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Nuts are sold as single varieties and as mixes. The nuts most widely sold as single varieties are peanuts, almonds, and cashews. The same nuts are also widely used in mixes, as are pecans, Brazil nuts, filberts (also known as hazelnuts), and macadamia nuts.

Peanuts, which account for much of the nut market, are available in many varieties. These include dry roasted and honey roasted, as well as international flavored versions such as wasabi or chili peanuts. Almonds are sometimes flavored with smoke flavoring or a savory flavoring. It has been less common to find flavored varieties of the other nuts, but the exceptions to this rule are increasing in number.

Many nutritionists believe nuts are healthy. Nuts have no cholesterol, they contain mono-unsaturated and/or polyunsaturated fats, are rich in fiber, and contain vitamin E. Eating nuts, therefore, may help prevent heart disease. Other benefits of nut consumption include:

  • Hazelnuts reportedly boost the immune system and fight fatigue,
  • Peanuts are recommended for memory and help reduce high blood pressure,
  • Almonds are a good source of calcium to fight osteoporosis,
  • Pecans aid bone strength and help keep nerves and muscles healthy, and
  • Macadamias are beneficial to the nervous system and skin.
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Nuts Industry Research & Market Reports

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  • The 2018 Roasted Nuts and Peanut Butter Manufacturing Market Research Report

    ... insights, trends and benchmarks you need to create a broad and comprehensive diagnostic and understanding of the industry and your company. This report is utilized for a range of strategic purposes, including benchmarking, due diligence, ... Read More

  • Nuts in Thailand

    ... cooking and religious rituals. Curries and desserts rely on coconuts as a critical ingredient in maintaining the flavour and there are no close substitutes. Coconut water has long been known to be highly refreshing and ... Read More

  • Global Sweet Almond Oil Market Research Report 2018

    ... market conditions, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) and the main countries (United States, Germany, united Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and China). The report firstly introduced the Sweet Almond Oil basics: ... Read More

  • Global (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa) Sweet Almond Oil Market 2018 Forecast to 2023

    ... yellow oily liquid with minimum odor at room temperature. It is mainly used for food, cosmetics and others. In this report we main static the almond oil that not contain any additives. Scope of the ... Read More

  • 2018 U.S. Confectionery & Nut Stores-Industry and Market Report

    ... report features 2018 current and 2019 forecast estimates on the size of the industry (sales, establishments, employment) nationally and for all 50 U.S. States and over 900 metro areas. Other data include financial ratios, number ... Read More

  • Peanut Butter Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2018-2023

    ... low-calorie product with a high protein content and serves as an ideal substitute for milk butter. Largely used as a sandwich spread, it can either be used with other kind of spreads or in savory ... Read More

  • Nuts in the US

    ... American consumers have been largely drawn to the high protein content and snackability that almonds offer, and as such the nut has also been increasingly featured as an ingredient in greater numbers of recipes and ... Read More

  • North America and Europe Sweet Almond Oil Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2023

    ... with minimum odor at room temperature. It is mainly used for food, cosmetics and others. In this report we main static the almond oil that not contain any additives. Scope of the Report: This report ... Read More

  • Soluble Dietary Fibers Market- Global Opportunity Analysis And Industry Forecast (2018-2023)

    ... Oligofructose, and others), and Application (Functional Foods and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Animal Feed, and others) - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast to 2023 The research report titled “Soluble Dietary Fibers Market- Global Opportunity Analysis and ... Read More

  • Nuts & Seeds: United States

    ... farmer or processor level) and in pounds on a shelled (i.e., without shells) basis. Total demand in nominal US dollars and pounds is segmented by product in terms of: cashews, almonds, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, ... Read More

  • Nuts in the United Arab Emirates

    ... in their respective home countries. They have brought the habit and recipes to the United Arab Emirates and their influx to the country continues to drive growth in nuts. Euromonitor International's Nuts in United Arab ... Read More

  • Nuts in India

    ... provide strength and other features. Recently, people in India started to consume raw nuts at various times of the day, as well as including them in dishes. Also, nuts are included in snack bars, muesli, ... Read More

  • Nuts in the United Kingdom

    ... such as potato chips to more nutritious, easy-to-eat foods. Popular amongst the gym-going crowd, nuts will continue to be known as ideal food for muscle recovery full of healthy fats, magnesium and fibre. With health ... Read More

  • Nuts in Italy

    ... might pull sales up. The forecast period is expected to record very positive total volume growth, higher than that seen in the review period. In this context, a number of producers are likely to increase ... Read More

  • Nuts in Russia

    ... predicted for nuts over the forecast period. However, per capita consumption is not expected to exceed the pre-2014 level. This import dependent category saw heavy decreases in total volume sales in the early-to mid-review period ... Read More

  • Nuts in South Africa

    ... upper-income consumer group, they are popular as part of vegan and vegetarian diets. Coconuts are the most affordable nuts, whilst almonds, walnuts, pistachio and other nuts are priced far higher. Nuts registered growth in total ... Read More

  • Nuts in Mexico

    ... consumption of fresh coconut over the review period, with street stalls and kiosks inside commercial centres offering fresh coconut water extracted at the time of purchase and the option of fresh cut slices, along with ... Read More

  • Fresh Food in Russia

    ... total volume growth, following two years of decline. Among the major reasons for the positive performance of fresh food in 2017 were real GDP growth, a reallocation of import inflows to countries not affected by ... Read More

  • Nuts in China

    ... of walnuts. Domestic walnuts account for the majority of walnuts in the market in China, amongst which the biggest share is produced in Yunnan province. Thanks to the spacious planting areas and the superior climate, ... Read More

  • Nuts in Japan

    ... to their rich nutritional and health benefits, the majority of nuts are used in further processing. For example, almonds are typically used as an ingredient in confectionery, baked goods, breakfast cereals, etc. Chocolate-coated almonds is ... Read More

  • Nuts in Brazil

    ... (peanuts). Peanuts is also seeing considerable growth in exports year after year, encouraging growers to invest in this product type, with São Paulo state being the largest peanut producer. Peanuts, as well as soybeans, corn ... Read More

  • Nuts in Morocco

    ... bake them. Moreover, nuts are widely sold throughout various distribution channels. In Morocco, there are many shops, stalls and kiosks which are specialised only in selling different types of nuts. Many Moroccans tend to consume ... Read More

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