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In the past few decades we’ve seen significant changes in how libraries and information repositories store vast amounts and how this information is made available to other users. While the use of old technologies and tools such as microfilm and microfiche are still utilized, today’s sophisticated and often time crunched users are also looking for information in an electronic format such as the internet and academic subscriptions as ways to help them find information faster.

Libraries and Information centers house a variety of information – everything from newspapers and magazine to the most up-to-date research available on any given topic. How this information is collected and utilized can often be confusing for those wishing to access the information. In order for individuals to utilize these resources, they must understand what is available, how the information is stored, and most importantly how they get it. Libraries and information centers must stay on top of the latest developments to help assist their uses in finding the information they need quickly. To this extent libraries and information centers must find ways for users to access archives as well as recent information and library automation is key to bringing this all together.

The collection of information available on allows users to gain an understanding of the ever changing library and information center systems. has the information you need to succeed.
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Libraries & Information Centers Industry Research & Market Reports

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