Travel/ Duty Free Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Duty free refers to the ability of travelers en route to buy merchandise at retail outlets generally residing in transportation hubs like airports which are free from the tax(duty) imposed within that country. Travelers can be en­ route or arriving/departing from certain locations. These locations are retail sites which are exempt from levying national or local taxes to patrons for the merchandise sold in their outlets. The merchandise sold duty free has certain stipulation assigned by the jurisdiction. The stipulations can include how products are retailed or the process by which the duty or lack there of can be calculated. Although duty free merchandise is not imposed tax upon purchase, the traveler can be assessed tax once they reach their final destination or port of entry. This can occur if the value of the merchandise or the quantity of the duty-­free merchandise exceeds an imposed limit for a specific country being entered. Duty-­free retail locations are generally placed in international zones, such as international airports or seaports. Duty-­free merchandise is also sometimes sold on airplanes or ships while travelers are in transit. Some countries allow duty-­free merchandise to be sold along their borders for those traveling by ground transportation like car, train or bus.
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Travel/ Duty Free Industry Research & Market Reports

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