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The travel service industry consists of companies whose primary goal is to market travel services by providing the services of booking and arranging travel tours and accommodations to general and commercial clients. Travel services are primarily engaged for include reservations and tickets for lodging and flights while traveling, as well as arranging packaged tours and cruises. Operators in the travel services industry are also able to arrange auto rentals, set up travel insurance, and help with the monetary exchanges for international travel. This industry possesses a well-established base of suppliers.

The demand for travel agents is reliant upon a number of factors: economic growth, business and leisure travel, consumer income, airline seat availability, technological developments, and the price of jet fuel. The primary costs this industry has to cope with include computer services and telecommunication services. As many consumers are more often turning to online booking services, computer access is imperative, and online services will increase overall profitability. The revenue of the travel service industry is made of up the fees charged for their services, and what services the client requests.

Independent travel service companies are dependent upon their marketing strategies to effectively appeal to the consumer and thus general a profit. Smaller companies put emphasis on catering to a small amount of large clientele, and serving a specific locale. Large travel service companies focus on corporate clients, and are able to provide a broad spectrum of services, as well as operate elaborate websites to promote their services.

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Travel Services Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Sleeping Pods and Cabins Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024

    ... times is also likely to drive the need for napping facilities at airports. Sleeping pods and cabins are expected to have higher traction during the latter half of the forecast period as airports are currently ... Read More

  • Spotlight on Luxury Travel: The Power of Nature

    ... with concerns about climate change on the rise, luxury travellers are searching for unique experiences that align with their eco-conscious values. Luxury resorts are expected to lead by example in their efforts to achieve carbon ... Read More

  • Malaysia Tourism Q4 2019

    ... of politicalinstability and tight government control over the industry. Mining investment in the region will gradually accelerate over the comingyears, supported by rising mineral prices and government-driven efforts to diversify economic growth away from oil. Read More

  • Mexico Tourism Q4 2019

    ... a risky market due to political and economicvolatility as well as varying patent enforcement and healthcare spending. Rising burden of chronic diseases will continue to placestrain on healthcare systems and create opportunities for generic drugmakers. Read More

  • Consumer Health in Canada

    ... ageing and the increasing tendency of older people to lead active lifestyles helped to sustain the expansion of more mature categories such as analgesics and digestive remedies. At the same time, consumers of all ages ... Read More

  • Qatar Tourism Q4 2019

    ... This sentiment is shared in the bankingmarket, where after several years of progress, the outlook for Romania's banking market is looking far less bullish. Within this, ourforecasts for both assets and client loan growth showing ... Read More

  • Russia Tourism Q4 2019

    ... city-state. The FY2019 budget marked thehighest military allocation on record. While the number of military personnel is set to decline, spending on training, activities andequipment is likely to rise as the authorities work to strengthen ... Read More

  • Turkey Tourism Q4 2019

    ... natural gas into highervalue-add industrial activities will create opportunities across the industrial construction sector, supporting growth in thecountry's wider construction market. We forecast construction industry value growth to average 6.8% per annum between 2019and 2028. Read More

  • United Kingdom Tourism Q4 2019

    ... US vehicle market in 2019, growing by 9.0%, while we forecastthe light vehicle market to contract by 1.9%. However, this will change in 2020 when we forecast heavy truck sales to decline asorders are fulfilled. Read More

  • Taiwan Tourism Q4 2019

    ... flight networks coupled with rising incomes inAPACsource markets will support tourism trends from an established base. We expect the government to undertake reforms in terms oftourism administration and to implement a long-term strategy in 2020 ... Read More

  • Egypt Tourism Q4 2019

    ... geopolitical tensions, high-profile terror attacks and a weakdomestic political outlook. Strong levels of government support, global brand building efforts, sectoral reform and infrastructureinvestment are all beginning to yield dividends as European holidaymakers resurface with growing ... Read More

  • Canada Tourism Q4 2019

    ... arrivals weigh onoverall growth. While arrivals from Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America will continue to grow strongly, this cannot compensate forlower US arrivals, emphasising the extent to which Canadian tourism remains dependent on the US. Read More

  • Caribbean Tourism Q4 2019

    ... damaged by the2017 hurricanes beginning to re-open and some returning to full capacity. Moreover, steady - if decelerating - economic growth inthe US will underpin growth as the US is the region's main source market. Read More

  • Zambia Tourism Q4 2019

    ... accommodation network, as well as bycompetition from the leading Sub-Saharan African destination, South Africa, which has a very well established tourism offering. TheZambian government is keen to expand the tourism industry and is investing in ... Read More

  • Kenya Tourism Q4 2019

    ... remain a government priority, despite rising criticisms andinternational scrutiny. The significant expansion of the domestic hydropower sector, the Boten-Vientiane Railway and tourism-related infrastructure will be the notable drivers of growth, with China maintaining its role ... Read More

  • Tourism Destination Market Insights: Eastern Europe (2019) - Analysis of destination markets, infrastructure and attractions, and risks and opportunities

    ... in-depth analysis of a tourist destination and its key source markets, as well as an assessment of the trends and issues in the covered destination market, in this case Eastern Europe. This insight report includes ... Read More

  • Travel Transportation in Asia Pacific

    ... South Korea. Growth is mainly being driven by the rail and scheduled airlines categories in China. At the same time, low-cost carriers continue to expand in several Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and the ... Read More

  • Key Trends in Wedding Tourism

    ... It also offers an insight into key destinations, traveler groups, and into the strategies of destinations looking to attract wedding tourists. This report provides analysis of traveler types and key market trends which are contributing ... Read More

  • Hotels (NORDIC) - Industry Report

    ... HOTEL REYKJAVIK HF. and HOTEL FRON EHF.. This report covers activities such as hotel, motel, hotels, holiday, resorts and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing’s ... Read More

  • Educational Travel (UK) - Industry Report

    ... STUDY GROUP LTD, PROFESSIONAL LINGUISTIC & UPPER STUDIES LTD and K E ADVENTURE TRAVEL LTD. This report covers activities such as school trips, group travel, educational travel, travel, school tours and includes a wealth of ... Read More

  • Travel Agents (GLOBAL) - Industry Report

    ... including CTRIP.COM INTERNATIONAL, LTD., THOMAS COOK TOURISTIK GMBH and THOMAS COOK NORTHERN EUROPE AB. This report covers activities such as airline, travel, packages, package, tours and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends ... Read More

  • Hotels (NORDIC) - Industry Report

    ... ALDA HOTEL REYKJAVIK HF. and HOTEL FRON EHF.. This report covers activities such as hotel, motel, hotels, holiday, resorts and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll ... Read More

  • Airline Catering (GLOBAL) - Industry Report

    ... GODDARD ENTERPRISES LIMITED, LSG SKY CHEFS S.P.A. and CATERINGPOR - CATERING DE PORTUGAL, S.A.. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing’s latest Airline Catering ... Read More

  • Holiday Cottage Agents (UK) - Industry Report

    ... 230 companies, including VACATION RENTALS (UK) LTD, THE TRAVEL CHAPTER LTD and DREAM COTTAGES LTD. This report covers activities such as holiday cottages, accommodation, holiday, holiday cottage, self catering and includes a wealth of information ... Read More

  • Hotels (SWEDEN) - Industry Report

    ... STF AKTIEBOLAG, LAPPLAND INVEST AB and ICEHOTEL AKTIEBOLAG. This report covers activities such as hotel, motel, hotels, holiday, resorts and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll ... Read More

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