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The catalog and mail order industry is comprised of the total profit produced through the retailing of a variety of goods by catalog and mail order channels. The products retailed in this industry are valued at the same price as identical goods sold elsewhere. Catalogs, mail advertisements, and at times television programs are ways catalog and mail order companies entice consumers to purchase their wares. Goods that are retailed in the catalog and mail order industry may include books, health products, personal care items, specialty food items, furniture, office supplies, computer hardware, cosmetics, or computer software. Catalog and mail order retailers purchase these products from wholesalers and manufacturers, and then proceed to retail them to the general consumer market through catalogs and mail order advertisements. Order forms are located in the catalogs and mail orders for consumers to fill out, provide payment for a product, and mail to the company in order to receive the product.

There are some catalog and mail order companies that specializing in a singular sector of products, however the larger companies continue to expand their available selections in order to increase business growth and overall revenue. As modern consumers prefer to shop on their own terms and place increasing importance on the convenience of the shopping experience, mail order and catalog retailers must adapt to changing the marketplace and offer a variety of products as well as a variety of options.

Demand is driven by consumer income. Large companies possess advantages in purchasing, telecommunications, inventory management, and customer service. Small companies focus on providing excellent customer service and keeping specialized products available. Individual companies prioritize building a strong base of customers through the use of efficient marketing practices.

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Catalog & Mail Order Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Homeshopping in Peru

    ... other countries such as the US, for instance, where consumers are used to purchasing through this channel. Peruvian consumers are used to touching and even trying the products to see the quality for themselves. Therefore, ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Switzerland

    ... best deals, the homeshopping channel was negatively affected. Homeshopping also suffered from a somewhat down-market image. One of the most crucial concerns for homeshopping catalogue retailers was the rising cost of catalogue production, distribution and ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Norway

    ... in Norway continues to make homeshopping increasingly irrelevant. Smartphones are almost ubiquitous in Norway across most demographics and this, combined with advances made by retailers in online retailing like better delivery and safer payment methods, ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Denmark

    ... ongoing diversification of the online product offer, aggressive pricing and increasing consumer trust in online purchases. In contrast to the rapidly evolving internet retailing channel, homeshopping has come to be seen as outdated by Danish ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in the United Arab Emirates

    ... consumer base remains intact with minimum effects from online commerce. Focusing on effective product demonstrations, successful players target consumers with impulse-buying patterns. Euromonitor International's Homeshopping in United Arab Emirates report offers insight into key trends ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Japan

    ... 50, it struggled to gain a new customer base, due to the further shift to internet retailing. In order to maintain their performance, catalogue home shopping players will focus on offering a product range to ... Read More

  • The 2019-2024 World Outlook for Product Information Management

    ... or potential industry earnings (P.I.E.), for the country in question (in millions of U.S. dollars), the percent share the country is of the region, and of the globe. These comparative benchmarks allow the reader to ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Morocco

    ... the lack of strategic locations in city centres are the major factors that continue to negatively influence the performance of home and garden specialist retailers in Morocco. Euromonitor International's Homeshopping in Morocco report offers insight ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Taiwan

    ... and are using the internet far more. The internet has become central for consumers to get their news, for entertainment, to communicate with friends and family, and for shopping. Faced with the declining popularity of ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Ukraine

    ... inflation. With a significant part of homeshopping controlled by big international players, the necessity to import products in Ukraine in foreign currency and the devaluated hryvnia have contributed to the increased prices of final goods ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in the Philippines

    ... convenience to consumers, as orders can easily be made through calling or logging into the internet. The shows are usually aired late at night and in the “dead hours” on television. Some are aired on ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Hong Kong, China

    ... up with the internet instead of the traditional entertainment and information channels of TV broadcasting and magazines it makes homeshopping completely strange to them. Homeshopping cannot keep up with the transforming society and technological advancements. ... Read More

  • Nonstore Retail

    ... Amazon, eBay, HSN, QVC, and Newegg, as well as Alibaba Group (China), Argos (UK), (China), MercadoLibre (Argentina), and Otto Group (Germany). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by consumers’ personal income. The profitability of individual ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Israel

    ... customers receive the price via text message. This enables the company to be able to offer deeper price promotions, as suppliers are not worried about other retailers finding out about the deals offered through the ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Argentina

    ... much higher than the cost of selling online, so there is no sense in developing this channel. People are increasingly turning to the online channel, where they can see and compare products before buying and ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in India

    ... channel. However, despite this growth it faced strong competition from internet retailing in 2017. The growth, preference for and acceptance of internet retailing has been exponential in India. Consumers now genuinely trust the channel and ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Italy

    ... online rather than by phone or in person. By being visible across different channels, homeshopping retailers ensure they are where customers want to find them. Euromonitor International's Homeshopping in Italy report offers insight into key ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Canada

    ... factor significantly threatening homeshopping as a purchasing channel. With changing consumer tastes and demographics, catalogue ordering and television shopping are losing their charm amongst consumers, who are more informed and more selective. Whilst television shopping ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Brazil

    ... into key trends and developments driving the industry. The report examines all retail channels to provide sector insight. Channels include hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters, convenience stores, mixed retailers, health and beauty retailers, clothing and footwear retailers, ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Colombia

    ... of other retail channels; the growth of other channels, such as internet retailing (where consumers can select what to see and buy); the fact that viewers now have more options, so they just change the ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Romania

    ... Television homeshopping was the channel’s main format, with sales exceeding those of catalogues. Television homeshopping largely profited from the greater attention paid to the attributes and benefits of various products. Euromonitor International's Homeshopping in Romania ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Egypt

    ... popular amongst Egyptian consumers due to its wide range of products at affordable prices. Satellite TV homeshopping stations that exhibit an assortment of products, from worldwide brands to more everyday items for all consumer segments ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in South Korea

    ... consumers. Lotte Homeshopping opened four offline outlets in 2017; Hyundai Homeshopping had two offline units and CJ O Shopping had eight. Major operators aggressively opened offline outlets to attract more customers and to let them ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Spain

    ... fact already also sell online, and it is expected that in the future their online sales will slowly represent the largest share of total sales. Venca, for example, the second most important player, also sells ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Russia

    ... resulting in homeshopping gradually becoming outdated, even though its value sales demonstrated positive growth in 2017. The channel continued to benefit from a large number of small players, which operate within various Russian regions, where ... Read More

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