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  • Mexico Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... demand for the latest technologies. Some downside risk for local industryand the consumer market remains, however, deriving mainly from potential policy shocks in the Trump era, despite the corescenario being for NAFTA to remain intact. Read More

  • Italy Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... political uncertainty because of the difficulties of forming a pro-reformcoalition due to success for eurosceptic and populist parties. The weak economic outlook will be a drag on enterprise investment,including for IT products and solutions, and ... Read More

  • France Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... high value activities such as integrated circuits, software publishing and consulting. The outlook forthe industry and market improved since the 2017 election of Macron, which brought a more pro-business approach to governance,as well as sector-specific ... Read More

  • Germany Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... production. The domestic IT spending outlook is for steady expansion to bedriven by enterprise investment in software and services where cloud computing will be the key technology trend. The maindownside risk is for economic growth ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Information Technology Report Q2 2018

    ... efforts to foster new economic segments are yielding fruitful dividend for marketgrowth. There are medium-term opportunities such as premium PCs, data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing and Internet ofThings solutions that will be tapped as the ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Information Technology Report Q3 2018

    ... software and services, especially consulting and programming services, for which there was stronggrowth during the review period, as well as semiconductor research and design. We anticipate steady IT market growth over theforecast period 2018-2022, with ... Read More

  • Lebanon Information Technology Report 2018

    ... over the medium-term. Strengthening real GDP growth and privatefinal consumption levels will bolster consumer and investor confidence and sustain a healthy growth trajectory. IT software andservices growth will be strongest owing to low levels of ... Read More

  • Indonesia Information Technology Report Q2 2018

    ... performance and the potential for convergence towards developed and emerging marketlevels of public and private sector digitisation. Rising incomes and population growth will see the middle class expand and so fuelinvestments by firms looking to ... Read More

  • Israel Information Technology Report Q2 2018

    ... IT solutions. Growth will be supported by economic expansion and private demand for thelatest technologies offering cost savings and new capabilities, while the local industry is positioned to continue to be at the forefrontof global ... Read More

  • Australia Information Technology Report Q3 2018

    ... those built on cloud, internet of things and mobile technologies that offercost savings and/or new capabilities. This will benefit the domestic IT industry that specialises in localised software and servicesprovision and research, and has very ... Read More

  • Russia Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... The IT market was however still below its previous peak, andalthough there are some positive technology trends such as cloud computing adoption, the retail PC market is subject to weakdynamics and there continue to be ... Read More

  • Australia Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... in the software and services segments due to increasing demand from enterprises and the publicsector for solutions based on cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies, as well as cybersecurity. Meanwhile, the local ITindustry is ... Read More

  • Egypt Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... in 2017 after the devaluation on late 2016, translating to pent-updemand for the medium term, and there is also an underlying growth trend due to Egypt's frontier market status meaning catch-upgrowth potential to developed markets. ... Read More

  • Romania Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... IT products and solutions has been less explosive, butthere is a positive trend that we expect to persist over the medium term based on economic modernisation and expansion, as wellas supportive technology trends. The main ... Read More

  • Venezuela Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... non-essential spending was deferred due to the collapse of affordability amidsthyperinflation and a collapse of the bolivar's value against the US dollar, a situation only made worse by product shortages due toforeign exchange restrictions. The ... Read More

  • Chile Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... activity. There are nonetheless still opportunities for sustained spending growththrough convergence towards developed market levels of spending per capita, and support from technology trends, such as theacceleration in the adoption of cloud computing by local ... Read More

  • United States Information Technology Report Q2 2018

    ... reach USD1,465bn in 2022. Software andservices will drive growth, as the hardware segment is saturated. New services such as IoT, AI or cybersecurity will ensure the US willremain at the cutting edge of new technology. Read More

  • Argentina Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... term because of further depreciation envisaged by our Country Risk team. Thereare however, positive underlying trends that will sustain local currency growth including investments in software and servicesthrough modernisation initiatives at firms increasingly exposed to ... Read More

  • India Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... of a newGoods and Services Tax (GST), with less-essential tablets hit hard in 2017. Servers and spending on cloud computing services andinfrastructure will keep the market buoyant, to a degree. We forecast IT spending CAGR ... Read More

  • Brazil Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... a much lower trajectory 2018-2022. There are major opportunities, especiallyaround the adoption of cloud computing by Brazilian enterprises that is reshaping several product categories, but overall growthpotential is dampened by a sluggish economic outlook and ... Read More

  • Slovenia Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... industry that serves the domestic market and exports to Western Europe. The hardware markethas weak growth prospects, but there is stronger momentum for software and services where enterprise and public sectorinvestments are driving development. The ... Read More

  • Kuwait Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... majors compete indirectly throughpartnerships and local agents. There is however, solid growth potential as the economy strengthens following the downturnassociated with the oil price decline, with the biggest opportunities concentrated in software and services where ... Read More

  • Colombia Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... be support from enterprise and public sector modernisation, as well assustained economic expansion, which will make software and services the principal growth engine. There is however, someuncertainty surrounding hardware due to shifting usage and ownership ... Read More

  • Canada Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... growth engine are based on software and services, where solutions based on cloud andInternet of Things technologies are the fastest areas of development. The key risk factors are external, including the changing toneof the relationship ... Read More

  • Peru Information Technology Q2 2018

    ... as the level of informatisation in thepublic and private sector increases. The Peruvian software and services industry is also on a positive trajectory, and holds potentialfor steady medium-term development by serving local firms and outsourcing ... Read More

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