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The small appliance industry consists of the classification of home appliances that are movable or partially movable, and can be used on counters, tables, or other platform spaces. Typically there are two versions of small appliance: commercial and home. The commercial, or industrial, type is meant for continuous use in a business setting; home versions are meant to be used in the household. Small appliances are meant to perform, enable, or assist in completing a task, and there are some small appliances that complete the same tasks as their major appliance counterparts. Companies active in the small appliance industry produce and distribute a variety of small appliances and house wares. Items manufactured from these companies may include blow driers, blenders, vacuums, coffee makers, electric mixers, and toasters, among other products.

The majority of appliance manufacturers create the body of the product using plastics and steel, and then purchase the required components, like motors, controls, heat elements, and compressors, from a supplier. The manufacturing process involves the shaping of metal in stamping presses with specifically designed dies and assembling components. Steel is the primary raw material. Plastics are typically used to create vacuum cleaner parts, or as an insulation component in other small appliances.

Income and home sales created the demand for the small appliance market. Large businesses have an advantage in production, marketing, and distribution. Smaller businesses focus on producing and providing specialty products, subcontracting to larger manufacturers, and creating name-brand items under contract. Individual companies make effective operations and marketing their priority for turning over a profit.

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Small Appliances Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Personal Care Appliances in the United Kingdom

    ... shares thanks to their well-known and reputable brands, some young and small companies are also competing in this category and building a name for themselves, for example Magnitone and Foreo, which were both founded in ... Read More

  • Vacuum Cleaners in the United Kingdom

    ... situation has led to longer replacement cycles for durable goods such as vacuum cleaners, with sales subsequently falling for the second year in a row in 2017. Euromonitor International's Vacuum Cleaners in United Kingdom report ... Read More

  • Food Preparation Appliances in the United Kingdom

    ... the economic climate remained challenging, resulting in consumers putting off buying or foregoing altogether products seen as non-essential. Various products in food preparation appliances, ranging from blenders to centrifugal juicers, thus registered a decline. One ... Read More

  • Consumer Appliances in the United Kingdom

    ... on kitchen design and the recent positive performance of the housing market. Higher quality products with new features were also launched in both small and major appliances, leading to premiumisation within the industry. Connected appliances ... Read More

  • Microwaves in the United Kingdom

    ... enough to sustain a high level of sales. Moreover, the category was also affected by a weaker performance from the UK housing market in 2017. It is also saturated, with some households even owning more ... Read More

  • Small Cooking Appliances in the United Kingdom

    ... UK economy impacted sales of many small cooking appliances, particularly those which are not used on a daily basis, such as electric grills and deep fat fryers, both of which suffered a decline in volume ... Read More

  • Small Cooking Appliances in Italy

    ... more than one coffee pot in their kitchen, and use them for different occasions in the day or for different members of the family. Some consumers prefer to use a standard coffee pot in the ... Read More

  • Vacuum Cleaners in Italy

    ... allergies and the need for sterilisation, especially among families with young children. Noise control is also significant in innovation, as well as innovative space-saving designs. In September 2017 new energy labelling for vacuum cleaners was ... Read More

  • Food Preparation Appliances in Thailand

    ... causing a risk of diabetes and high blood pressure when consumed in excess. However, 100% fruit juices contain lots of vitamins and anti-oxidants, which help prevent the risk of cancer for example. Thai people therefore ... Read More

  • Microwaves in Thailand

    ... time to prepare meals is more limited, the cost of making homemade food increases. Prepared food, however, can easily be purchased to take away on the streets, in open markets or in modern retail stores ... Read More

  • Personal Care Appliances in Thailand

    ... men. Body shavers is not expected to become widespread due to the high retail price compared to normal razors. Oral care appliances saw the fastest growth thanks to urban demand, even thought most Thai people ... Read More

  • Small Cooking Appliances in Thailand

    ... more sophisticated about different types of coffee too. This, in turn, triggered demand to drink such coffee more conveniently and cheaply at home. Euromonitor International's Small Cooking Appliances in Thailand report offers a comprehensive guide ... Read More

  • Vacuum Cleaners in Thailand

    ... cleaners appliances are easy to use but less powerful compared with cylinder format. Unit price of stick vacuum cleaners is much higher than for cylinder type but the stick type tends to be popular among ... Read More

  • Consumer Appliances in Vietnam

    ... modern retail channels for market shares as they expanded their distribution networks in untapped areas. In addition, key players cooperated with retailers to constantly launch promotional and discounting activities offering more affordable prices of consumer ... Read More

  • Food Preparation Appliances in Vietnam

    ... living in urban areas, where the majority of sales come from. Secondly, the presence of a variety of restaurants and dining areas from different cultures, especially from Korea and Japan has drawn people out of ... Read More

  • Microwaves in Vietnam

    ... enable them to conveniently cook and reheat a meal for almost instant use. Both manufacturers and retailers put great efforts into offering products costing less than VND1 million to attract buyers from all segments. For ... Read More

  • Small Cooking Appliances in Vietnam

    ... household. However, this does not compensate for the decreasing demand for low- to medium-priced items. The main reason is the change in the eating habits of Vietnamese consumers, especially those living in urban areas. Time ... Read More

  • Microwaves in Singapore

    ... of alternatives such as light fryers, brands may have to rethink how they push microwaves to different consumer segments. Even though the cooking technology for microwaves and air fryers is innately different, what consumers consider ... Read More

  • Personal Care Appliances in Singapore

    ... attract consumers with additional features focusing on negative ions and heat adjustment technology. Dyson launched its Supersonic hair dryers, promoting its intelligent heat control to retain shine, and reduced noise. However, its high price remained ... Read More

  • Small Cooking Appliances in Singapore

    ... Singapore perceive light fryers as a healthier way to enjoy their favourite foods without compromising too much on taste. In addition, brand options in light fryers are plentiful, with aggressive marketing and pricing strategies and ... Read More

  • Food Preparation Appliances in the Philippines

    ... result. Many are also using more edible oils in home cooking as incomes rise. There is growing concern over a sharp rise in obesity and overweight. 7% of those aged over 15-years-old will be obese ... Read More

  • Microwaves in the Philippines

    ... nature and affordable pricing, with those urban mid-income consumers attracted by microwaves often faced with small kitchens and limited budgets. Microwaves further benefit from a modern image and are increasingly regarded as a convenient complement ... Read More

  • Consumer Appliances in Portugal

    ... positive impact on sales of consumer appliances: mainly the replacement of old models of major appliances, but also the purchase of innovative and convenience-based small appliances. Tourism demand, a strong contributor to the country’s economic ... Read More

  • Food Preparation Appliances in Portugal

    ... positive sales performance of food preparation appliances in 2017. If, initially, this was for economy reasons, the trend is strongly supported by the desire for healthier lifestyles, including healthy eating. Consumers are increasingly interested in ... Read More

  • Small Cooking Appliances in Portugal

    ... lost retail volume sales in 2016 and 2017, while even light fryers saw a steep slowdown in growth. This was partly due to a decline in promotional support for fryers, but consumers also reduced or ... Read More

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