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  • United States Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... trend will put downward pressure on margins ascosts climb. More significantly for the long-term outlook, President Donald Trump's threats to rewrite or tear up NAFTA along with atrade war with China create uncertainty with the ... Read More

  • Thailand Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... said, the domestic market has also been a key driver of sectorgrowth, with strong economic growth in Thailand leading to a significant uptick in demand across a range of domestic plastics-consuming industries. Over the long ... Read More

  • Brazil Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... petrochemicals goods, which will ensure thatdomestic basic petrochemicals capacities remain static. There is still plenty of scope for output growth from existing capacities,although rising oil prices will feed through into higher costs of naphtha feedstock. Read More

  • Philippines Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... have maintained our annual average polymerconsumption growth forecast for 2018-2022 at 7%, putting it more in line with expected industrial growth rates. Downside risksremain, particularly the increasing violent authoritarianism of President Rodrigo Duterte and significant ... Read More

  • China Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... claimed 'illicit trade practices − ignored for years byWashington − have destroyed thousands of American factories and millions of American jobs.' Some 18% of all China’s exports go tothe US and in 2017 the US ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... will be supported by the strength of the country'smanufacturing sector, particularly the automotive industry, there are risks posed from the supply side in the form of rising feedstockcosts and on the demand side as export-orientated ... Read More

  • France Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... following a robust year of growth in 2017. Production indicesshowed that rubber output grew just 0.8% y-o-y and primary plastic grew 0.5% while plastic products declined 2.3%. Lacklustregrowth has coincided with a deceleration in export ... Read More

  • Germany Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... led by niche products and end-market sectors, particularlyGermany's automotive sector. However, the prospect of a deepening trade dispute between the US and the EU is a major threat toGerman petrochemicals producers and downstream manufacturers. The ... Read More

  • India Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... 2018 to show more robust growth. Base effects, stronger industrialgrowth - particularly in end markets - and the expansion of petrochemicals capacities should combine to put the sector on astronger growth footing. In the long-run, ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... that could affect production. Borouge is pressing aheadwith its plan for over 14mn tpa of petrochemicals capacity by 2025 with plans for a fourth phase. The UAE looks set to focus on highvolume and low ... Read More

  • Indonesia Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... will remain a net importer ofpetrochemicals. A number of plans have been outlined with crucial final investment decisions expected in coming quarters,including two world-scale complexes and upgrades and expansions of existing facilities. However, downstream capacities ... Read More

  • Romania Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... be augmented by growth in production at Rompetrol's high-densitypolyethylene plant in Navodari. However, Fitch Solutions believes it highly unlikely that Romania will experience growth in olefinsand polymers capacities over the forecast period, due to the ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... on energy and 40% on economic output. Thecountry's petrochemicals producer SOCAR directly represented 10% of non-oil exports in 2017 and contributed to producing rawmaterial for downstream industries. With oil prices set to recover in the ... Read More

  • Spain Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... centre. An economic downturn caused by these factors would spur furtherstructural reforms aimed at boosting competitiveness in key export industries, including controversial labour market reforms andpotential reductions in capacity along the value chain. A reduction ... Read More

  • Hungary Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... rising crude prices. H118 witnesseddownward pressure on refinery and petrochemicals margins at the country's leading petrochemicals producer, MOL. Althoughmargins still remain healthy, significant pressure could prompt reduced capacity utilisation and potential for bringing forwardmaintenance turnarounds. Read More

  • Italy Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... will be crude oil pricesand refinery capacity utilisation. Any cut in refinery output would tighten naphtha availability at a time when rising crude prices areputting upward pressure on the cost of the feedstock, which Italian ... Read More

  • Qatar Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... a lengthy blockade will impact on the sector's ability toovercome structural constraints. Further investment is needed to add value and extend the production chain in order to counterthe growth of low-cost US and Iranian ethylene ... Read More

  • Russia Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... the local petrochemicals market. However, this trend will also raise naphtha feedstock costs, which areindexed to oil prices, and this could undermine the competitiveness of Russian petrochemicals production. Where the market is insurplus, we can ... Read More

  • Poland Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... the exception of polyvinyl chloride(PVC), used in the construction industry which is currently seeing slower growth. Nevertheless, there are some upsides goingforward with increased production capacity and plans for greater consolidation within the refinery and ... Read More

  • Iran Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... However, there is a danger of vast over-supply, which could make Iranian production uneconomic and prompt a delay in full commercial operations. Even existing capacitycould spur massive growth in output, although feedstock problems will hold ... Read More

  • Turkey Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... sanctions on Iran, Turkey's main external source of petrochemicals. Inaddition, the domestic economy is slowing down. While this will not reduce domestic petrochemicals production with plantsoperating at near full capacity, it will slow imports and ... Read More

  • Ukraine Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... provided a massive boost to the Ukrainianpetrochemicals industry. However, most of the country's refinery capacity is offline, which will limit the ability of both producers toreach full operational capacity. While petrochemicals output growth is likely ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... capacity in the short term. The British plastics industry faces marketvolatility and higher raw material prices over the short term, but in the long-term there is little certainty over trade and regulation.The effects on investment ... Read More

  • Algeria Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... pricing. Greater utilisation of LPG and more favourableterms for the foreign partner has enticed investment. Given past failures to kick-start the development of downstream sectors, thisis a significant step forward although we caution that given ... Read More

  • Egypt Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... be one of the best performing marketsover the next five years, both on a global and a regional basis. Our forecast projects growth of 7.5% in 2018, before accelerating toaverage 9.8% over the next five ... Read More

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