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Leasing is the process in which a corporation, firm, or individual can obtain the use of fixed assets that the lessee must pay in a series of contractually obligated (and ordinarily tax deductible) payments. The Lessee receives services or the use of assets under the terms of a contract from the lessor (the owner of the assets).

With corporations looking to trim fat and focus their resources more and more on their core businesses, different strategies have come into play regarding nearly everything from office space to equipment to furniture to transportation. Given the inherent devaluation that occurs for any object over time, more and more businesses have gone the route of leasing large portions of the required equipment for their operation, leading to a large and thriving Leasing Market.

Given the pace at which technology advances, equipment wears out, cars and trucks break down, the cost of repairs for buildings and the various systems required to keep them running, leasing has become an attractive option for companies concerned that ownership brings either too much risk, liability, or ties up too much capital in a non-profitable portion of their business, adversely affecting their bottom lines.

From simple things like office furniture to the modern Leasing Market, this sector has exploded, with such common products as computers, monitors, servers, office space, desks, cubicle walls, chairs, commercial aircraft, automobiles, aircraft containers, trailers (both for cargo transport and as portable office space), and a vast array of other items.

MarketResearch.com offers the latest in Leasing Market Research reports, offering insights into market share, projections, sales, segmentation, growth and market trends in both the US and Global Markets.

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Leasing Industry Research & Market Reports

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