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Over the last decade, the global agribusiness industry has experienced many events that have, and will continue to have, irreversible social, economic, and political consequences—both positive and negative. Some of these events include draughts and other weather events; food shortages; and price drops due to the Great Recession of 2008.

Agribusiness encompasses agriculture that is conducted on commercial principles dealing with produce and services, particularly when advanced technology is involved. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the U.S.’s Department of Agriculture focus on Agribusiness Development to promote food industry growth in developing nations. Agribusiness products include seed and agrichemicals, animal feeds, biofuels, micro-ingredients, grain transport and processing, farm machinery, and agritourism farms. Current concerns in the Agribusiness market involve global warming, which has driven scientific and public attention towards biofuels derived from crops.’s collection of market research studies on the agriculture and agribusiness industry will help you stay competitive and grow in this market. We offer a full array of studies on subjects ranging from agriculture equipment to specific segments of the market, including dairy products, crop development and organic farming. Also available are highly regarded outlook reports for the U.S. and global markets, along with a full library of country-specific studies for agriculture.

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Agribusiness Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Agribusiness in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... chain up until the point of retail sale. As the industry expands and diversifies, large multinational companies are becoming increasingly involved in agribusiness. These global corporations are encouraging vertical integration in the industry and actively ... Read More

  • Algeria Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... our forecast period, productionin the grains market is set to remain volatile and largely susceptible to the weather, and dairy output will continue to be underminedby industry-specific constraints. As a result of this and consumption ... Read More

  • China Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... the aftermath of the US-China trade war andincessant changes to its trade policy. These issues will disrupt the sector in the short term and will have multi-year ramificationimpacts. In the longer term, robust consumption growth ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... to coordinate farmgate priceswith neighbouring Ghana. The regional palm oil sector will face long-term structural challenges, but Côte d'Ivoire will remain theleader in Sub-Saharan Africa and maintain its position as a net palm oil exporter ... Read More

  • Thailand Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... subdue consumer demand and hurtinvestor confidence. That being said, we are hopeful that a recovery will begin from 2021 onwards as the weather outlook improvesand the overall socioeconomic sentiment brightens. The export opportunities are strong ... Read More

  • Indonesia Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... update. The outbreak and rapidspread of Covid-19 has seen a softening of our outlook for economic growth in the country, which will weigh on our near-termgrowth outlook before both output and demand levels begin to ... Read More

  • Vietnam Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... on the development of its agro-industryin order to export more value-added products. The industry holds strong growth opportunities in terms of production, export andretail sales, particularly regarding the livestock and dairy sectors. Economic and financial ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... crop harvest and the deficit gap to slowlynarrow through to 2024. Over the next five years, we expect grain production to be volatile. The sugar sector will struggle followingthe end of EU production quotas. Our ... Read More

  • Mozambique Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... for production across a number of sub-sectorsin 2020, we see growth returning once more in 2021. We also forecast that this will also see a contraction in the country'sagribusiness market value. After three forecast years ... Read More

  • United States Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... its obligationsregarding the phase one trade deal, combined with severe outbreaks of African swine fever in China, will also dent demand for USsoybean and corn. Dairy production growth has also slowed given scarce domestic feed ... Read More

  • Egypt Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... Leading up to 2024, an expandingpopulation and rising disposable income will support consumption growth in livestock, sugar and dairy products. The criticalchallenges that Egypt faces over the long term are a weak currency, water shortages ... Read More

  • Morocco Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... production risks, which have seenvolatility in our outlook for output across our forecast period in the four markets we track. With only an upward revision to our sugarproduction estimate for 2019 in this update, we ... Read More

  • Philippines Agribusiness Q3 2020

    ... coronavirus-relateduncertainties weigh on the sector. However, the outlook will improve from 2021 onwards once the wider uncertainty levelsimprove. We expect modest yet steady expansion in production and consumption on the back of improved farming techniques,government ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... that the sugar sector hasthe most potential as investments in new sugar refineries will make sugar one of the few reliable agricultural exports over time,although there have been considerable delays in the interim. Even with ... Read More

  • Argentina Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... Despite a bumper soybean crop in 2018/19, export prospects remain uncertain as a more favourable export outlook forsoybean (brought about by an increase in demand from China) over soy products will weigh on the crushing ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... to improve poultryoutput and is encouraging long-term investment to bolster the sector and limit import dependency. However, many of theseforecasts will be based on the progression and ultimate government response to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. Read More

  • Paraguay Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... be difficult to achieve and much of the growth will be due to base effects. Similarly,beef production will only grow moderately as key structural impediments prevent stronger and steadier gains. The trade outlook ispositive for ... Read More

  • South Korea Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... balance. The livestock industry has been plagued by variousdisease outbreaks in the past, but these have largely been contained. Government-led efforts will benefit the industry over the longterm and help it to remain relevant. These ... Read More

  • Uganda Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... terms of exports, largely owing to government support for the sector and new disease-resistanttrees. Regarding trade, the country is unlikely to compete with South Africa and Zambia to become one of Sub-Saharan Africa'slargest corn exporters. Read More

  • Canada Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... Trade Agreement is likely to address these concerns. Overall, the outlook for theCanadian agribusiness market remains stable. Canadian poultry and livestock production outlook is positive as Canadianmeat consumption and exports remain elevated. The dairy sector ... Read More

  • Kenya Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... coffee and sugar production to decline as a result and see downsiderisks to consumption (namely grains) as regional suppliers such as South Africa and Zambia will be exporting less owing to dryweather impacting their domestic ... Read More

  • Cameroon Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... suspension on sugar imports by the Cameroonian government. This is an attemptto minimise the damage to profits of the country's monopoly producer, the Sugar Society of Cameroon. More broadly, we seegrowth in the production and ... Read More

  • India Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... in 2014 and 2015, the government under PrimeMinister Narendra Modi is now attributing more importance to the country's agribusiness sector and has declared its intention todouble agricultural income over 2016-2020. We continue to believe that ... Read More

  • Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... large potential to increase productivity. The three countrieswill remain broadly self-sufficient in agricultural products, but the region has a long way to go before it will be able to generatesurpluses across a number of commodities. ... Read More

  • Pakistan Agribusiness Q2 2020

    ... our forecast period. We see both our productionand consumption forecast for the rice, grains and cotton markets remaining in positive territory through to the end of our extendedfive-year forecast period in 2024. We also see ... Read More

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