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With consumers across the world embracing a healthier lifestyle, it is more important than ever for food retailers and wholesalers to know where they stand in the global marketplace. compiles detailed, accurate health food trend research on numerous subjects affecting the health food industry. Our reports feature information on national habits, spending patterns, lifestyle choices, and other factors impacting the global health food market, to provide a precise health food industry outlook for your business.
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Healthy Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in New Zealand

    ... incorporate NH attributes. The category has become increasingly mainstream, with private label beginning to feature prominently in the category, which is expected to place downward pressure on value sales growth over the forecast period. NPD ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in New Zealand

    ... Tooth decay in younger children has also increased, according to a national survey by the New Zealand Dental Association, due to poor diets and slack oral hygiene. Between 2009 and 2015, there was a 17% ... Read More

  • Better For You Packaged Food in New Zealand

    ... they are putting into their bodies as part of their diet. In response to this, manufacturers have increasingly resorted to introducing better-for-you (BFY) variants of established brands, focusing on sugar-free and gluten-free variants, such as ... Read More

  • Better For You Beverages in New Zealand

    ... and fruit juices. As sugar consumption continues to receive negative press, industry players are focusing on producing better for you beverages with either less or no sugar. This has led to the introduction of beverages ... Read More

  • Free From in Turkey

    ... consumers feel better and think their digestion is easier if they consume lactose-free products. Lactose free is expected to become one of the main themes of new launches in dairy. There has already been lactose-free ... Read More

  • Free From in China

    ... as a plant-based alternative to meat but form a part of the regular Chinese diet, with soy-based products used in a wide range of traditional dishes. As such, the category benefits from ongoing population growth ... Read More

  • Free From in Taiwan

    ... drinks and other milk alternatives such as rice, oat and plant-based drinks made from sesame or nuts. Most Taiwanese consumers are familiar with these products as the category is mature. The health benefits of consuming ... Read More

  • Free From in Thailand

    ... dairy categories, with mMilk (Mary Anne Dairy Products), a free from lactose cow’s milk launched in the latter years of the review period, having been warmly received by consumers. However, a lack of familiarity and ... Read More

  • Better For You Packaged Food in the United Arab Emirates

    ... hence is promoting ways to reduce obesity rates, such as implementing front-of-pack labelling for packaged foods and a 20% reduction in the sugar content of food products. This initiative is part of the Abu Dhabi ... Read More

  • Better For You Packaged Food in Ukraine

    ... dynamic performer in this regard over the forecast period. Aside from the underlying trend of rising health-consciousness among consumers, one key factor that will help to sustain demand is the attractive price positioning of such ... Read More

  • Free From in Saudi Arabia

    ... free from. Consumers are aware of food allergy tests and the importance of early diagnosis mainly due to research via the internet. However, local hospitals such as King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre began ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in the United Arab Emirates

    ... in their marketing campaigns and branding strategies and are endeavouring to leverage on the trust consumers have in products that are naturally healthy and do not contain artificial ingredients. Urbanisation in the Kingdom has also ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in the United Arab Emirates

    ... the United Arab Emirates. Laban, a popular traditional local beverage consumed after meals or as a snack, has higher sales during Ramadan as it gives energy and nourishment to the body before and after fasting. ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in Ukraine

    ... kefir, ryazhanka and zakvaska are the most popular in this category, in recent years manufacturers have expanded their portfolios to include sour milk varieties from other countries, such as airan and tan products, for example. ... Read More

  • Better For You Beverages in the United Arab Emirates

    ... influx of expatriates into the country. The regional food and beverage industry is benefiting from an influx of expatriates into the United Arab Emirates, while increasing health awareness is slowly changing the dietary habits of ... Read More

  • Free From in Israel

    ... becoming frequent, and the categories are expanding to include a wide variety of products. The rise in gluten-free awareness may have started among those suffering from coeliac disease, but it has expanded as a result ... Read More

  • Free From in Vietnam

    ... before it was mass produced in packaged form. However, in recent years consumers have also shown growing interest in free from dairy milk products made from other ingredients such as rice, corn, nuts etc. Aside ... Read More

  • Free From in Portugal

    ... contain undesirable ingredients. As the product range widens and consumer purchasing power rises, free from packaged food is expected to enjoy growing demand. For instance, cheese is set to continue growing over the forecast period ... Read More

  • Free From in Singapore

    ... entered Singapore, such as VeganBurg, while regular foodservice outlets are also increasingly innovating menus using plant-based meat-substitutes. For instance the chicken fast food chain, 4Fingers, recently launched a meat free chicken range. This local fast ... Read More

  • Free From in Slovakia

    ... or allergies. This was due to a spreading belief that bakery products (and especially those containing gluten) cause people to gain weight. Whilst various bakery associations tried to tackle this problem by issuing statements and ... Read More

  • Free From in Romania

    ... from meat substitutes and free from dairy, often during religious fasts. However, it is the free from gluten and free from lactose categories that have mainly evolved to become fashionable among urban dwellers generally seeking ... Read More

  • Free From in Sweden

    ... appetising alternatives are easier to find. Non-vegetarians therefore find themselves with meat-free alternatives promoted to them as variations to their diet. Free from products are expanding in both categories and the types of products are ... Read More

  • Free From in Norway

    ... with plant-based and vegan alternatives gaining in popularity. Free from meat experienced somewhat of a revitalisation in 2016 and 2017 when all three of the major retailers introduced private label ranges within free from meat ... Read More

  • Free From in Mexico

    ... but they do not really see or feel any difference. However, most people with food intolerance are undiagnosed and they do not realise the fact until they change their diets. Over the forecast period, the ... Read More

  • Free From in Peru

    ... popular when the importance of the consumption of cow's milk was questioned and many consumers decided to switch to vegetable milk substitutes, while the only option available in Peru was soy milk. However, opinions are ... Read More

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