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  • Spain Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... a very low base, largely supported by strong investments from China and India in thetransport infrastructure and non-residential building sectors. Growing threats to political stability and rising foreign debt, however,pose downside risk to our outlook. Read More

  • United States Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... pursuing tariff penalties on Mexico over cross-border migration, the developments havenot permanently settled matters. The US president's unpredictability does not help allay fears that reprieves will ensure stability intrade, which has emerged as his main ... Read More

  • Brazil Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... a US-China trade war, which will depress prices and squeezeBrazilian petrochemicals margins. Argentina also poses a risk. In the short term, the country's recession is undermining Brazilianexports, but in the long term, there is potential ... Read More

  • Petrochemicals (UK) - Industry Report

    ... LTD, SABIC UK PETROCHEMICALS LTD and HERTEL (UK) LTD. This report covers activities such as petrochemical, chemical, gas, oil, renewable and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. ... Read More

  • Petrochemicals (UK) - Industry Report

    ... SABIC PETROCHEMICALS LTD and HERTEL (UK) LTD. This report covers activities such as petrochemical, chemical, gas, oil, renewable and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing’s ... Read More

  • Thailand Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... said, the domestic market has also been a key driver of sectorgrowth, with strong economic growth in Thailand leading to a significant uptick in demand across a range of domestic plastics-consuming industries. Over the long ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... and get it past parliament by October 31, he has pledged toleave the EU with no deal. Such a scenario will put the sector into a tailspin with disruption to supply lines, a slump in ... Read More

  • China Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... their exports. Slower manufacturing growth will have a negativeimpact on imports of petrochemicals products and, as a result, China will be more self-sufficient in petrochemicals. Trends in recentmonths appear to point to growth in domestic ... Read More

  • India Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... capacity growth is likely to be slow due to projectdelays and the sluggish progress on developing petrochemicals clusters, ensuring that consumption growth should benefitimports. The main gap to bridge is in the transition from basic ... Read More

  • Indonesia Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... will remain a net importer ofpetrochemicals. A number of plans have been outlined with crucial final investment decisions expected in coming quarters,including two world-scale complexes and upgrades and expansion of existing facilities. However, downstream capacities ... Read More

  • Philippines Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... have maintained our annual average polymerconsumption growth forecast for 2018-2023 at 7%, putting it more in line with expected industrial growth rates. Downside risksremain, particularly the increasing violent authoritarianism of President Rodrigo Duterte and significant ... Read More

  • France Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... be the major risk facing the sector in Q419.A more drastic fallout in UK demand following the UK's exit from the European Union coupled with US President Donald Trump'strade protectionist tendencies will combine to create ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... polymer production in the coming year. While production will besupported by the strength of the country's manufacturing sector, particularly the automotive industry, there are risks posed fromthe supply side in the form of rising feedstock ... Read More

  • Hungary Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... could be placed under pressure as oil pricerises have raised naphtha feedstock costs. Nevertheless, the Hungarian market should report stronger demand growth due toinvestment in expanded automotive facilities, as well as a slowing of the ... Read More

  • Italy Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... Marghera cracker,with 490,000tpa of ethylene capacity and representing nearly a third of national cracker capacity, is set to close by 2021, havingbeen given a temporary reprieve as the site is converted to bio-based chemicals production. ... Read More

  • Germany Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... the German petrochemicals sector. While growth inglobal trade should help support the overall chemicals sector, it will not have a significant effect on relatively low value commodityproduction such as olefins and polyolefins due to the ... Read More

  • Poland Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... Orlen and Lotos. There are downside risks in terms of Poland'sfeedstock, with rising oil prices raising the cost of naphtha. At the same time, the potential for locally sourced ethane feedstock as aresult of shale ... Read More

  • Russia Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... political tensions with the West. Overall, risks are tilted towards a weakergrowth than we currently forecast, given the potential for oil prices to undershoot our forecasts and for political tensions to escalate.The bright point will ... Read More

  • South Africa Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... weak relative tolonger-term average levels. These trends will have a deleterious impact on petrochemicals consumption with the industrial use ofplastic and rubber set to stagnate or even decline. Nevertheless, there is a long-term prospect of ... Read More

  • Petrochemical Manufacturing in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... essential to the production of many products, demand for industry products is relatively stable. Nevertheless, over the five years to 2019, industry revenue has been volatile and sensitive to changes in the prices of its ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... the expansion at Heydar Aliyev(30,000b/d). SOCAR Polymer has completed polypropylene and polyethylene plants with capacities of 180,000tpa polypropyleneand 120,000tpa high-density polyethylene. In addition, ammonia production capacity of 440,000tpa and urea capacity of730,000tpa are set to ... Read More

  • Ukraine Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... the coming years. With limited investment into modernisation of theexisting plants, we forecast utilisation rates to remain under 10% over the forecast period. Refined fuels production will stagnate ataround 50,000b/d or slightly above over the ... Read More

  • Romania Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... a member of the localSCR Group owned by Romanian industrial magnate Stefan Vuza and has taken control of most of the assets. This is part of its plansto create a regional chemicals producer, Compania Română ... Read More

  • Turkey Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... elevated, businesses will see profit marginssqueezed and domestic demand growth will fade over the coming quarters, which will diminish local demand forpetrochemicals. The Turkish lira remains vulnerable and further political or economic shocks could lead ... Read More

  • Petrochemicals Global Market Forecast To 2022

    ... manufacturing market consists of the sales of petrochemicals by entities (organizations, sole traders or partnerships) that produce acyclic (i.e., aliphatic) hydrocarbons such as ethylene, propylene, and butylene made from refined petroleum or liquid hydrocarbons and/or ... Read More

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