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Financial services deal with the management of money. Any company involved in the management money are banks, credit unions, credit card companies, insurance suppliers, consumer finance, brokerage, and investment funds.

Financial service companies are highly regulated and audited. The term "financial services" became more prevalent in the United States partly as a result of the Gramm­Leach­Bliley Act of the late 1990s, which enabled different types of companies operating in the U.S. financial services industry at that time to merge. Global Financial Services industry includes, but is not limited to Automotive Financing, Credit Card, Financial Planning, Online Investing, Smart Cards, Insurance, Debit Cards, Online Banking and Real Estate.

Market reports are available in this Financial Services category will help you research specific topics or organizations operating in this industry. Market research reports provides insights into product and market trends, opportunities, projections, sales, and marketing strategies. Specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth by country are also featured.

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Financial Services Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Latvia Insurance Q4 2019

    ... economies in the region, Latvia remains a eurozone outperformer andstrong GDP growth will help to drive up employment and income rates, creating a positive growth environment for the few domesticand multinational providers operating in the ... Read More

  • Angola Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... development. However, a challenging short-termeconomic environment and a lack of scale remain key headwinds to growth. Efforts by authorities to diversify the economy, privatisea wide range of state-owned enterprises, and develop the capital market should ... Read More

  • Kenya Insurance Q4 2019

    ... awareness of life insurance products thanks to product and distributioninnovation on the part of local insurers who have tapped into an emerging middle class. Overall, however, low levels of householddisposable incomes remain an important barrier ... Read More

  • Russia Insurance Q4 2019

    ... oversight of the insurance industry is limitedand though steps are being taking to consolidate the market, including potential changes to reporting standards and capitalrequirements, at present the competitive landscape remains highly fragmented. Limited average household ... Read More

  • Kuwait Insurance Q4 2019

    ... there are significant gaps in cover, insurers arereaching more first-time users through the expansion of distribution channels and development of more market-appropriateproducts. Major new entrants are unlikely as the competitive landscape is already highly fragmented, ... Read More

  • Singapore Insurance Q4 2019

    ... will be slightly lower at 2.9%, nearing a market size of USD12bn. Across bothsectors of the industry, insurers are competing for domestic business through innovation, seeking to draw on fintech developmentsand improve the efficiency and ... Read More

  • Slovakia Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... is considerable room for long-term expansion, and a broadlyfavourable macroeconomic and demographic backdrop should support development, though tighter regulations represent keyheadwinds. The industry is dominated by a handful of major European financial groups, with limited ... Read More

  • Namibia Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... by South African players, with limited opportunities for domestic companies, and we expect this tocontinue. Fitch Solutions also expects modest growth in the financial sector, particularly from 2020 onwards, as the economy slowlyrecovers from recession. Read More

  • Croatia Insurance Q4 2019

    ... the life insurance market in 2019 as the demand for non-lifeinsurance and savings products steadily rises. Growth prospects in non-life insurance this year will be enhanced by positive growthin the massive motor vehicle insurance segment. ... Read More

  • South Africa Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... Key View: We are forecasting fairly muted credit growth over 2019, with still-weak economic growth and concerns over newcompetition legislation holding expansion back, although the central bank's more neutral monetary policy stance will provide somesupport. Read More

  • Mozambique Insurance Q4 2019

    ... product awareness have limited insurance uptake inthe country. Looking out to 2023 and beyond, we are hopeful that improvements in headline economic performance, infrastructureinvestments and hydrocarbon revenues will all provide a solid environment for growth. ... Read More

  • Iran Insurance Q4 2019

    ... private final consumption and spending levels all set tocollapse significantly in 2019 and 2020 as the sanctions extract a heavy toll. Additionally, we note that persistently high levels ofinflation and currency volatility will further erode ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... industry, we remain broadly positive in our view of thesector.The UK has one of the oldest, largest and most well-developedfinancial services sectors in the world that will not bedissolved overnight byBrexit. It is a regional ... Read More

  • Monetary Intermediation in Turkey: ISIC 651

    ... Intermediation market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key ... Read More

  • Real Estate Activities in Turkey: ISIC 70

    ... Real Estate Activities market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis ... Read More

  • Insurance and Pension Funding in Turkey: ISIC 66

    ... the Insurance and Pension Funding market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers ... Read More

  • Finance and Insurance in South Korea

    ... about by higher commercial and central bank interest rates. In late 2017, the country’s central bank raised the base interest rate from a record low 1.25% to 1.5%, increasing it again to 1.75% in late ... Read More

  • Construction and Real Estate in South Korea

    ... A rise in the minimum wage has contributed to rising unemployment, as the increase hurt small businesses by adding pressure to their costs in a slowing economy. As a result, low and middle income earners ... Read More

  • Turkey Insurance Q4 2019

    ... projected growth rates inthe life and non-life sector are now more subdued. Despite the challenges facing the market, there is substantial theoretical growthpotential in the Turkish insurance sector due to the large population, growing economic ... Read More

  • United States Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... insurance, asset management and stock exchanges. While we expect to see continued growth across all ofour sectors, our forecasts are for subdued growth over the remainder of 2019 amidst continued concerns over a Sino-US trade ... Read More

  • Jordan Insurance Q4 2019

    ... in Jordan's insurance industry are substantial - themarket is dominated by sub-scale local providers with limited access to capital and underdeveloped product ranges. Competition inthis fragmented marketplace keeps downwards pressure on pricing and providers have ... Read More

  • Pakistan Insurance Q4 2019

    ... we expect to see positive growth across both sectors. Apredicted slowdown in the national economy has led to revised growth predictions, but both sectors will make gains over the five-year forecast period. Factors such as ... Read More

  • Botswana Insurance Q4 2019

    ... growth on the back of growing household incomes, consequentlyoutpacing the non-life segment. Economic growth in Botswana is lower than expected, however, largely due to a decline in globaldiamond demand, which might continue to impact on ... Read More

  • Bahamas Insurance Q4 2019

    ... more rapid in the non-life segment than in the life segment. The property andcasualty insurers have pricing power, and should be able to pass on higher claims (and other) costs to their customers. Motorinsurers should ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Insurance Q4 2019

    ... in 2019 - and low inflation. With the West African franc set to appreciateagainst the US dollar over our forecast period, this will feed into just below a double-digit annual growth in both life and ... Read More

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