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Oilfield equipment and services represent a globally-wide and lucrative market for upstream equipment, components, other supplies and professional services to companies specializing in oil & gas exploration and production (E&P). Equipment operated and installed at oilfields include offshore and land drilling rigs, casing tools, cementing equipment, centrifuges, power systems and equipment (generators, turbines, engines), water injection pumps, gas injection pumps, centrifugal pumps, blowers, downhole equipment, blowout preventers, wellheads (trees), drill pipe, pumpjacks (reciprocating piston pumps), electronic control systems, other instrumentation, vacuum systems, workover equipment, heating units, tanker trucks, cranes, subsea equipment (subsea wellheads or “Christmas trees”), wire rope winches or winching equipment, mooring equipment, acidizing equipment, produced water treatment equipment, gas processing equipment, and various other replacement parts and components.

The lifetime of an oilfield – including its surface and downhole infrastructure at production and injection wells – requires a diverse range of equipment and accompanying technical services required to survey oilfields, discover features and leads, and recover oil from drilled prospects. Following exploration activities, requiring equipment for exploration well drilling, additional production wells are drilled and completed with a perforated casing and wellhead tree. Various well intervention procedures during production also require equipment such as pumps, coiled tubing and winches, injection systems, and chemical delivery equipment. Declining production can be counteracted through injection during secondary and tertiary or enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Both recovery stages require injection of liquids (water) and gases, requiring the drilling of additional wells outfitted with injection pumps and blowers. Produced water and processed gases must be treated and possibly reinjected.

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Oilfield Equipment & Services Industry Research & Market Reports

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