Construction Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Construction, in the sense of architectural and civil engineering, is the building of real property. It is one of the most important stages of the process of creating buildings. This service is very important for infrastructure and building projects, consisting of three project services, which also include logistics and engineering. One or all three of these services can be provided by an EPC contractor for an entire project or just a particular aspect of one. Other than contractors, other groups of professionals can come together to perform construction work, including project managers, construction engineers, design engineers, project architects, logistics professionals, construction managers, plumbers, surveyors, electricians, laborers and skilled workers.

In order to complete a construction project, a range of factors have to be considered, including budgeting, logistics, safety of the construction site, building materials, public inconvenience, environmental impact and scheduling. Other factors that should be considered are financial, design and legal issues, especially since there's always the possibility of a negative outcome during a construction project, such as structural collapse and cost overruns. Construction of buildings can be done as a public or private endeavor. Either way, it requires choosing a construction group or firm. The process consists of determining construction management-at-risk, hard bid, design and build, management contracting, design-build bridging and negotiated price. To help make a financial plan for construction projects, it's common for cost engineers, accountants and mortgage bankers to be a part of a construction team or endeavor.

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Construction Industry Research & Market Reports

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