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Retailing is defined as any company involved in the sale of product or services. There are many ways to sell products. One can sell products online, in a storefront or by mail/catalog. Most brick and mortar stores have become chain stores that undercut mom and pop shops by purchasing large quantities in bulk and spread across multiple stores or in regions. Similarly, companies involved in selling products online or via mail/catalog are able to store product off premise and utilize replenishment systems or logistic companies to ship from off site locations.

Proper research can allow small businesses to expand their reach by creating an ecommerce store front or selling online. Retail outlets can be any product or service being sold. Convenience Stores, gas stations, home stores, technology stores, warehouse clubs, department stores, discount stores and chain stores are most well known. Having a strong base of suppliers is pivotal for the success of any retailer. Retailers can be affected by consumer confidence, personal income and interest rates on either credit cards or loans. Developing an in depth understanding of the parameters of retailing will aid in ensuring any company the success in a marketplace.

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Retailing Industry Research & Market Reports

  • BRIC B2C E-Commerce Markets 2017

    ...population has an affinity to online shopping, as nearly two thirds of Internet users made online purchases last year, according to sources cited in the report. M-Commerce also propels the growth of online retail ... Read More

  • Global POP Display Detailed Analysis Report 2017-2022

    ...Canada market, and splits the POP Display market by product type and applications/end industries. The global POP Display market is valued at 10058.99 million USD in 2016 and is expected to reach 11212.09 million USD ... Read More

  • China Traditional & Online Retail Market Study 2017

    ...contribute only approximately 11% to total retail sales. The recent decline in China’s traditional retail industry is expected to continue. The top 50 retailers in the traditional retail sector, which includes department stores and other/smaller ... Read More

  • Brazil B2C E-Commerce Market 2017

    ...position by E-Commerce sales through the middle of the next decade. The number of Internet connections is growing, but only about half of connected households made purchases last year, indicating growth potential, according to the ... Read More

  • Swarovski AG in Personal Accessories (World)

    ...and now aims to grow its presence in other markets in Asia Pacific, as well as in North America and the Middle East. To do so, Swarovski is reinventing its classics, expanding its portfolio to ... Read More

  • Algeria Food and Drink Report Q4 2017 is the mass grocery retail sector, which will be supported by a growing urban youth populationand continued investment in formal retail space development. Latest Updates And Industry Developments Algeria's private consumption will come under ... Read More

  • Botswana Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...consumer spending upbeat, albeit we caution thatpersistently high unemployment will weigh on purchasing power. We forecast real GDP growth to decelerate modestly to 3.3% in 2017, down from an estimated 4.3% in2016. Our Country Risk ... Read More

  • Lebanon Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...fact that economic growth and consumer spending will struggle to return to its pre-2010 levels. We hold a tepid outlook for the Lebanese consumer in 2017, on the back of elevated security risks fromregional conflict, ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...inflation will boost consumer spending power. In light of this positive economic backdrop,Czech consumption patterns will continue to converge with Western European markets, with anincreasingly larger share of spending directed toward premium and durable items. ... Read More

  • Angola Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...power, weighing on prospects for robust spending overour five-year outlook. Real GDP growth will rise significantly in 2017, to 2.0%, up from only 0.3% in 2016, as the fall in the priceof oil took a ... Read More

  • Inc in Retailing

    ...climate. Doing so consistently for years has built a loyal customer base and unparalleled brand equity for the company. Distinct strength in the US market belies its potential in developing regions such as India, where ... Read More

  • The Top Consumer Megatrend Insights From the Lifestyles and Retailing Systems

    ...are. Combining these two datasets also for stronger validation of the aforementioned trends, and puts them in context with specific examples to determine new consumer norms. Euromonitor International's The Top Consumer Megatrend Insights From the ... Read More

  • Fossil Group Inc in Personal Accessories (World)

    ...wearable options across more licensed brands and further developing fast-growing regions such as Asia Pacific might become the main drivers of a more successful company performance going forward. Euromonitor International’s Fossil Group Inc in Personal ... Read More

  • Interactive Kiosk Market by Type (Bank Kiosks, Self-Service Kiosks, and Vending Kiosks), Vertical (Retail, Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Government, Transportation, Hospitality, Entertainment), Offering, & Geography - Global Forecast to 2023

    ...customers in self-service interactive kiosks drives the interactive kiosk market” The interactive kiosk market is expected to be valued at USD 30.53 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 5.69% between 2017 and 2023. The ... Read More

  • Peru Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...the second half of 2017 and into 2018. Falling inflation, combined with lower interest rates and reforms aimed at stimulating the economy, will strengthen the confidence and spending power of consumers over the coming quarters. ... Read More

  • Bahrain Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...2017, coming in at a modest 2.0%. Nonetheless, beyond 2017, growth will improve moderately supported by a healthy outlook in the labour market as well as high-income households. The Bahraini economy will continue to show ... Read More

  • Russia Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...confidence is improving and this is translating into sales for retailers, the country's consumer recovery will be steady but slow. We are not currently projecting a new round of sanctions emanating from the US to ... Read More

  • Egypt Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...dampen consumer purchasing power. Gradual improvements in consumer spending will be seen in the second half of our five-year forecast period, on the back of easing inflationary pressures and a healthier economic outlook. Growth in ... Read More

  • Malaysia Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...medium-term outlook for retailing in Malaysia, which is set to benefit from positive demographic trends, rising household incomes and continuing expansion of retail networks. Rising from a low base, online sales are set to experience ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...not expect an acceleration in consumer spending as real private consumption growth slows from 2016. Elevated unemployment among the Saudi population, along with the implementation of fiscal measures by the government will weigh on the ... Read More

  • Mexico Party Balloon Market by Manufacturers, States, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022

    ...other gas. The ordinary air, or other gases such as helium, can be forced into them for expansion purposes. Latex balloons are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors to delight children and ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017 supported by the tightening labour market, elevated consumer confidence and rapidly rising incomes. Rising tourist arrivals and a favourable crediting environment will further bolster consumer spending in 2017 and 2018. We maintain a positive ... Read More

  • Canada Consumer & Retail Report Q4 2017

    ...first half of 2017. While this momentum is unsustainable heading into 2018, amid high household debt and lacklustre wage growth, the outlook for the Canadian consumer nevertheless looks bright by developed market standards. Stronger economic ... Read More

  • UK Online Grocery Market by quarter, market sizing and convenience apart - also the only meaningful growth driver in UK grocery at the moment. While the sector is dominated by Tesco, Asda, Ocado and Sainsbury’s, the recent entrance of Amazon threatens another ... Read More

  • Global Online Home Decor Market 2017-2021

    ...decorative stickers, and many more. The global online home decor market encompasses three major product segments; home furniture, home furnishing, and other home decorative products. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global online home decor market to ... Read More

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