Fuel Additives Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Fuel additives refer primarily to chemical and materials consumer products added to transportation fuels, although additives and other substances can also be added to heating and cooking fuels. The largest fuel additive market is associated with automobiles and includes products as diverse as blended renewable fuels such as alcohols (primarily ethanol) and methyl esters (biodiesel), corrosion inhibitors to protect automotive systems, engine cleaners, detergent additives (including deposit control additives [DCAs] that are mandated in gasoline to improve performance and gas mileage), antiknock agents (increases octane rating and reduces engine knocking), antioxidants, oxygenates, stabilizers or demulsifiers (prolongs fuel life and prevents water mixing and water contamination of fuel in distribution or transportation), combustion catalysts, combustion modifiers, lubricants, and various modifiers to the octane rating of transportation fuels.

Certain renewable fuels such as ethanol and methyl esters (biodiesel) require additives such as biocides to prevent biological contamination or denaturants and dyes to prevent or dissuade human consumption. Such fuel additives are blended at blending racks or other terminals associated with fuel product distribution. Fuel additives are also blended during distribution or prior to endpoint sales for petroleum fuel products that include diesel, gasoline, and aviation fuel or jet fuel. Other fuel additives can be introduced into fuel systems by consumers independently of fuel sales by purchasing at hobby, automotive and vehicle maintenance stores. Driven primarily by mass consumption and ownership of automobiles –and to a lesser extent marine and aviation transportation sectors and heating and cooking fuel sales – fuel additive markets are well represented outside the U.S. in China and other booming consumer markets.

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Fuel Additives Industry Research & Market Reports

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