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  • Singapore Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... 2019-2022 will software and services spending by firms looking to launchnew products and services, or increase the productivity of existing operations, while the hardware outlook is more modest due tomarket maturity. The main risk to ... Read More

  • Turkey Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... and the economy returns to growth. This will benefit local and foreignvendors as sentiment strengthens, but especially those importing devices and solutions to Turkey because of improved affordabilityforecast for 2020-2022. Considerable downside risks will however ... Read More

  • Canada Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... increase efficiency and operational flexibility. These opportunitieswill mainly exist around cloud, Internet of Things, advanced automation and data analytics - as well as cyber security owing to globalcriminal and state threats. Downside risks are internal ... Read More

  • Mexico Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... and households translate into demand for the latest technologies. Some downside risk for local industryand the consumer market remains, however, deriving mainly from potential policy shocks in the Trump era and a risk of currencydevaluation. Read More

  • Australia Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... of 3.3%). We do however, anticipate the economy to recover graduallythroughout our forecast period. As such, we believe Argentina remains one of the more optimistic markets for food and drink inLatin America. Spending on both ... Read More

  • Germany Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... levels of spending. Despite low unemployment, increased real wage growth, higher consumerconfidence and cheap credit, German consumers are not spending on par with these structural advantages. While a mindset thatfavours saving is a factor, a ... Read More

  • Peru Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... lower than those of neighbouring markets such asIndia, with penetration in the life and non-life sectors currently 0.6% and 0.3% respectively. Rising income levels and an expandingmiddle class offer optimism that household insurance usage will ... Read More

  • South Africa Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... currently faces, despite its worldwide reputation for its strong regulatory infrastructure and relatively robust fundamentals.Muted economic growth in South Africa as well as imminent monetary tightening will keep demand for credit subdued across ourshort-term outlook. Read More

  • Hong Kong Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... We do however envisage growth in the market over2019-2022 because the replacement purchases on which vendors will primarily rely are expected to become more valuable as ahigher share for premium brands and flagships pushes up ... Read More

  • Indonesia Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... will continue to be smartphones, for whichownership is broad and continuing to increase, which has seen the handset segment come to account for the bulk of devicespending, and reshape demand for other products, such as ... Read More

  • Israel Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... positive technology trends such as demand for cloudcomputing, advanced automation, data analytics and cyber security solutions. Meanwhile, the IT industry is the largest and mosttechnologically advanced in the region, and well positioned for further growth ... Read More

  • Architecture Strategies for Enterprise Services

    ... for the digital economy and cloud. While microservices can provide many advantages, they also provide new opportunities for problems. One issue is the explosion in the number of services and with it questions about how ... Read More

  • North American Mobile Field Service Management Market, Forecast to 2022

    ... wireless, location, and other technologies to locate, manage, automate, and optimize remote field service workers and their work processes. These solutions are accessed in real time via a field worker's smartphone, tablet, ruggedized mobile device, ... Read More

  • Netherlands Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... mix in verticals such as financial services, manufacturing, retail, R&Dand ICT. The key growth driver over the medium term 2019-2022 will be enterprise adoption of software and services solutions thatunderpin their expansion and innovation strategies. ... Read More

  • France Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... for steady expansion in spending, which will be driven by software andservices demand as firms invest in expansion and modernisation strategies. The domestic economic and IT market outlook - as wellas for the French IT ... Read More

  • Digital Landscape in Middle East and Africa

    ... of collective environmental stewardship. Consumer attitudes are also shifting in the right direction, with the majority of consumers seeking to have a positive impact on the environment. Travel brands are not resting on their laurels, ... Read More

  • Italy Information Technology Q1 2019

    ... expansion and/or modernisation initiatives. There is alsosupport to USD spending outlook through gradual appreciation of the euro envisaged for 2019-2022. Risks, however, are weightedto the downside because of Italy's populist government, which we expect to ... Read More

  • The Network automation and orchestration: worldwide market shares 2017

    ... and related professional services. It contains 2017 CSP spending for both the traditional EMS/NMS software and services (USD6.4 billion) and the network control and orchestration (NCO) market (USD970 million), which is split into wide area ... Read More

  • LTE Advanced Pro Market by Communication Infrastructure (Small Cell, Macro Cell, Ran Equipment, DAS), Core Network Technology (SDN, NFV), Deployment Location (Urban Areas, Public Spaces, Rural Areas, Residential) and Geography - Global Forecast to 2023

    ... 2023 “The LTE Advanced Pro market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 121.6% during the forecast period” The LTE Advanced Pro market is expected to be worth USD 15.6 million in 2017 and ... Read More

  • Romania Information Technology Q4 2018

    ... where Romania is rapidly developing into a major outsourcing centre for softwareand services in Europe. Growth will be sustained over 2018-2022 because of convergence potential towards Western Europeanlevels of private and public sector digitisation. There ... Read More

  • Chile Information Technology Q4 2018

    ... expansion and innovation strategies. There are opportunities across a range ofindustries and in the public sector, including in traditionally low-spending verticals for IT such as mining, which is an importantactivity for Chile's economy. The main ... Read More

  • Egypt Information Technology Q4 2018

    ... in late 2016. In the short term, growth will be strong as vendorstap into pent-up demand post-crisis, however, from 2019 the underlying engine will switch to economic modernisation andexpansion. The local industry also has a ... Read More

  • Colombia Information Technology Q4 2018

    ... for the economy as a whole as vendors tap into potential presented bylow levels of software and service adoption in the public and private sector. There is, however, downside for the hardware segmentbecause of shifting ... Read More

  • One Belt, One Road—Implications for Connectivity and Regional Trade, Forecast to 2030

    ... China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative is expected to improve connectivity by inter-linking the transport infrastructure across East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, East Africa and European countries. It will ... Read More

  • China Information Technology Q4 2018

    ... spending in the IT market and these will include nationwide initiatives to speed up technological uptake,expansion of various industries and economic verticals under the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) and the growing IT software andservices bills ... Read More

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