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The global construction services market can be segmented according to national or country markets, regional and continental markets, but more commonly through the professional service relating to a construction project or the skilled trade or specialty area of knowledge concerned. Construction project contracting or the aggregate responsibilities of a general contractor is the top-tier service category in construction. General contractors are responsible for the supervision and management of a construction project from beginning to end, including the management of vendors, subcontractors, technicians, skilled workers, and trade workers. General contractors may also serve as the project engineers and project managers. The roles of contractors typically converge with other management and leadership positions in a construction project, with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors increasingly common for large-budget and other major construction and infrastructure projects. Specialists in architecture, architectural and civil engineering, materials and equipment procurement also serve in leadership and management positions at a construction project and are responsible for overseeing their staffs of subcontractors, technicians, engineers, trade engineers, skilled tradesmen, and laborers.

Construction services and positions at construction projects are related to skilled trades, contracting and service industries such as excavation, electrical (electricians), plumbing, carpentry, site preparation, roofing contractors, siding contractors, tiling contractors, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system contractors, plastering contractors, scaffolding services, welding services, masonry contractors (masons), building inspection, building energy management, building sustainability, environmental design specialists, and demolition and wreckage services.

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