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Financial services deal with the management of money. Any company involved in the management money are banks, credit unions, credit card companies, insurance suppliers, consumer finance, brokerage, and investment funds.

Financial service companies are highly regulated and audited. The term "financial services" became more prevalent in the United States partly as a result of the Gramm­Leach­Bliley Act of the late 1990s, which enabled different types of companies operating in the U.S. financial services industry at that time to merge. Global Financial Services industry includes, but is not limited to Automotive Financing, Credit Card, Financial Planning, Online Investing, Smart Cards, Insurance, Debit Cards, Online Banking and Real Estate.

Market reports are available in this Financial Services category will help you research specific topics or organizations operating in this industry. Market research reports provides insights into product and market trends, opportunities, projections, sales, and marketing strategies. Specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth by country are also featured.

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Financial Services Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Oman Insurance Q4 2019

    ... will necessitate more prudent health spending. High burden of chronic diseases and alignment ofregulations with the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries will go some way to alleviating the drawback of Oman's smallmarket size. Read More

  • Ukraine Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... all three cities in 2020 after strong growth in 2019 due to the increase insupply and global economic and political uncertainty. Market players will focus efforts on the Kiev market where assets are less atrisk. Read More

  • Ukraine Real Estate 2019

    ... are expected to continue their tremendous growth. Deposits and creditgrowth are expected to improve due to the positive macroeconomic outlook and total gross premiums are expected to increase byaround 8% in 2019, as the sector ... Read More

  • South Korea Insurance Q4 2019

    ... The mobile market is highly advanced and saturated, and while growthopportunities still remain in long run, operators will find the greatest returns in upgrading legacy subscribers (3G, and soon 4G) tonew 5G networks. We anticipate ... Read More

  • Tanzania Insurance Q4 2019

    ... negative near-term stance towards the Turkish automotive sector, forecasting a 46.2%contraction in new vehicle sales across 2019, with PV sales set to fall by 45% and sales in the CV segment to decline by 49.9%. Read More

  • Taiwan Insurance Q4 2019

    ... rising demand for downstream feedstock and power generation. LNG imports are set to seestrong growth, as the government plans to wean off coal and nuclear-fired generation, in favour of cleaner options such as gas andrenewables. Read More

  • South Africa Insurance Q4 2019

    ... will negatively impact the value of this very important segment. While the introductionof a new mining charter by President Cyril Ramaphosa will reduce policy uncertainty, restrictive regulations, high operational costs,labour tensions and depleting resources will ... Read More

  • Bahrain Insurance Q4 2019

    ... outlook include healthy GDP growth, expanding levels ofdisposable incomes, strong investor confidence and a robust infrastructure pipeline supporting economic diversification efforts.That said, negative risks stem from the low global oil price environment and the fiscal ... Read More

  • Italy Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... country will remain almost entirely dependent on oil and gas imports across the coming decadeto 2028. While Italy's large downstream sector fully satisfies domestic fuels demand, there are considerable risks of downsizing,which could turn the ... Read More

  • Jordan Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... coming years. Prudent government efforts to bolster security have fared wellrecently as increasing tourism arrivals begin to bolster the market outlook. Growing low-cost flight networks, rising incomes and abroadening of source markets will all support ... Read More

  • Mozambique Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... levels of investor confidence, rising middle-class spending powers and improvingeconomic performance will support premium expansion. We are also hopeful that the expanding extractive sector coupled witheconomic modernisation efforts including infrastructure and construction will elevate demand ... Read More

  • South Korea Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... through the forecast period. Conversely, sales of long-term products such as disabilityinsurance will boost the rise of premiums in the non-life segment. In part because of low interest rates, levels of profitability willremain low for ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... to foster new economic segments are yielding dividends for market growth. There are medium-term opportunities such as premium PCs, data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing and the IoT solutions that will be tapped asthe economy records ... Read More

  • Namibia Insurance Q4 2019

    ... new projects come online and investor interest in upstream exploration remainsrobust though structural declines look set to impact output as new exploration continues to yield few large finds. Norway willmaintain its role as an important ... Read More

  • Austria Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... and competitive insurance providers. The banking sector hasstabilised over recent years, having reduced exposure to bad debts, with strong loan growth forecast for 2019 and 2020. Whilegrowth in the domestic market is slow, access to ... Read More

  • China Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... asset management and stock exchanges. Concerns aboutmacroeconomic growth and the ongoing trade dispute between China and the US will have a dampening effect on growth in someareas. However, changes to regulations, such as the new ... Read More

  • Germany Insurance Q4 2019

    ... declining population weighing heavily on demand.In the non-life segment, we expect the core lines of motor and property insurance to experience subdued growth in 2019, beforegaining momentum towards the end of the five-year forecast period. ... Read More

  • Greece Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... positive outlook will be underpinned by continued economic growth despite theheadwinds in the form of political instability, rising tensions with the US and economic structural issues. Sustained economic growthin key exports markets will provide further ... Read More

  • Lebanon Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... including a focus on marketing campaigns such as the new VisitMalaysia 2020. Malaysia has the potential to become a strong regional contender and attract more visitors, especially fromneighbouring countries, provided there is continuity in the ... Read More

  • Qatar Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... of drivers will support momentum including a robust, capital-intensive infrastructure pipeline andexpansive economic diversification efforts to foster new economic verticals. Furthermore, we expect the broader mandate of thenewly established National Tourism Council to bode well ... Read More

  • Romania Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... growth is forecast to be robust over the medium term. Meanwhile,the local IT industry stands out as one of the most successful in Europe and has become a major national contributor in terms ofskilled employment ... Read More

  • Slovenia Insurance Q4 2019

    ... the life and non-life sectors. Strong competition in afragmented marketplace does limit scope for new entrants, though we are seeing foreign interest in the market via localacquisitions and joint ventures. While the insurance sector does ... Read More

  • Spain Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... growth will also build in the quarters ahead, including weak productivity gains, tightermonetary policy, and softer external demand. Spanish petrochemicals production is also faced with negative risk from the outcomeof Brexit and political weakness at ... Read More

  • Sweden Insurance Q4 2019

    ... machinery, electronics equipment andsemiconductors will support healthy levels of trade surplus in the quarters ahead. That said, we note that road freight will be alaggard owing to market maturity, but air cargo will benefit from ... Read More

  • Tanzania Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... help maintain healthy growth in Tanzanian life and non-lifeinsurance premiums in 2019 and beyond. The requirement that importers use domestic insurers to insure goods being transportedinto Tanzania is expected to help limit externalisation of insurance ... Read More

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