Publishing Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Rooted in the millennia-old efforts of people to widely disseminate information and retain and record the same for future generations, the publishing industry is currently undergoing its most dynamic change since the invention of the printing press. The way that information is shared and produced has been significantly changed by various modalities of digital technology, and the internet. Presently, word content is now used more often to identify and define the publishing industry than the word publishing. The mode of how information is disseminated is now more important than the how: professionals and consumers alike have significantly more options on how information is received today, whether via tablet, smart phone, laptop, and, yes, even books and publications.’s collection of publishing industry market research studies offers clients comprehensive coverage of the established, and emerging, categories and modes of publishing information. Available studies vary from the traditional industry verticals of publishing: trade publishing (fiction, nonfiction, juvenile, etc.), scholarly publishing (including science-technical-medical [STM]), professional publishing (legal and business), educational publishing, and directory publishing to reports on a wide variety of media forms. These media forms, include books, periodicals (magazines, newspapers, and journals) and directories. Our catalog offers a diverse selection of research on electronic and online content. The current and emerging technology that supports the delivery of that content is also provided.
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Publishing Industry Research & Market Reports

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