Residential Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The Residential Real Estate Market refers to the purchase and sale of property purposed as either the primary residence, vacation residence, or investment property (for rental or refurbishment and re-sale). With the real estate market still reeling from the housing crisis, investors have strong feelings (both in support of and against the very concept) with regards to the security of a residential real estate purchase at this time.

Compounding the volatility of housing prices themselves is the difficulty that many prospective home buyers face in obtaining a mortgage, limiting the pool of potential customers that are able to enter into the residential real estate market.

In the middle of this chaotic situation sits the real estate companies themselves. Whether one of the larger, nationwide firms like Century 21, Long and Foster, or Caldwell Banker, or a smaller, regional firm specializing in one or two markets, real estate companies occupy an important and often overlooked niche in the Residential Real Estate Market, driving revenue with their efforts. Working to ensure their clients’ needs are met while still attempting to remain profitable, they also face unique challenges that lead to further volatility.

At times like as this, information is the best weapon for a business to have, and’s Residential Real Estate market reports are an essential set of tools for anyone associated with this field, offering information on opportunities, projections, marketing strategies, sales, growth, size, segmentation, and market share in both the US and global markets, providing our clients with the tools necessary to make decisions related to this category.

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Residential Industry Research & Market Reports

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