Solar Power Market Research Reports

Solar power can be generally defined as radiation from the sun transformed into an energy source. Since the sun radiates both light and heat, two corresponding technologies have been developed to harness each form: solar electric (or “photovoltaic” technology) converts the sun’s light into electricity; solar thermal technology converts the sun’s heat into energy.

The basic unit of all solar electric technology is the photovoltaic (PV) cell. PV cells generate electricity by exploiting the “photovoltaic effect” where, under certain conditions, electrons flow through semiconductor materials when exposed to sunlight.

Solar electric (PV) and solar thermal (ST) are proving technologies, however; the primary industry focus currently is on grid-tied solar electric photovoltaic (PV) power, with solar thermal (ST) power accorded a secondary focus. The reason for taking this approach is that, as presently constituted, the U.S. solar market is built primarily on sales of PV systems.

The solar power market cannot be properly understood without reference to the overall U.S. electricity market, which is thoroughly dominated by coal, natural gas, and nuclear power. Thus the status quo electricity market based on non-renewable energy power must be taken into scope.

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Solar Power Industry Research & Market Reports

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