Agriculture Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Agriculture is the science and cultivation of soil, plants, forests, livestock and crops. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years and is defined in part by varying climates, cultures and technologies.

The United States Department of Agriculture offers many programs and services relating to agriculture. These programs include grants and loans, disaster assistance and insurance programs. Conservation programs consist of restoration and conservation, ecosystem markets, water resources and wildfire prevention.

Food and Nutrition programs offered through the United States department of Agriculture include SAAP, which provides low-income households with benefits such as food assistance for those moving off welfare. WIC is another well-known program developed by the USDA. Its purpose is to provide federal grant money to states for food and nutrition education. Health care referrals for low income pregnant and postpartum women and at risk children, are also provided by the program. Recently, The Child Nutrition Program proposed rules that would increase the availability of fruits, vegetables, and low fat milk in school lunches. An effort has also been made to reduce the sodium and fat in meals served at school. These rules have all been introduced for the purpose of improving the health of children in the United States.

The Department of Agriculture offers other important programs and services including, food security, importing of goods, exporting of goods, and education and research. Additional topics addressed within our reports include; animal health, biotechnology, energy, environment and natural resources, food safety, homeland security, plant health and rural and community development.

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Agriculture Industry Research & Market Reports

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