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Healthcare Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

These reports detail the ever-changing world of healthcare and all of its nuances and sub-categories. Healthcare cannot be narrowly defined nor can one report detail what is happening around the globe. provides detailed reports for various countries around the world and the healthcare needs and offerings in those countries. These reports also profile the types of administrations and regulations and policies that are in place in various regions and segments in each country.

Reports are available in industry sub-categories such as: wellness and preventative programming, sports medicine, insurance and managed care, and clinical guidelines and best practices. Readers may also find data regarding alternative and complementary medicine, nursing, public health and information technology. Though not always considered when first thinking of healthcare, information may also be found on veterinary health.

Reviews of various equipment and pharmaceuticals in specific regions are made available regarding multiple countries. Herbal and traditional products are contrasted and compared, and global access to sufficient ambulance services is discussed.

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Healthcare Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Namibia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... and efficiency issues within the public healthcare sector. The small middle-and upper-class segments provide pockets of demand for innovative medicines, which will continue to be imported by key regionalplayers and representative offices of established multinationals. Read More

  • Zimbabwe Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... multinational drugmakers are deterred by thechallenging macroeconomic environment. Achieving self-sufficiency in the sector will require currency regime reform; however, itremains unclear which new regime they will adopt. This creates uncertain conditions in Zimbabwe's pharmaceutical market ... Read More

  • Panama Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... system inefficiencies will continueto weigh on the country’s ability to improve access to healthcare. Sustained pro-growth economic policies and the Panama Canalwill continue to support the country’s position as a logistic and export hub, including ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... pharmaceutical market, we remain cautious about its commercial attractiveness to multinationals, at least in theshort term. The over-reliance on out-of-pocket payments has made the market vulnerable to economic fluctuations, especiallygiven its reliance on imported medicines. Read More

  • Poland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... future of the Fund; however, the outlook for the pharmaceutical market andhealthcare sector remain positive. Continued state healthcare funding growth and consumer-led economic growth will provide aboost to market expenditure, maintaining the country's regional outperformance. Read More

  • Pakistan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... especially in light of the uncertainpolicy directions. In addition, the Pakistan-Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party is expected to upscale health coverage, increase thenumber of emergency units and generally implement programmes to improve health outcomes. Furthermore, the ... Read More

  • Austria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... sizecompared to its EU partners. However, like its eurozone neighbours, we believe Austria's pharmaceutical spending will be subduedover the medium term, as states scramble to contain rising pharmaceutical expenditure in line with increasing healthcare demands. Read More

  • Tunisia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... will challenge foreign investment into the sector.Highlighting the market's longer-term potential, some multinational drugmakers have shown their willingness to do business in thecountry, though the majority choose to operate indirectly to minimise the risks involved. Read More

  • Honduras Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... in Central America. The limited demand forpatented medicines is highlighted by the country’s low per capita spending on medicines. However, a growing burden of chronicdiseases driven by ageing demographics in addition to planned healthcare reforms ... Read More

  • Gabon Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... by factors including modest but growingpopulation numbers, high prevalence of infectious diseases and the growing burden of civilisation diseases. However, given thetight funding environment, most of the commercial opportunities remain limited to the generics sector. Read More

  • Venezuela Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... crisis in Venevzuela will continue to restrict healthcare spending, limiting public access to medicine andhealthcare services. Medicine shortages will persist with continued hyperinflation, the re-denomination of the Venezuelan bolívarand reduced drugmaker activities in the country. Read More

  • Myanmar Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... underdeveloped state of the public health sector will shape commercialopportunities for private healthcare providers. Despite this, the upcoming rollout of universal healthcare coverage will improve long-term opportunities for investment in Myanmar’s pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Read More

  • Slovakia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... be driven bygovernment plans to improving access to health services with hospital reforms and diseases prevention programs. However, thegovernment’s implementation of cost-containment measures and the growing use of generic medicines will limit opportunities forinnovative drugmakers. Read More

  • 2018 Global Transfusion Diagnostics Market: Country Shares, Volume and Sales Forecasts for Typing, Grouping and Infectious Disease Screening/NAT Assays, Laboratory Universe

    ... of facilities performing transfusion testing tests, as well as test volume, reagent and instrument sales forecasts for blood typing, grouping and infectious disease screening tests by country. Contains 15pages and 5 tables Please note: The ... Read More

  • Hospitals

    ... facilities. Major companies include Community Health Systems (CHS), HCA Healthcare, and Tenet Healthcare (all based in the US), as well as Apollo Hospitals (India), Fraser Health (Canada), and Ramsay Health Care (Australia). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Hospitals ... Read More

  • 2018 Animal Health Market Consolidation: Who will not survive?

    ... market and which will not survive? This new 15-page report from VPGMarketResearch analyzes strategies, marketing tactics and technological know-how of the world’s leading animal health companies, including: Five-year forecasts for: Major market segments Key geographic ... Read More

  • Technologies for Long-term Care and Home Healthcare: Global Markets

    ... monitoring. The report provides an updated review of elder care technologies including types and applications. This report does not include the most common assistive devices (e.g., vision, hearing and daily living aids). Instead, it focuses ... Read More

  • United States Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... on the US pharmaceutical market. Most changesare temporary and pharmaceutical companies are adept at side-stepping market challenges. Potential changes to the rebatesystem in the US could have more far-reaching implications, especially for supply chain intermediaries. Read More

  • Qatar Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... and infrastructure continues to expand to meet therising demand for healthcare. Meanwhile, we expect pharmaceutical and healthcare spending to benefit from improving businessand consumer sentiment on the back of rising oil prices. That said, the ... Read More

  • Slovenia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... the background of economic growth and risingrevenues, the Slovene government is poised to slightly increase public healthcare spending over the coming quarters. However,over the long term, the health system financial sustainability will remain dependent upon ... Read More

  • Japan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... for innovative drugmakers due to its size. Medicine pricing reforms put forward bythe government will significantly affect the country's attractiveness to drugmakers. The prospects for generic medicine sales willremain strong over the coming fiscal years. Read More

  • Armenia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... the previous administration's courseand, as such, publicly funded access to healthcare services will remain lacking. Longer-term prospects remain dependent on thewider economic situation, especially as private out-of-pocket spending remains the dominant source of healthcare funding. Read More

  • Portugal Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... increasingly important role in the healthcaresystem. Despite rising public health spending, the public hospital sector will continue to face challenges after several years ofdeterioration and management concerns. Although commercial opportunities for drugmakers will significantly improve ... Read More

  • Georgia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... interest in the market from the point of view of innovativepharmaceutical companies. Georgia's commercial potential remains limited by negative demographic factors, though someservices, such as cosmetic and plastic surgery, seem to be experiencing a boost ... Read More

  • Hungary Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... averages, placing pressure on thepublic healthcare budget. The burden of medicine costs is likely to continue to shift onto household, reducing their affordability andtherefore dampening medicine demand. Unless the Hungarian government makes radical changes to ... Read More

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