Water Purification Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Water sanitation and purification currently affects over 3.3 billion people. Currently, over 900 million people lack access to free, clean water. Unclean water causes major health concerns and illness usually in undeveloped nations located in Africa, Central America, and South America. Water purification treatment technologies which are widely available and used most often are ion exchange, activated carbon filtration and reverse osmosis.

The water purification removes undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases so that the water is safe for use or drinking. The water purification industry has experienced steady growth over the last decade due to increased product selection, availability, population growth which increased pollution of fresh water supply and new home/building construction. The global recession may have slowed construction but the world population has increased making it more difficult to maintenance adequate access to fresh water for global communities.

Water treatment utilizes industrial scale processes that makes water acceptable for end use which maybe be drinking or industrial uses. It is also utilized to ensure contaminants are removed prior to returning waste water to the environment. MarketResearch.com provides industry analysis and insight into water purification, water treatment and water sanitation. It highlights industry leader and industry direction to make informed decisions.

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Water Purification Industry Research & Market Reports

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