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The office furniture sector includes companies involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail of office furniture. Manufacturers of office furniture develop many different products that include desks, filing cabinets, bookcases, chairs, and general cabinets. Sometimes, manufacturers of office furniture also develop office and workspace fixtures like cafeteria equipment, counter tops, partitions, and many other furniture parts.

Normally office furniture is created for optimal use in a workspace setting. As an example, computer desks are developed with a priority of housing computers and computer accessories, while still allowing enough space for good work. Sometimes, office furniture is directed to specialty work rooms, as businesses differ in space design. Furniture developed for modular room sometimes may be designed different than the pieces to be used in a high-rise building. Office furniture retail stores and showrooms may provide clients with the option of buying furniture from a manufacturer that the client is able to personally customize or design to be able to meet their needs and specific wants. Office furniture may be distributed or delivered to clients in separate pieces that will then be needed to be assembled, or as a complete, pre-assembled piece.

The demand within the office furniture industry is dependent on the overall standing of the economy, as well as employment rates, business developments, expansions, and overall operations, or the specific needs of a company to update or replace office furniture. The profitability of this specific industry is dependent on the efficient merchandising and marketing strategies. Smaller firms try to develop specialty furniture with a high quality of workmanship to be able to sell their products for a luxury price. The revenue created by specific companies is dependent on volume due to various costs being very static.

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Office Furniture Industry Research & Market Reports

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