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Both the aerospace and aviation industries includes services and products designed for aircraft, yet they are more generally identified in this way - the aviation industry is in charge for the operation, flight, and flight management of commercial, military, government, and passenger aircraft. The aerospace industry develops, engineers, designs, tests out, and manufactures aircraft for military and civilian (commercial, airlines, law enforcement, surveillance) aviation needs. The aerospace industry also develops and produces other vehicles that can fly and leave the planet’s atmosphere (rockets, space shuttles, high-altitude aircraft) and spacecraft, which include extraterrestrial satellites and vehicles. A lot of government entities keep aircraft fleets for both military and civilian needs with a huge amount of tax-based funding applied to assists internationally-driven defense firms like Lockheed Martin (LM), Boeing, EADS, Northrup Grumman, United Aircraft Company (UAC), and many other machinery, weapons, and engine firms. Additionally, many nations across the planet keep important space programs with launch capabilities, including China, Japan, U.S, and European union.

Aerospace manufacturing develops a variety of technology products, like aircraft engines, guided missiles, aircraft, space vehicles, and propulsion units. The biggest players and buyers of aerospace and aircraft technology in the U.S are the Defense and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Defense aircraft contracts can add up to billions of U.S dollars, with years of intense development, service, production, and support contracts making up more the one trillion dollars in the example of LM’s Joint Strike Fighter. Defense aerospace companies also provide military aircraft to various nations across the globe. Major civilian and air transport firms around the world are Airbus, Bombardier, UAC, and Boeing.

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Aviation/Aerospace Industry Research & Market Reports

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