Colorants Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Food colorants are pigments, dyes, or substances that are mixed into beverages and foodstuffs with the purpose of changing colors and are often used domestically and also commercially in forms like liquids, gels, pastes, or powders. The food colorants market has very useful application properties including foods, nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages, and CSDs. Some of the key players and important products within the food colorants market are synthetic colorants, natural identical colorants, caramel food colorants, and natural colorants. Quickly growing demand for natural food colorants globally is a main factor for momentum in the food colorant market. In addition, the increasing preference in customers for colored products because of the meaningful perceptions related to colors associated to different food products will continue to increase the demand of the food colorant market.

The food colorants market is a sub-sector within the food industry and therefore requires strict and costly certifications before being applied to products. REACH and Food and Drug Administration regulations in the U.S and Europe have a database of approved food grade colorants that are carefully tested to be certified in meeting the legal requirements. Increasing public knowledge of the effects and results of synthetic colors as well as changing consumer demands in terms of natural ingredients to be mindful of overall health are players in the reduction of the growth in the synthetic food colorants market which has caused color manufacturers to look for different, innovative ways to restructure their products.

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Colorants Industry Research & Market Reports

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