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Over the last decade, the global agribusiness industry has experienced many events that have, and will continue to have, irreversible social, economic, and political consequences—both positive and negative. Some of these events include draughts and other weather events; food shortages; and price drops due to the Great Recession of 2008.

Agribusiness encompasses agriculture that is conducted on commercial principles dealing with produce and services, particularly when advanced technology is involved. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the U.S.’s Department of Agriculture focus on Agribusiness Development to promote food industry growth in developing nations. Agribusiness products include seed and agrichemicals, animal feeds, biofuels, micro-ingredients, grain transport and processing, farm machinery, and agritourism farms. Current concerns in the Agribusiness market involve global warming, which has driven scientific and public attention towards biofuels derived from crops.’s collection of market research studies on the agriculture and agribusiness industry will help you stay competitive and grow in this market. We offer a full array of studies on subjects ranging from agriculture equipment to specific segments of the market, including dairy products, crop development and organic farming. Also available are highly regarded outlook reports for the U.S. and global markets, along with a full library of country-specific studies for agriculture.

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Agribusiness Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Brazil Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... for livestock look generally positive, despite a series of ongoing scandals.Livestock exports will remain elevated as global demand steadily remains on an uptrend. Cocoa yields will recover, as productioncompletes its shift from Bahia to the ... Read More

  • Australia Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... and strong external demand. However, the sector's future success willbe somewhat held back by increasing production costs. The country will face some serious structural challenges over the long term,including extreme weather events caused by climate ... Read More

  • United States Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... the upside. Livestock will see some mild improvement in production growth in2018, owing to the poultry and beef sectors, while we have revised up our soybean and corn production forecasts for 2017/18. Ourview on the ... Read More

  • Venezuela Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... government mismanagement.Venezuela's economy will continue to be under extreme downward pressure in 2018 and 2019 amid hyperinflation and severelyweakened public and private finances among others. The economy's growing headwinds will continue to weigh on agriculturalproduction ... Read More

  • Malaysia Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... significant labour shortages. Sugar manufacturers are alsogoing through challenges amid the ongoing liberalisation of the sector. Established players in both industries are looking at newrevenue opportunities, the palm oil sector at moving further downstream and ... Read More

  • Egypt Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... retain the view that Egypt will face growing production deficitsin grains and meat, while the dairy sector will benefit from sustained private investment. Leading up to 2022, an expandingpopulation and rising disposable incomes will support ... Read More

  • Japan Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... Q418 update. We envisage minor gains in the livestock sector. The grains sector will remain exposed to productionvolatility and heavily reliant on imports. Poultry production growth over the medium term will also see steady gains. Read More

  • Kazakhstan Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... by robust external demand and the increasing use of fertiliserdomestically. The interest of foreign investors in the Kazakhstan livestock industry supports our view that this is the sub-sector withmost growth potential. This will be assisted ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... to less favourable subsidies, trade and labour conditions. Whileour forecasts for the UK agribusiness sector across both production and consumption remain unchanged in this quarterly update,we continue to highlight that our forecasts remain susceptible to ... Read More

  • Uruguay Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... remain focused on the export market, where Uruguayan producerswill continue to find solid opportunities, though new Chinese import regulations could pose risks to soybean exports. Domesticconsumption will remain strong for beef and subdued for soybean. Read More

  • Thailand Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... ongoing government support for the sector, and an efficient food processing industry.However, risks are looming over the livestock and sugar sectors, linked with production overcapacity in the former and an upcomingsubsidy reform in the later. Read More

  • New Zealand Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... the medium-to-long term. This will be supportive of the dairyand livestock segments. The dairy sector, in particular, will benefit from export demand growth, as many other countries in Asia arefacing growing domestic demand and relatively ... Read More

  • Angola, Botswana And Namibia Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... region enjoy long-term growth in corn production in particular. However, this is with theexception of corn consumption in Namibia and sugar consumption in Angola, both of which we expect to remain flat across ourforecast period. ... Read More

  • Philippines Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... view is supported by an upwards revision of our forecasts for rice, sugar, milk,poultry, and pork production, as well as for wheat, milk, pork, and poultry consumption in this update. Despite the Philippine senatehaving passed ... Read More

  • Morocco Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... disease concerns. However, we see output recovering in 2017/18. All areas of Morocco'sagriculture sector are set to enjoy moderate to strong growth to the end of our forecast period, although the weather will remain akey ... Read More

  • Nigeria Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... the country's medium-term economic future now that oilrevenues can no longer be relied on as an easy source of foreign exchange. We remain cautiously optimistic that cocoa plantationsand processing facilities will continue to receive the ... Read More

  • Ukraine Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... growth opportunities. All agricultural sub-sectors were negatively affected by poor macroeconomic fundamentals in Ukraine in the past year. However, as the recent dryweather season disappears and the economic and political situation improves, we are once ... Read More

  • Greece Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... track, although more so for output than for demand. The onlyexceptions to our positive view across our five-year forecast period are for wheat, milk, sugar (as competition is set to increase in theEU as cheaper ... Read More

  • Italy Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... stable growth out to 2021/22, driven by rising export opportunities. Theremoval of EU milk quotas in 2015 and the opportunity for Italy to develop its value-added exports will be positive. We note thatongoing trade sanctions ... Read More

  • Mexico Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... effects of the roya coffee rust begin to fade away. On the demand side,rising per capita disposable incomes will continue to deliver consumption-side growth, but we hold our opinion thatcompetitiveness remains an issue for the ... Read More

  • Iran Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... likely impact the agribusiness sector. It will complicate trade and put Iran's futureagriculture production and consumption growth in jeopardy. As such, Iran's agribusiness sector will continue to grow at a slowpace as yields will struggle ... Read More

  • Bangladesh Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... short term. The limited arable land available for acreage expansion,coupled with poor safety standards, will continue to weigh on production growth over our forecast period out to 2022. Logisticalproblems and structural concerns continue to plague ... Read More

  • South Africa Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... in the pork sector. A stabilisation in the value of the rand will help improve theaffordability of agricultural inputs such as fertilizer and seed. This positive outlook is tempered by the struggling poultryindustry. Fierce competition ... Read More

  • Algeria Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... prices and weak government revenues, are starting toaffect consumption, as the government enacted import controls and VAT increases on some commodities. Meanwhile, agriculturalproduction remains very dependent on the weather. This, coupled with low yields, will ... Read More

  • China Agribusiness Q4 2018

    ... some of the largest producing regions owing topollution and land constraints. The government has acknowledged the challenge and is more reformist than ever, aiming to boostmechanisation and eventually allow the commercialisation of GM crops in ... Read More

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