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Handbags and purses are essentially bags that come in a variety of sizes and are a product of certain fashion designs. Those employed within this industry are designers and manufacturers of handbags and purses, and specialty retailers whose primary market is in selling handbags.

Handbags have become an important accessory in the fashion world, and are often used as completion pieces for a woman’s wardrobe. They promote growth in the fashion industry, and designers are including handbags in their collections more often to increase revenue. The fashion and luxury market has a direct impact on the different designs that come out of the handbag industry, as one complements the other.

As many designers have started to open their own stores, competition in the handbag industry has become commonplace. Premier handbag companies will sell not only their own designer pieces, but luxury brands and private labels as well. The designer handbag brands that come out of Europe make up the largest market in the industry. Europe typically sells their handbags through independent retailers and specialist chains. Outside of Europe, other countries are on the rise in their creation and distribution of handbags with new strategies and initiatives. Handbag companies are also beginning to adjust their distribution practices so they can provide more effectively for the needs of their consumer, as well as reducing their operational costs.

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Handbags & Purses Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Luxury Leather Goods in China

    ... fulfil consumers’ changing need to personalise products instead of showing-off, which is different from their parents’ generation. Moreover, the leading players made efforts to refresh their brand image by providing do-it-yourself services, as well as ... Read More

  • Handbags & Purses (UK) - Industry Report

    ... top 80 companies, including RUSSELL & BROMLEY LTD, FRANK SMYTHSON LTD and J.R. TUSTING & COMPANY LTD. This report covers activities such as handbags, wallets, purses, merrell, welted and includes a wealth of information on ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in Australia

    ... the strongest growth, driven by the positive performance of key categories such as mid-priced handbags and luggage. Mid-priced handbags benefit from the aggressive expansion of fast fashion brands and the entry of new brands with ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Australia

    ... Growth in the category is being driven by new product innovations featuring functional and compact designs. This trend is most prevalent in backpacks, with more consumers carrying backpacks to the office. In this category, lightweight ... Read More

  • World Market for Personal Accessories

    Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in the United Arab Emirates

    Read More

  • Personal Accessories in the United Arab Emirates

    Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Romania

    ... 2018, following a previous increase of 16% in 2017. As a result, consumers are becoming increasingly aspirational which is reflected in the strong performances of designer brands. Nevertheless, basic and mid-priced bags and luggage continues ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in Romania

    ... and fashion-conscious population spending more on non-essential goods. Furthermore, with prices stagnating in many categories, in part due to the increasingly tough competitive environment, these products are also becoming more affordable. In a polarised competitive ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in South Korea

    ... daily use. Luxury handbags also recorded healthy growth, although some luxury brands are causing controversy. This is due to a strict “No Sale” policy in the domestic market. However, there have been rumours that some ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in Sweden

    ... appearance, which is being exacerbated by social media. Consumers are increasingly using social media to express their style, while marketing influencers are helping to boost interest in different brands via pictures and videos. This also ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in South Korea

    ... luxury handbags, which registered stronger growth than more mature categories such as jewellery and quartz analogue watches. Although the domestic market was volatile, with the number of inbound tourists fluctuating and duty-free shops becoming a ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in China

    ... high-end or even luxury products, to convey personal wealth, individual taste and social status. The trend towards premiumisation in personal accessories in China can be also be attributed to the Chinese government’s reduction of tariffs ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in Poland

    ... growth, was the reason why the market saw constant increases in the review period. Consumers had higher disposable incomes and were increasingly looking for branded, good-quality products. The number of wealthy consumers seeking luxury and ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in Mexico

    ... higher GDP growth than in 2017. The development of department stores and internet retailing also supported growth of personal accessories. Euromonitor International's Personal Accessoriesin Mexico report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Poland

    ... closer to PLN5,000 (gross), and the unemployment rate is the lowest since economic transformation. As a result, more and more people can afford to buy better-quality bags and luggage. Poles want to be fashionable and ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Singapore

    ... practicality and convenience of a backpack that can accommodate a laptop and gym gear, as they like to visit the gym before or after work. As the athleisure trend continues to encroach into the lifestyles ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in South Africa

    ... deeper declines than what was seen during the review period. Demand for bags and luggage is being suppressed by rising prices due to high inflation and pressure on disposable incomes. Indeed, the low-income consumers who ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Ukraine

    ... the domestic economy and rising official salaries. Ukrainians were more active with new purchases and replacements, but much larger volume sales recovery was not possible as disposable spending power remained comparatively low, despite the minimum ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Malaysia

    ... by the opening of a new 2,034 sq m store within Suria KLCC mall, the brand introduced a Customisation Atelier service for clients to personalise their leather goods. Among the personalisation services provided, customers can ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in Germany

    ... other categories faced a more challenging environment due to changing consumer preferences resulting from technological advances. Euromonitor International's Personal Accessoriesin Germany report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in India

    ... addition to the implementation of a new tax structure. The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax in July 2017 was well received by established companies, even though the revised taxes for several product categories ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Germany

    ... bags in particular benefited from the increase in travel, which was further supported by the variety of different types of duffel bags, as evidenced by the current trend towards so-called weekender bags for short trips. ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Hong Kong, China

    ... Chinese. According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, inbound arrivals from mainland China increased by 15% as of April 2018, compared with the corresponding period in the previous year. In 2017, Chinese tourists began to ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in Indonesia

    ... up the majority of the population, often prefer to pay with cash instead of via credit or debit cards. This is especially true of those in rural areas. The category’s performance was further bolstered by ... Read More

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