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While generally stable in the global market, for the past decade Health Insurance has been in steady flux in the United States. Spiraling costs, accusations of both fraud and corporate malfeasance and a large number of individuals with no health insurance lead to the passage of a controversial piece of legislation that has lead many to question what the future holds for this bedrock industry.

At its core, health insurance is a contract between the policy holder (or his or her sponsor) and the insurance issuer. The contract (often renewable annually) outlines the type of coverage, the costs associated with that coverage, and what (if any) issues or procedures are exempted from coverage due to a number of factors (such as pre-existing conditions).

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act in the United States, the many challenges it faces in court, the increasing prevalence of private supplemental health insurance among Commonwealth nations, and the insurance equalization pools that were set up in the Netherlands, the health insurance industry is in flux like never before. Gaining insight and guidance for this constantly changing industry has become not just wise, but vital for long term business plans.

The invaluable information contained in the Health Insurance reports category here on is an invaluable tool for addressing the ever changing concerns in this highly volatile industry. Offering long term projections, analysis and market trends, these reports represent the latest thoughts in the Health Insurance industry while providing sales figures, segmentation, size, and the very latest on regulatory issues.

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Health Industry Research & Market Reports

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