Furniture Manufacturing Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Furniture manufacturing refers to the commercial production of consumer and commercial sector goods including household furniture for all rooms, décor products, office furniture, baby and children’s furniture and beds, and pet furniture and comfort products. Specific furniture products manufactured include beds, couches, desks, tables, chairs, cubicles, cushions, cribs, stands, recliners, stools, swings, hammocks, cabinets, shelves, armoires, entertainment centers, lighting accessories, bathroom vanities, chests, drawers, drafting tables, countertops, and specialty products catering to select demographics. High variability in designs, aesthetics, dimensions, height and weight is a common parameter in furniture manufacturing as products must conform to consumer preferences and needs of the intended user. Consequently, standardization in furniture design is ephemeral with changing fashions and trends in demand from varying demographics. Regional aesthetics, artistic standards and norms also influence furniture consumption with varying products between Middle Eastern, East Asian, South Asian, American, European, Latin American and African consumer markets.

Wood is one of the core materials for furniture manufacturing and is still fashioned into furniture products in the skilled trade of carpentry. Rapidly rising demand for furniture has come with improved quality of living and higher incomes in industrialized and post-industrialized service economies with a much broader base of consumer demand for furniture and related products. Similarly service economies with vast commercial sectors constitute major markets for office furniture and other products. Textile manufacturing has provided the means for the mass production of furniture upholsteries. Similarly, industrial welding and metalworking has opened furniture design to increased use of metal structures and parts.

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Furniture Manufacturing Industry Research & Market Reports

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