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Clocks and watches, also known as timekeeping pieces, are a part of an industry made up of primarily of manufacturers and assemblers of watches, clocks, time and date recording devices, timing mechanisms for clock devices and parts like springs, modules and jewels for these pieces. Though Switzerland is often touted as the leader in the watch and clock industry worldwide, the industry has its greatest focus in mainland Asia and Japan. In the U.S., clock and watch shipments dropped drastically in 2009 to $318 million, while the cost of materials increased to $162 million in 2010 from $146 million the year prior. Employment in these industries reflected these trends with the number of employees dropping from 1,703 in 2009 to 1,583 in 2010. While traditional clocks and watches have experienced downward trends in the United States, smartwatches, which are wrist-worn wearable devices with functionalities the surpass those of the traditional wristwatch, have grown in popularity. The global market for smartwatches was estimated to be valued at $702.5 million in 2013 with shipments of over 2 million units in the same year. High-end smartwatches encompassed approximately 90% of the overall market share in 2013, though the industry finds many consumers are still reluctant to pay between $250 and $300 for these devices. provides a large collection of market research on the watches and clocks industry. You can explore comprehensive reports on watches and clocks and find out about the latest product releases. We also offer detailed industry reports, databases, forecast reports and guides on markets in the U.S. and around the globe.
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Watches & Clocks Industry Research & Market Reports

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