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Both the aerospace and aviation industries includes services and products designed for aircraft, yet they are more generally identified in this way - the aviation industry is in charge for the operation, flight, and flight management of commercial, military, government, and passenger aircraft. The aerospace industry develops, engineers, designs, tests out, and manufactures aircraft for military and civilian (commercial, airlines, law enforcement, surveillance) aviation needs. The aerospace industry also develops and produces other vehicles that can fly and leave the planet’s atmosphere (rockets, space shuttles, high-altitude aircraft) and spacecraft, which include extraterrestrial satellites and vehicles. A lot of government entities keep aircraft fleets for both military and civilian needs with a huge amount of tax-based funding applied to assists internationally-driven defense firms like Lockheed Martin (LM), Boeing, EADS, Northrup Grumman, United Aircraft Company (UAC), and many other machinery, weapons, and engine firms. Additionally, many nations across the planet keep important space programs with launch capabilities, including China, Japan, U.S, and European union.

Aerospace manufacturing develops a variety of technology products, like aircraft engines, guided missiles, aircraft, space vehicles, and propulsion units. The biggest players and buyers of aerospace and aircraft technology in the U.S are the Defense and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Defense aircraft contracts can add up to billions of U.S dollars, with years of intense development, service, production, and support contracts making up more the one trillion dollars in the example of LM’s Joint Strike Fighter. Defense aerospace companies also provide military aircraft to various nations across the globe. Major civilian and air transport firms around the world are Airbus, Bombardier, UAC, and Boeing.

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Aviation/Aerospace Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Charter & Other Nonscheduled Air Transportation Services

    ... Services, Atlas Air Worldwide, and NetJets, along with Switzerland's Jet Aviation Management (part of US-based General Dynamics) and the UK's TUI Airways (part of Germany-based TUI Group). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by corporate profits ... Read More

  • Travel in Austria

    ... and great popularity with neighbouring countries, whilst growth was recently particularly strong in tourists from emerging markets such as China, India and Arab countries. Austria has just experienced a record year in winter tourism and ... Read More

  • Airlines in Germany

    ... continued to adversely impact the industry in 2018. While the largest airline in Germany, Lufthansa, continues to have its main hub at Frankfurt am Main, Air Berlin’s main hub was at Berlin’s Tegel Airport, while ... Read More

  • Travel in South Korea

    ... consumers keen to spend time with family and friends. In addition, arrivals slowly recovered from the strong decline in Chinese travellers in 2017, as political tensions between neighbouring China and North Korea eased. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Airlines in Bulgaria

    ... represent a sharp slowdown compared to the review period, when passenger numbers and spending saw double-digit growth. The current pessimistic projections are based on the expectation that the activity of low cost carriers in the ... Read More

  • Travel in Argentina

    ... to go on holiday several times during the year and for a shorter duration, instead of going only once for a longer period. On the other hand, the use of technology in relation to the ... Read More

  • Airlines in China

    ... and schedule airlines focused on their own areas and being strongly competitive. Even though the growth of the Chinese economy is slowing down, increased per capita incomes, upgraded consumption and the rise of the middle-classes, ... Read More

  • Airlines in Norway

    ... is over a seven-hour road trip or nearly an eight-hour train ride. This makes domestic air routes look like bus schedules, with a departure every hour for some destinations, helping to ensure that 99.5% of ... Read More

  • Airlines in the Netherlands

    ... allowing Schiphol to grow beyond 500,000 flights per year but in the end decided that it did not want to break its promise to residents living close to the airport. At present, the intention is ... Read More

  • Airlines in Egypt

    ... market and in terms of regional trips to Saudi Arabia. Egypt sees strong outflows to Saudi Arabia for religious trips, with there also being a large expat base in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab ... Read More

  • Airlines in Finland

    ... and meals from its short-haul flights. In 2018, it introduced light tickets even on flights to New York. Thus, the purchaser of ticket from Helsinki to New York needs to pay extra to take checked-in ... Read More

  • Travel in Germany

    ... further, in some cases even quite substantial, growth rates. Consequently, all other indicators with Germany as a destination as well as a source country also performed quite well. The main factor which positively impacted the ... Read More

  • Travel in France

    ... and the favourable euro/US dollar exchange rate boosted inbound arrivals, as did a decrease in terrorism threats since the attacks of 2015-2016. However, growth in the numbers of domestic trips by air and rail was ... Read More

  • Airlines in India

    ... on price than the quality of service. Scheduled airlines continue to be preferred for business and by the affluent consumer base, as these airlines, while generally priced higher have better quality of service in terms ... Read More

  • Airlines in Israel

    ... expanded their routes. For example, EasyJet has new routes from Tel Aviv to Bordeaux, Nice and Lyon. Hainan Airlines added three routes from China to Tel Aviv, Transavia added a new route from Amsterdam to ... Read More

  • Airlines in Morocco

    ... Transport adopted a proactive strategy for airlines in the country. This strategy aims to strengthen the status of the airport in Casablanca, Mohammed V, as an international air hub to and from Central and West ... Read More

  • Airlines in Ukraine

    ... largest domestic companies, as well as increased activity by international carriers, which are extremely sensitive to the changing travel climate. Euromonitor International's Airlines in Ukraine report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape ... Read More

  • Airlines in Switzerland

    ... aircraft fleet and relatively stable ticket prices. With new short and medium range aircraft from Bombardier and long-haul aircraft from Boeing, Swiss is also benefiting from larger aircraft. Although its number of flights declined in ... Read More

  • Travel in Ukraine

    ... and outbound tourism flows, whilst domestic tourism also recorded a positive performance. Outbound trips to Turkey and Egypt saw impressive growth during the last two years, whilst, despite the slight decline in outbound trips to ... Read More

  • Airlines in Argentina

    ... such as Europe and the US is slowly entering Argentina, with low-cost carriers previously not present in the country. Among the most important entrants was the airline Flybondi, which offered local flights to and from ... Read More

  • Airlines in Belgium

    ... Charleroi Airport opened new parking near the airport. Both airports also extended facilities inside and out (departure gates or landing/take-off runways). Also, in 2018, the Wallonia Government voted in favour of a EUR45 million plan ... Read More

  • Airlines in Greece

    ... frequency of routes. The development of airlines in Greece is set to continue throughout the forecast period, as the positive outlook for Greek tourism renders Greece a lucrative market. Although growth is associated with inbound ... Read More

  • Airlines in Canada

    ... population growth and household disposable income level signal an optimistic outlook for airlines. Crude oil prices are predicted to stay low for longer. Although the benefit of lower fuel prices is not entirely passing through ... Read More

  • Airlines in Colombia

    ... and the expansion of airport infrastructure throughout the country, are allowing travellers to find innovation in the services of airlines and various fare options that give them the opportunity to choose the best option available. ... Read More

  • Airlines in Ecuador

    ... government is still promoting the policy and trying to establish agreements with interested parties, some of which include Canada, the US, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan and China. Together with subsidies for ... Read More

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