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Financial services deal with the management of money. Any company involved in the management money are banks, credit unions, credit card companies, insurance suppliers, consumer finance, brokerage, and investment funds.

Financial service companies are highly regulated and audited. The term "financial services" became more prevalent in the United States partly as a result of the Gramm­Leach­Bliley Act of the late 1990s, which enabled different types of companies operating in the U.S. financial services industry at that time to merge. Global Financial Services industry includes, but is not limited to Automotive Financing, Credit Card, Financial Planning, Online Investing, Smart Cards, Insurance, Debit Cards, Online Banking and Real Estate.

Market reports are available in this Financial Services category will help you research specific topics or organizations operating in this industry. Market research reports provides insights into product and market trends, opportunities, projections, sales, and marketing strategies. Specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth by country are also featured.

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Financial Services Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Turkey Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...of robust economic growth and an expanding middle classwill, however, see insurance coverage expand at a steady pace, resulting in higher levels of density over theforecast period. In particular, we see the market for health ... Read More

  • Barbados Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...developed, however, with local households well attuned to using a rangeof insurance products in their daily lives. The high level of maturity, coupled with a highlight competitiveindustry landscape of local and regional providers, will restrict ... Read More

  • Kuwait Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...and include a lack of demand due to religious constraints and extensive state welfarecoverage. However, rising household incomes, coupled with the country's growing expatriate andretirement-age populations should provide a solid platform for growth in both ... Read More

  • Mauritius Banking & Financial Services Report Q4 2017 an international financial centre. Robust supervision, investor-friendlyregulations and a stable macroeconomic and political environment all underpin the country's appeal tofirms seeking global financial services. That said, the renegotiation of the country's tax relationship withIndia, ... Read More

  • Netherlands Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...deliver solutions that often come from life insurers in othercountries. Price competition and low volume growth will hold back premium growth in much of the non-lifesegment. Key Updates And Forecasts Growth in the non-life insurance ... Read More

  • Canada Banking & Financial Services Report Q4 2017 entities with operations spanning across Latin America, Europeand Asia. The maturity of the market does restrict opportunities for new entrants, though the advancementof financial technology is opening avenues for new competition and forcing incumbent ... Read More

  • Oman Banking & Financial Services Report Q4 2017

    ...the country's financial infrastructure should reap longer-term benefits, with strongpotential for growth particularly in the relatively undeveloped insurance and Islamic finance markets. Thebanking sector dominates the industry now, and will do over the forecast period, ... Read More

  • Canada Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...insuranceuptick. Although we have made minor forecast adjustments, our core view remains a bright one. TheCanadian insurance market is highly developed, with carriers offering a wide portfolio of products andinsurance solutions. The life sector is ... Read More

  • Hungary Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...rise, we expect penetration levels to begin to converge with those of more developedCentral European markets such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Growth will be strongest in the lifeinsurance market, where demographic trends, including ... Read More

  • Brazil Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...with increased purchasing of items requiring insurance will all underpin growthin the industry. Additionally, we note that the high growth rate will encourage a number of internationalinsurance carriers to attempt to solidify their footing in ... Read More

  • Cote d`Ivoire Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...wider economy, as the size of the much-prized middle class grows. We predict that premiumswill rise by an average of 10.0% per annum in local currency terms across the period 2017 to 2021, in boththe ... Read More

  • Singapore Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...exists in both the life and non-life sector. The non-lifesector is dominated by the offshore coverage for risks outside the city state. We highlight that economicslowdown in China and some regional countries poses a negative ... Read More

  • Japan Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...for premiums in the non-life segment. This is mainly because of a more cautious view of theprospects for motor vehicle insurance premiums. In both major segments, profitable niches remainavailable to foreign insurance companies. Key Updates ... Read More

  • Jordan Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...of the competitive landscape in both major segments, which arecharacterised by a large number of (very) sub-scale operations. In key lines such as motor insurance, pricecompetition is also a challenge. Nevertheless, the increasing spending on ... Read More

  • Switzerland Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...the world leaders in terms of product ranges. The maturity of the market and the high levelof competition among leading providers (both domestic and multinational) does mean that growth in mostestablished lines is expected to ... Read More

  • Latvia Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...anticipate that the market, in overall terms, will remain underdevelopedthroughout our forecast period. This is evident in the life insurance in particular. Non-life insurance, on theother hand, is expected to grow rapidly and steadily, while ... Read More

  • Libya & Tunisia Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...continuing political and economic instability has led multinationalcompanies to give the country a wide berth. A steady recovery in domestic oil production, and henceeconomic growth, means we expect to see insurance demand and premiums recovery ... Read More

  • Poland Insurance Report Q4 2017 is resulting in higher household incomes andreduced emigration, providing insurers with an expanding and increasingly affluent consumer base. Addedto this, the country's retirement-age population is steadily expanding as life expectancies rise, fuellingdemand for life ... Read More

  • Russia Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...providers and barriers hindering foreign entrants remain high, a factor which willhamper the development of the market. Other structural challenges include a reluctance from manyhouseholds to channel savings and investments through organised and formal channels ... Read More

  • Algeria & Morocco Insurance Report Q4 2017

    ...from 2017 -alongside a stable fiscal situation and expectations the currency will strengthen - feed into quite bullishforecasts for the market, particularly for the non-life sector. The prospects for Algeria's underdeveloped lifeinsurance market are less ... Read More

  • Credit Bureaus & Rating Agencies in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

    ...between business and owner). Credit rating agencies perform a similar function for larger companies, with a particular focus on debt securities that can be traded on secondary markets and the organisations that issue those securities. ... Read More

  • Apartment & Condominium Construction in Canada - Industry Market Research Report conditions. Earlier on in the five-year period, the industry benefited from increased demand for housing throughout the country. However, the industry began to falter in 2013 as the price of oil started to fall. ... Read More

  • The Insurance Industry in Cameroon, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2021

    ...challenges in the Cameroonian insurance industry. It provides key performance indicators such as written premium, incurred loss, loss ratio, commissions and expenses, total assets, total investment income and retentions during the review period (2012–2016) and ... Read More

  • Financial Cards and Payments in Latin America

    ...period. Contracting economic growth created a challenging environment for financial services providers, but effective policy and innovation in paper payment alternatives contributed to a declining share for cash. Going forward, growth will depend on how ... Read More

  • Interactive Kiosk Market by Type (Bank Kiosks, Self-Service Kiosks, and Vending Kiosks), Vertical (Retail, Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Government, Transportation, Hospitality, Entertainment), Offering, & Geography - Global Forecast to 2023

    ...customers in self-service interactive kiosks drives the interactive kiosk market” The interactive kiosk market is expected to be valued at USD 30.53 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 5.69% between 2017 and 2023. The ... Read More

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