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  • Romania Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... will weigh on private sector investment levels, with an additionaldrag for returns to foreign vendors because of the further rouble depreciation against the US dollar that is forecast for2019-2023. There are also downside risks relating ... Read More

  • Chile Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... be private and public sector demand for software and servicessolutions, especially those offering the potential of greater efficiency and flexibility by modernising operations, or to support newproduct launches. The main downside scenario is a potential ... Read More

  • Brazil Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... a period of political uncertainty, the outlook has now been lowereddue to increased concerns surround policy continuity and the competence of high-level officials. Furthermore, we believe risk isweighted to the downside because of the divisiveness ... Read More

  • Egypt Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... and population growth, and private and public sector modernsiation – withthe low penetration rate for devices and solutions that means there is potential for rapid catch-up growth by adopting IT solutionsthat have been proven already ... Read More

  • United States Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... in 2023. Software and serviceswill drive growth, as the hardware segment is saturated. New services such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence orcybersecurity will ensure the US remains at the cutting edge of new technology. Read More

  • India Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... continues and will continue to be a key driver of IT services spending, although Indianbusinesses will also spend on other related services, as well as hardware.Growth in disposable incomes will also provide expansionopportunities for consumer ... Read More

  • Colombia Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... term, 2019-2023. There is also a positive outlook fordomestic IT industry development, partly to serve local demand, but also through its role as an outsourcing centre. The maindownside risks are for an external economic shock, ... Read More

  • China Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... nationwide initiatives to speed up technological uptake, expansion of various industries and economic verticalsunder the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), and the growing IT software and services bills of the enterprise market. Enterprisecomputer adoption rates remain ... Read More

  • Qatar Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... major project spending ahead of the FIFA World Cup in2022. Furthermore, the robust economic diversification efforts coupled with a capital-intensive construction pipeline as part ofVision 2030 will further bolster long-term demand for IT solutions in ... Read More

  • Argentina Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... total IT market value is forecast to only be around half the 2017US dollar value in 2023. One positive for the local industry will be for software development vendors, which will benefit from anincrease in ... Read More

  • Thailand Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... created as the economy expands, and the private and publicsector modernises, which will drive strong growth in software and services solutions demand. The key risk factors are the potentialfor a sharp slowdown or recession in ... Read More

  • Turkey Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... as being a source of uncertainty that lowered business sentiment.Our forecast envisages lira depreciation will continue to be a drag on US dollar IT spending growth 2019-2023, but there will beareas of stronger performance such ... Read More

  • Malaysia Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... software and services solutions. At the industry level, the outlook is positive due to Malaysia's position within integrated circuitssupply chains, and potential opportunities if US-China trade tensions fuel supply chains diversification initiatives across the region. Read More

  • Canada Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... the level of IT utilisation to increase in the private and public sectorover 2019-2023 through trends such as advanced automation, e-commerce, data analytics and cloud computing. However, the riskprofile is elevated relative to much of ... Read More

  • Philippines Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... will necessitate firms and the public sector increasing investments inproductivity-enhancing IT solutions, especially software and IT services. The Philippines will also continue to play an important rolein regional and global supply chains, in fields such ... Read More

  • Singapore Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... computing category where there is not only strong domestic demand growth,but Singapore also has an important role as a hub for South East Asia. The local IT industry also has an important role in hardwaresupply ... Read More

  • Mexico Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... benefit software and services vendors. Meanwhile,the industry is growing as a centre for nearshore delivery of IT services and could benefit from a tighter immigration regime in theUS, but there is downside risk for the ... Read More

  • Australia Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... solutions that utilise cloud and edge computing, Internet of Things and AI solutions technologies.There is, however, elevated downside risk because of high household debt and an inflated housing market that leavesAustralia susceptible to global headwinds. Read More

  • Peru Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... wages and nuevo sol appreciation, which will enable ITvendors to tap opportunities created by purchasing power growth, an expanding population, and private and public sectormodernisation. These opportunities compensate for the elevated uncertainty that comes with ... Read More

  • South Africa Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... returned to positive growth in 2017 on the back of an improving macroeconomicclimate and strengthening of the rand which improved purchasing power for imports. Though demand for imported PC devices hassoftened on the back of ... Read More

  • Indonesia Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... Software and services will record thefastest growth through growing demand for in solutions that enable private sector expansion, the launch of new products andservices, or increased productivity. An economic slowdown resulting from a financial crisis ... Read More

  • Germany Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... IT demand is positive, and we expect growth will be sustained byprivate sector investment in solutions that use cloud and edge computing technologies, machine learning and the Internet ofThings, which have significant potential in the ... Read More

  • Hong Kong Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... The medium term outlook is however still positive due togrowing enterprise demand for software and services solutions that will be driven by an expanding economy, as well as thegovernment's initiative for economic diversification and innovation ... Read More

  • Information Technology Services

    ... through the 2017 merger of Computer Sciences Corporation and Hewlett Packard Enterprise), and the technology consulting arm of IBM (all based in the US), along with Accenture (Ireland), Cap Gemini (France), HCL Technologies (India), Infosys ... Read More

  • France Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... investment momentum in key fields such as cloud and edge computing,machine learning, and other Internet of Things technologies are strong. There are still downside risks in the form of potentialdisruption from external events such as ... Read More

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