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Petroleum is sold as fuel oil and liquefied petroleum gas. Demand for petroleum is driven by auto and truck use, as well as home heating.

The top two countries that consume the most petroleum are China and Japan; together they account for 20% of total global usage.

The U.S. fuel oil and LP gas dealers had total annual revenue of about $770 billion in 2013, from about 5,400 companies. Fuel oil and LP gas sales were about 40% of sales, while automotive fuels were about 10%.

Products include: gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, propane, jet fuel, kerosene, and lubricants.’s collection of market research studies on petroleum sales in the consumer goods and retailing industry will help you stay competitive and grow in this healthy market. We offer a full array of studies on subjects ranging from fuel and gas to specific segments of the market for petroleum use, including home heating, automobile use and sales, and petroleum distributors. Also available is a full library of country-specific studies for petroleum usage.

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Petroleum Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Turkmenistan Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov's recent order to end the provision of free natural gas to the country's citizens will dampen domestic consumption of gas. The future prospects of the country's oil and gas sector are largely dependent ... Read More

  • New Zealand Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... not be the case for natural gas, as consumption remains pegged to production, due to the lack of any import infrastructure. Efforts to encourage exploration outside the mature Taranaki basin has yielded no success to ... Read More

  • Uganda Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... our crude oil production timeline given the large infrastructure requirements and government bureaucracy. Given the timing, we now confirm the delays within our forecast, pushing back first oil production in Uganda from 2020 to 2022. Read More

  • Russia Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... higher in 2017 on the back of stronger European demand, but will weaken in 2018. Both oil and gas production will rise over the coming years as Russia increases its links to Indian and Chinese ... Read More

  • South Africa Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... are positive developments for South Africa's oil and gas sector. However, progress has, as of yet, been slow. Slow production growth and inefficient refining sector will make South Africa increasingly reliant on gas and refined ... Read More

  • Bolivia Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... gas will limit production and export growth over the long term. Investment in domestic gas resources for local consumption in the residential, power and industrial sectors could tighten the supply/demand picture in the medium term. Read More

  • Tanzania Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... future development of offshore gas resources. Continued fiscal and regulatory uncertainties continue to provide above-ground headwinds to investment interest. Consumption growth looks strong for both refined fuels and gas, albeit from a comparatively low base. Read More

  • Thailand Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... Government efforts to attract greater private, foreign investment will require further improvements to the domestic licensing regime, and overall risk profile. Rising demand will see Thailand become more reliant on oil and gas imports over ... Read More

  • Ecuador Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... decade due to its stagnant upstream exploration sector, maturing fields and opaque business environment. However, the country's downstream sector is poised for significant expansion if plans for the new Refineria del Pacifico come to fruition. Read More

  • Equatorial Guinea Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... Ophir's Fortuna FLNG project provides the most important boost to the country's gas production and net exports over the coming years. While the company targets a FID by the end of 2017, it has achieved ... Read More

  • Iran Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... due yet to materialise but will be essential to the longer term growth of the oil sector. The gas sector is in good shape and is targeting new export routes with Iraq, and eventually Oman ... Read More

  • Trinidad & Tobago Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... natural gas supplies will persist, disrupting gas exports amid government concerns over the profitability of LNG trade. Investment has suffered continued delays due to current market conditions, underscoring the negative impacts of lower commodity prices. Read More

  • Japan Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... Japan's refined fuels exports in the long run. Japan will remain the largest LNG buyer in the world through to 2026. We recently increased our gas consumption outlook throughout our forecast period due to an ... Read More

  • Mexico Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... country's hydrocarbons sector. Whilst its effects will take time to filter through to the country's production and reserves data, reforms will bolster upstream activity and reverse a decade-long decline in production over the long term. Read More

  • China Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... a robust pace over our 10-year forecast period, while oil enters a period of structural decline. Despite concerns of slowing demand, China will remain a formidable consumer of crude oil and refined fuels, with demand ... Read More

  • Myanmar Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... notably transportation, power and residential sectors. Domestic production will continue to lag demand, driving the country into deeper reliance on imports. The start of LNG imports in 2020 will allow the country to sustain export ... Read More

  • Hong Kong Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... a cleaner energy mix gain greater traction. This increases the likelihood of Hong Kong deploying an LNG import terminal within the coming years, which in turn poses further upside risk to our gas consumption outlook. Read More

  • Venezuela Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... ambitious production plans by state-owned PdVSA. We expect Venezuela to underperform, given the worsening scope of above-ground challenges including excessive political interference, chronic underinvestment, an unattractive operating environment and the precarious financial situation of PdVSA. Read More

  • Azerbaijan Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... OPEC, non-OPEC production cut deal. However, the longer-term outlook has improved, with continued progress on development of the Shah Deniz II and Absheron gas projects and the renewal of the major ACG contract. The downstream ... Read More

  • Angola Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... oil production will fall off due to a steep decline rates on mature fields and no new projects forecast to counteract the declines. Efforts to reform and restructure Sonangol, the state oil company, is encouraging, ... Read More

  • Cambodia Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... or production. Progress on the long-delayed Block A development has seen us include this development within the forecast period. While this will be Cambodia's first oil production, quantities will remain modest within our forecast period. Read More

  • Mozambique Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... BMI View: The FID on the Coral project has secured Mozambique's future as an LNG exporter. Attention is now turning to the larger onshore facility, which has faced challenges securing longterm contracts, delaying development plans. Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... projects will add new barrels and offset declines at maturing fields. Natural gas has become a key strategic priority and the UAE is planning a string of new investments to further develop its large sour ... Read More

  • Canada Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... industry given continued headwinds amid sustained commodity price weakness. The greatest threats are unfavourable project economics and regulatory headwinds, this will discourage large-scale oil sands capacity growth, much- needed midstream expansions and LNG terminal development. Read More

  • Oil and Gas (Construction) in Norway: Market Analytics by Category & Cost Type to 2021

    ... and forecast market data for the oil and gas category in Norway, it also provides detailed breakdown of the data by construction activity (new construction, repair and maintenance, refurbishment and demolition) and by cost type ... Read More

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