Environment Equipment Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The environmental equipment market includes systems, products, equipment and technologies responsible for the mitigation of environmental damage and minimization of the environmental impact resulting from the release or emissions of wastes and byproducts of human development of the environment, human populations, or other forms of economic and industrial activities. Demand for environmental equipment is a result of regulatory market drivers or industry practices enforcing sustainability, high efficiency standards in energy and materials consumption, and the applications of materials and practices resulting in the pollutant byproducts or environmental damage. Government and legislative regulation is a major catalyst for environmental expenditures and environmental equipment sales.

Major product categories in the global environmental equipment market include air pollution controls equipment, water treatment, remediation and management systems and materials (water treatment chemicals, treatment vessels, pumps, membranes, filters, digesters), water purification products, environmental monitoring systems and instrumentation, recycling equipment and infrastructure, abate equipment, desalinization equipment, pollutants detection equipment, and sensors. Environmental equipment is also associated with environmental service companies that provide capabilities in laboratory testing, water and air sampling, water level and pressure measurements, and emissions modeling and measurements. Environmental consulting companies represent one group of consumers for environmental equipment. Various polluting industries are also consumers with installations of smokestack scrubbers, abatement equipment, wastewater treatment equipment, and other material recycling equipment and systems.

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Environment Equipment Industry Research & Market Reports

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