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Gastrointestinal (GI) or gastroenterology is the branch of medicine related to the GI tract (stomach and intestines) and the accessory organs of digestion (from the mouth to the anus). Some of the conditions treated under this specialty include but are not limited to: Crohn’s disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcer disease, celiac disease, colon cancer, heartburn, gastric cancer, diverticulitis, and ulcerative colitis.

While many of these illnesses are chronic and can only be treated medically, more holistic and natural approaches are being used more frequently to prevent and manage gastrointestinal disorders. Many healthcare providers are recommending stress management, a healthy diet, and exercise to prevent and manage symptoms.

Exercise has shown to decrease the risk of colon cancer, minimize constipation and improve overall GI health. Even minimal exercise paired with a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, low fat protein and avoidance of red meat, animal fat, and processed meats, can go a long way in preventing colon cancer and other GI diseases.

It is known that psychological stress can aggravate symptoms of Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis. Taking a mind-body approach to health can help these patients manage their illnesses. Techniques such as yoga, meditation, massage, and acupuncture can lower stress and in turn reduce bowel symptoms. Doctors also recommend an anti-inflammatory diet (omega-3 fatty acids, fruits & vegetables, and protein rich food like fish, chicken and soy) for people suffering from Crohn’s disease.

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Gastrointestinal Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Digestive Remedies in Saudi Arabia

    ... to a decrease in the numbers of consumers in the country. In addition, increasing awareness about the need for a healthy diet and lifestyle changes amongst some Saudi consumers also contributed to dampen sales. However, ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Kenya

    ... popular digestive remedies such as indigestion and heartburn, particularly antacids which help to neutralise stomach acid, supported by the ageing population as this demographic is highly vulnerable to peptic ulcers and digestive disorders. Growth for ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Mexico

    ... to remain steady, partly due to population growth but also because of the traditional eating habits of Mexican consumers. Diarrhoeal remedies will continue to benefit from the fact that many Mexicans regularly eat food from ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Morocco

    ... becoming increasingly unhealthy. The hectic lifestyles of Moroccans, with long working hours and increasing stress levels in the workplace, in schools or even at home are resulting in irregular eating habits and poor diets, and ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Peru

    ... In addition, levels of eating out are also increasing. Although consumers value home-prepared food, the lack of time to cook and the increasingly wide and varied offer of gastronomic options encourage Peruvians to go out ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Singapore

    ... to greater consumption of convenience food, including fast food. Longer working hours also lead to eating at irregular hours, particularly late into the evening with poor eating habits affecting overall health and leading to digestive ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in the United Arab Emirates

    ... issues on a continuous basis. This is because of the population’s typically fast-paced and modern urban lifestyles, which involve eating out regularly, overeating unhealthy foods, sometimes at irregular hours, and a lack of exercise. In ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Uzbekistan

    ... country. According to trade sources, the prevalence of ailments related to the digestive system ranked third after those of respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Chronic gastritis, which usually leads to ulcers and reflux disease, is a ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Uruguay

    ... which represent a large proportion of the total population, had to struggle harder to find or keep a job. Multitasking and moonlighting became more prevalent among Uruguayans, leading to rising stress levels, creating excess acid ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Cameroon

    ... to casual labourers as well as working middle- and lower-income consumers in urban residential areas. The preparation standards and quality of food have a reputation of giving customers upset stomachs and unwanted side-effects, boosting sales ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Ecuador

    ... Consequently, consumers are showing growing interest in preventive health. In this sense, they try not to rely on remedies but instead look to avoid digestive ailments via products offering better nutrition and natural ingredients such ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Denmark

    ... now entering their twilight years. This has resulted in increased demand in several digestive remedies categories as older consumers tend to experience digestive discomfort on a more regular basis. Elderly consumers have long been among ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Dominican Republic

    ... 2019 compared to a year earlier as well as the average for the review period. This was noticeable in antacids and diarrhoeal remedies, as fewer consumers purchased these items due to slower demand. In addition ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in France

    ... outbreaks in 2018 and early 2019. Euromonitor International's Digestive Remedies in France report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Greece

    ... towards natural remedies is benefiting herbal/traditional digestive remedies, which continued to gain share in 2019, albeit from a low base compared to standard digestive remedies. Euromonitor International's Digestive Remedies in Greece report offers a comprehensive ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Kazakhstan

    ... In particular, those living in major urban areas such as Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Shymkent are leading increasingly stressful lives and this is contributing to widespread unhealthy dietary habits, including higher consumption of unhealthy snacks and ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Nigeria

    ... dominance in Nigeria. With the growing number of people migrating from rural areas to urban centres, there are likely to be problems with overcrowding which would exacerbate the problems of communicable diseases. Euromonitor International's Digestive ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Romania

    ... the case for mild to moderate symptoms that people have experienced previously, with people only likely to consult a doctor if symptoms are greater or persist. In the largest category, indigestion and heartburn remedies, products ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Spain

    ... the prevalence of mild digestive-related ailments is linked to lifestyle and diet. With the recovery of the Spanish economy and the increasing employment rate, Spaniards are set to increasingly suffer from work-related stress problems, with ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in India

    ... looking to develop balanced diets to maintain health and prevent issues such as digestive problems, which is having a negative impact on the development of OTC digestive remedies. While sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in the Philippines

    ... stomach acid production, and even lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Over the forecast period, sales of digestive remedies are expected to see good growth due to the increasing population and the modern stressful lifestyle. ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Ukraine

    ... publications become particularly evident before the summer, when Ukrainians, especially women, become more concerned about their image. However, this trend has not yet become widespread, despite growing realisation of the importance of healthy diet. In ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Costa Rica

    ... medication, including analgesics, which can damage the stomach wall and the gut lining. Colon inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome and stomach acidity lead in terms of symptoms that boost demand for digestive remedies. Rising awareness of ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Argentina

    ... the InterAmerican Heart Foundation (FIC). The weak economy and the falling purchasing power have been contributing to less healthy dietary habits, while the local asado (barbecue) culture and high consumption of wine also results in ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Bulgaria

    ... Sales growth in indigestion heartburn remedies is been driven by the increasingly busy lifestyles of Bulgarian urban consumers and the rising popularity of fast food due to the lack of time that many city-dwellers have ... Read More

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