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Due to the economic downturn, companies are looking for ways to save money and increase their profits. As such, many large companies will often outsource certain jobs to companies who specialize in this service. Removing this function from the organization allows them to focus on larger areas where profits can be increased. The goal is to refocus the management teams that used to manage these areas to areas other divisions where they can be more effective.

Often you will hear of jobs such as telemarketing (call centers), payroll and data entry as those areas that will fall to outsourcing. The companies performing these job functions are often well focused and the processes involved in this work are quite streamlined so there is little management needed due to quality control procedures in place. In these cases, the goal is to get the information back and forth as quickly and cleanly as possible.

While this is one advantage of outsourcing, there are disadvantages as well. One of these is in regard to customer relationships. Since the outsourced company is dealing with the clients, the main company does not have the ability to build strong relationships. This is something that must be monitored carefully so clients are not dissatisfied. Additional care must be taken when the outsourced work is being done in a different country (offshored) since timing, language and cultural differences must be considered.
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Business Outsourcing Industry Research & Market Reports

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