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Policy and procedure guidelines for safety procedures in manufacturing plants are generated by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) to guide employers and employees on work safety in their environment, hoping to decrease or eliminate injury potential. There are many different types of safety procedures within a manufacturing plant. Among them are:

Evacuation Plans. Every manufacturing plant is advised to keep a complete custom evacuation plan based on the information and layout of a particular plant. In developing this plan a variety of different emergency conditions should be considered. Every employee and employer should know about this plan. It is also a good ideas to post instructions around the manufacturing plant visible to all.

Workplace Safety Signs. Workplace safety signs are critically important. Safety signs overcome language barriers, reading abilities, and job experience. Workplace safety signs aid machine troubleshooting processes, startup and shutdown procedures, assembly line operations, and detailed machinery operating procedures.

Trainings. Training sessions are necessary to make sure that all employees understand the consequences of ignoring safety guidelines in their work environment. OSHA recommends written safety manuals for all employees to read. The manuals should include drawings, safety notices, potential hazards; all manufacturer information and all information need to operate the equipment safely.

Lockout Procedures. In case of some emergency within the manufacturing plant there must be a way for any employee to shut off all energy sources to all equipment. Employees should also know what the shutoff and verification procedures are. Safety switches need to be visible to all employees in case of an emergency. There are some programs that can meet the specifications and needs of your manufacturing plant rather than just a general lockout plan.

There are many different policy and procedure guidelines for safety in the manufacturing plants; this discussion is incomplete.

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Safety Industry Research & Market Reports

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