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  • South Korea Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... framework helped maintain stability during the 2008 financial crisis,though the focus has now largely shifted to deregulation in an attempt to stimulate development and competition in the localfinancial sectors. New flexibility could encourage new foreign ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... GDP growth, monetary tightening, and new mortgagelending restrictions represent headwinds for the sector, particularly banking. The market will continue to be dominated by large, EU-based financial groups, with limited opportunities for domestic or non-EU entrants. Read More

  • Turkey Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... Importantly to facilitate that growth, the sector is built on strong foundations; it is wellregulated, stable, and competitive, and the local capital market boasts relatively high liquidity. However, the sector isfacing increased risks that include ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... previous administration to improve liquidity – including the introduction of so-called bond notes and greater use of electronic payments – have not been enough to increase the availability of hard currency,muting investor sentiment and economic ... Read More

  • Greece Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... face significant downside risks. Declining assets over the short term could leave thebanking sector vulnerable, particularly in light of persistently high non-performing loans exposures and weak interest revenues. Highunemployment rates are also a major hindrance, ... Read More

  • New Zealand Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... downside pressure from cooling mortgage growth. Lending to the agriculture sector, whichremains heavily indebted, is also likely to be weak. Regulators will likely continue to seek to strengthen the regulatory framework ofthe financial sector, particularly ... Read More

  • Consumer Lending in the Netherlands

    ... tend to keep their debts manageable and limit them mostly to essential borrowing such as mortgages and education. However, as the economy grew rapidly over the review period, consumers gained in confidence and the threshold ... Read More

  • Austria Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... management companies and competitive insurance providers. The banking sector hasstabilised over recent years, having reduced exposure bad debts, and while growth in the domestic market is slow, access to fastergrowing regional markets should boost prospects. Read More

  • Bangladesh Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... amid immense political uncertainty as national elections could become a flashpoint forinstability. Asset quality is deteriorating while liquidity is under pressure due to low interest rates, which have encouraged borrowingbut prompted savers to look elsewhere ... Read More

  • Egypt Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... its robust position. The country is now in a more stable conditionand though there remain a number of risks related to the country's precarious economic recovery, opportunities for expansiondo exist in light of high rates ... Read More

  • Ghana Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... has seen significant consolidation in the banking sector, credit is set to grow on the back ofmonetary easing and improved asset quality. Coupled with a reduction in bad debt from the energy sector and reduced ... Read More

  • Italy Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... - as a result. After a period of decline and uncertainty, the banking sector is now on a more stablefooting, though high exposure to government debt and the burden of non-performing loans still pose risks. ... Read More

  • Jordan Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... by 1.5% in 2017, equating to 177.2% of GDP, making it one of the largesteconomic sectors in the country. We expect this trend to continue over the next five years, with total assets growing by ... Read More

  • Lebanon Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... number of well-established domestic banks, many of which have expandedinto other regional markets, alongside some well-known international banks. The sector is considered one of the country'seconomic pillars, as it has demonstrated strong results in the ... Read More

  • Mozambique Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... not expect to see significant growth inthe sector over the coming years, given the heavy state presence in the sector and weak regulatory oversight, which weigh heavilyon its overall attractiveness and ease of doing business. Read More

  • Israel Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... of the market. Many of these banks are at least part-governmentowned, providing some stability, though their dominance drives down competition in the market and increases costs for Israelicustomers. Plans to increase competition in the credit ... Read More

  • Consumer Lending in Thailand

    ... personal loans, hire purchase agreements and mortgages. While mortgage loans continued to account for the largest proportion of consumer lending, auto lending registered the strongest growth in 2018. Non-performing loans (NPLs) performed better, but continued ... Read More

  • Consumer Lending in India

    ... lifestyles have resulted in higher disbursals of auto and durables loans. This is particularly the case among young adults, who earn more than previous generations and spend more on non-discretionary items. This includes spending on ... Read More

  • Oman: In-depth PEST Insights

    ... trend analysis. Synopsis Understand the political system in Oman through analysis of key figures in the country and governance indicators. Understand the economic situation in Oman through a balanced assessment of core macroeconomic issues. Understand ... Read More

  • Thailand Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... occurring more in the insurance sector to help grow theindustry, which is expected to grow steadily to 2022. Banking sector asset growth is set to recover to around 5% during 2018, andthe insurance sector will ... Read More

  • Argentina Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... development was hampered by intrusive and protectionist regulations, aswell as poor public confidence, the administration of President Mauricio Macri has substantially reformed regulations and boostedthe country's growth outlook. Banking, insurance, asset management and the stock ... Read More

  • Indonesia Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... markets, and robust economic growth. Indonesia's population islargely under-banked, providing huge organic growth opportunities for domestic and foreign players alike. Meanwhile, thegovernment's commitment to streamline investment procedures and to improve the business climate should continue ... Read More

  • Romania Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... in terms of industry value, we expect to see average year-on-year growth of around 9.% between theyears of 2018 and 2022. This has largely been driven by the robust expectations for the country's economic growth ... Read More

  • Venezuela Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... services industries will continue to deteriorate in the face of the country's ongoingmacroeconomic crisis. We expect Venezuela's regulatory structure will remain unattractive until a more orthodox macroeconomicpolicy mix is put into place in the country. Read More

  • China Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... Conference in December 2017, and was reiterated repeatedly by the authorities overthe course of 2018. We believe that policymakers will, therefore, make a concerted effort to curb the financial sector's expansionover the coming years. The ... Read More

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