Office Supplies Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The office supply industry comprises revenues brought about by the retailing of office supplies in stores that primarily operate in selling these products. Items in the office supply market include paper, pencils and pens, business forms, stationery, storage containers and other forms of office equipment. Also included in this market are wholesalers offering paper, stationery, and office supplies for purchase. The predominant products in the office supply industry are office paper, labels, greeting cards, and general office supplies; combined, these items account for over half of the overall revenue for the market. Large retailers of office supplies purchase their stock specifically from manufacturers.

Wholesalers that concentrate in office stationery focus on distribution of a broad spectrum of paper products as well as basic office supplies. They market their products to other wholesalers in the industry, foreign buyers, and to the consumer.

There are an increasing number of small office supply businesses, and as such wholesalers are able to offer economic bundles of needed office equipment. However, as the concept of “green” businesses continues to grow, many offices are going paperless, which will impact the demand in this industry.

The degree of business activity drives the demand for the office supply industry. Competition in this market is steep due to online retailers, warehouse clubs, and supercenters. Larger companies have the ability to provide a wide range of products to the same consumer. Smaller businesses make providing specialty products and excellent customer service their priorities. Individual companies focus on devising superior merchandising tactics, as well an effective delivery system in order to generate profit.

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Office Supplies Industry Research & Market Reports

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