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Since the economic meltdown in the mid 2000’s resulted in the loss of untold amounts of capital, closer attention has been paid to the regulation of the Banking and Financial Industries across the world in general, and in the United States in particular. Understanding system of regulations, supervisions, laws, guidelines and restrictions that the financial institutions operate under is the basic requirement for anyone hoping to do business today.

Banking and Finance Regulation refers to both the systems and agencies put in place by the various stakeholder (Governments, the Finance Industry, and Investors) to maintain order and stability in what could otherwise become a highly volatile sector. The regulators’ aims (and effectiveness) vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but generally include: Prosecution of Misconduct, Enforcement of Laws, Protection of Clients/Investors/Citizens, Maintenance of the Public’s Faith in the Financial System, and Investigation of Complaints.

Topics covered by reports in this sector will offer insights into the regulatory practices of the international regulatory agencies and a variety of different nations, as well as sectors such as loans, personal banking, mortgages, stock, bond and commodities markets, insurance, credit cards, and business banking. They will offer insight into how the regulatory agencies currently in place operate, as well as what to expect in the future based on current trends.

Our reports in the Banking and Financial Regulation category offer more than just a view of list of financial regulations. They are essential for helping to gain an understanding of the financing that will be available in the future, for how the various regulatory requirements will impact future business decisions, and the ripple effects that will have on the economy as a whole.

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Regulation Industry Research & Market Reports

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