Snack Foods Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The concept of three meals a day is an increasingly antiquated notion. Modern day consumers are grazers and snackers. This perpetually harried populace frequently eats meals on the go. Eating several smaller portion meals daily is the trend of the moment that most food industry experts agree is not going away.

Understanding the variety of snack foods consumers favor, as well the snackers themselves is a surefire way to gain greater insights into the U.S.consumer spectrum. From parents to kids, undergrads to Baby Boomers, virtually everyone is a snacker. The key is figuring out which products are in demand, especially in our current health conscious society.’s collection of reports focused on snack foods will help you leverage present and emerging trends in the all important snack food market.

Snack foods generally can be divided into sweet vs. salty/savory snacks. Sweet snacks typically include candy, cookies/baked snacks, food bars, and fruit snacks. Salty or savory snacks typically include chips and pretzels, cracks, nuts, dried meats and popcorn/rice snacks.

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Snack Foods Industry Research & Market Reports

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