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Petroleum is sold as fuel oil and liquefied petroleum gas. Demand for petroleum is driven by auto and truck use, as well as home heating.

The top two countries that consume the most petroleum are China and Japan; together they account for 20% of total global usage.

The U.S. fuel oil and LP gas dealers had total annual revenue of about $770 billion in 2013, from about 5,400 companies. Fuel oil and LP gas sales were about 40% of sales, while automotive fuels were about 10%.

Products include: gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, propane, jet fuel, kerosene, and lubricants.’s collection of market research studies on petroleum sales in the consumer goods and retailing industry will help you stay competitive and grow in this healthy market. We offer a full array of studies on subjects ranging from fuel and gas to specific segments of the market for petroleum use, including home heating, automobile use and sales, and petroleum distributors. Also available is a full library of country-specific studies for petroleum usage.

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Petroleum Industry Research & Market Reports

  • 2019 Energy and Resources Research Review

    ... or renewable sources. Advancements in technology has changed the landscape of the energy industry, for example the shale revolution has made US a net exporter of oil from being one of the largest importers of ... Read More

  • Latin America Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... schemes can be questionable, so firms should expect further government-imposed medicine price cuts. Insufficient investment in healthcare infrastructure and the slow pace of consolidation of medicalservice bureaucracy will impair pharmaceutical market growth in Latin America. Read More

  • Germany Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... policy direction erodes demand. By contrast, gas demand will remain stable over the next ten years as a result ofnormal seasonal demand dynamics and continuing interplay between coal for use in the power generation sector. Read More

  • India Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... been stable enough so as to protect real spending growth and household debt levels are low, offering growthopportunities from the credit side. However, structural unemployment, particularly among the youth, will limit potential over themedium term. Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... A global revival of interest in deep-water plays holdssome promise for exploration in the region. However, the medium-term oil production forecast is clouded by a severely dwindlingproject pipeline and heavy decline rates at maturing assets ... Read More

  • Norway Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... will present challenges, a number of positive factors will continue to provide adequatebuffers. Computer hardware uptake will be driven by the robust levels of government spending and economic diversification thatwill bolster a variety of economic ... Read More

  • Europe Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... term. In contrast, we expect developed market refined fuelsconsumption to lapse into structural decline in major consumer markets. On the supply side, Russia will continue to fuel growth ingas output with substantial ongoing investment into ... Read More

  • Italy Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... to introduce its consumption tax increase from October 1. With no let-up expected from external anddomestic headwinds, consumer confidence continues to fall away and the impact on retail sales is already being felt. Japan's tightlabour ... Read More

  • Turkey Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... short-to-medium term. The country's expanding portfolio of attractionsand identity as a value-for-money hot spot will continue attracting a growing number of tourists. Downside risks remain, however, asthe country continues to make waves in the region. Read More

  • United States Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... crude prices recover. In the gasmarket, a ramp-up in production will respond to growing capacity from LNG export facilities and petrochemical plants. Fuelsconsumption growth will decline over the next decade as efficiency gains take root. Read More

  • Cameroon Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... Etinde project will see gas exports rise further over the second half of our 10-year forecast period to2028. More exploration, however, will need to take place in order to further boost the country's long-term prospects. Read More

  • Algeria Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... the project pipeline will see growth in gas production through the near term.Over the longer term, steadily increasing domestic oil and gas demand will cut into export volumes, pressuring the country's role asa major exporter. Read More

  • Australia Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... robust pipeline of offshore, brownfield developments stands poised to sustain thecurrent uptrend in gas, and will allow Australia to maintain the mantle of the world’s largest LNG exporter for some time. Outlook forthe downstream sector ... Read More

  • Asia Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... into crude oil. Asia will continue to be the global engine of oil and gas demand growth,although short-term risks continue to be weighted to the downside, due to slowing global growth and persistent trade tensionsbetween ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... for the MENA oil and gassector in the near team. However, the longer term fundamentals for production and consumption remain broadly bullish, supportedby a large and low-cost resource base and increasing openness to foreign participation. Read More

  • East Timor Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... both exports and government revenues. The signing and approval of theAustralia-Timor Leste Maritime Boundary Treaty in March 2018 and July 2019, respectively, brings the country one step closer topotential development and commercialisation of the Greater ... Read More

  • Taiwan Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... has historically deterredconsumers from longer term savings and investment schemes. However, we see opportunities in rural areas, where the slow uptakeof traditional products paves the way for growing appetite for micro-finance and digital products. In ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... disappointing results up until now, we believe investor interest willremain weak over the coming years.The oil demand outlook is bullish, driven up by a positive economic growth story and risingvehicle ownership. However, this in itself ... Read More

  • Libya Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... activities, deters investment and leads to frequent supply disruptions. While we expect a gradualgrowth in hydrocarbons production and exports across our forecast period to 2028, the situation remains highly volatile, with risksfirmly to the downside. Read More

  • Greece Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... are more gas prone makes them attractive explorationprospects, notwithstanding their greenfield high risk profile. This is especially so now that the energy ministry has also announcedan aggressive decarbonisation drive (nearly two thirds of Greek electricity ... Read More

  • Global Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... increase in oil price from the start of 2019 prices have have failed to hold gains from the unprecedented supplyshock in September. Increased US sanctions on Venezuela and Iran together OPEC+ production cuts continue to ... Read More

  • Oil & Gas Recruitment (EUROPEAN) - Industry Report

    ... analysis on the top 110 companies, including GATTACA PLC, HARVEY NASH IT CONSULTING and ENCORE PERSONNEL SERVICES LIMITED. This report covers activities such as engineering, jobs, recruitment, engineering recruitment, engineering jobs and includes a wealth ... Read More

  • Petroleum Refining (GLOBAL) - Industry Report

    ... including VALERO ENERGY CORP, KUWAIT PETROLEUM CORPORATION and GS CALTEX CORPORATION. This report covers activities such as petrol, refining, oil, refining, petroleum and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past ... Read More

  • Oil Recycling (UK) - Industry Report

    ... including OIL SPILL RESPONSE LTD, AUGEAN TREATMENT LTD and MALARY LTD. This report covers activities such as hazardous waste collection, waste oil collection, clean fuel oil, degreasing equipment, hazardous waste recycling and includes a wealth ... Read More

  • Oil Fuel Distributors (UK) - Industry Report

    ... top 320 companies, including HARVEST ENERGY LTD, CROWN OIL LTD and GLEANER LTD. This report covers activities such as oil, lubricants, fuel, gas, heating oil and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends ... Read More

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