with commercial vehicle (CV) sales (-2.0%) to outperform passenger vehicle (PV) sales (-3.0%). Read More

  • Romania Autos Q4 2018

    ... 2018. Elevated business confidence will continue to provide support to the demand fornew vehicles over the remainder of 2018, after the WLTP comes into effect. The growing market share of new vehicle sales willincrease the ... Read More

  • India Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... represent one of the most significant freight and shippinggrowth markets of the next decade. Major government investment into road and rail infrastructure will expand capacity drasticallyover the coming years. Export growth will outpace import growth. Read More

  • South Korea Autos Q4 2018

    ... and economic challenges. We forecast some of these key markets to contract in 2018due to the challenges that they face, which will drive the South Korean vehicle production industry to also contract over this period. Read More

  • Namibia Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... output willboost export volumes, while a modest rebound in household spending will drive import volumes. Road will remain the dominantmode of freight and, along with ports, will most immediately benefit from major government infrastructure investment. Read More

  • Charter & Other Nonscheduled Air Transportation Services

    ... Services, Atlas Air Worldwide, and NetJets, along with Switzerland's Jet Aviation Management (part of US-based General Dynamics) and the UK's TUI Airways (part of Germany-based TUI Group). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by corporate profits ... Read More

  • Railroad Equipment Manufacturing

    ... American Railcar Industries, GE, Greenbrier, Progress Rail Locomotive, Trinity Industries, and Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies (all based in the US), along with ALSTOM (France), Bombardier (Canada), CRRC Corporation (China), NIPPON SHARYO (Japan), and Siemens (Germany). ... Read More

  • Tire Wholesalers

    ... based in the US), as well as Bond International (UK), Dynamic Tire (Canada), and PPC Asia (Philippines). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Radical changes in the replacement-tire market threaten to disrupt what traditionally has been relatively stable industry. ... Read More

  • Bus Transportation Services

    ... as Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport (India); ComfortDelGro (Singapore); FirstGroup, National Express, and Stagecoach (UK); Nobina (Sweden), and Transport International Holdings (Hong Kong). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand depends mainly on the demographic makeup and growth of ... Read More

  • Truck Trailer Manufacturing

    ... Translead, Utility Trailer, and Wabash National (all based in the US), as well as China International Marine Containers, Randon (Brazil), and Schmitz Cargobull (Germany). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is directly tied to activity in the truck ... Read More

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