IT Spending Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

IT Spending Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Understanding Partner Developments and Opportunities: Highlights From IDC's 3Q23 Partner Advisory Board Session

    ... discussion, partners from EMEA representing a variety of vendors shared what is top-of-mind for them and what market dynamics will drive their business decisions in 2024."Partners have identified challenges and opportunities in how their vendor ... Read More

  • Quotes from HLTH 2023 Conference Show the Energetic State of the Healthcare Market

    ... the HLTH conference, 150 sessions were held over 3 days showing the diversity and energy in the healthcare sector. "The HLTH conference provides investors, vendors, providers, payers, and life science companies with a forum to ... Read More

  • IDC PeerScape: Free Federal Cybersecurity Resources Practices to Manage Agency Regulation

    ... new programs without additional financial resources. This is especially true for agencies working toward cybersecurity modernization and implementing federally mandated solutions. Luckily, CISA and its partner agencies are continually developing new tools, services, and guides ... Read More

  • IDC Perspective: Best in Digital Policies Award Winner Profile

    ... Awards 2023 in the Asia/Pacific region with focus on how generative AI (GenAI) can impact organizations moving forward."Digital policies in a Smart City environment can significantly impact the success of digital service delivery. Getting the ... Read More

  • SEC Anti–Money Laundering Risk Alert

    ... July 2023. The issues and findings spelled out in the risk alert highlight several issues that should be of concern to all broker-dealers. Several of the issues identified by the SEC highlight areas where additional ... Read More

  • What Should IT Buyers Make of the Private Equity Interest in SoftwareOne?

    ... glance this looks like a software play," said Gard Little, research VP, Global Services Market and Trends at IDC, "but a deeper look reveals a complementary services play that makes the firm an interesting choice ... Read More

  • Petronas Delivers on the Promise of Data-Driven and Remote Operations at the Sungai Udang Regasification Terminal

    ... Enterprise Awards 2023 in Asia/Pacific with how generative AI can impact organizations moving forward."The seamless integration of data-driven operations and decision making has ushered in a new era of efficiency, resilience, and agility at Petronas. ... Read More

  • A Grounded Assessment of GenAI in Industrial Operations

    ... of attention as a set of technologies with transformative potential. But as with all new technologies, enterprises must be critical about their own preparedness and the true capabilities of the technology and conduct a thorough ... Read More

  • Office of the CFO: How to Start the Transformation-and-Change Adventure for the Finance Department

    ... to guide CFOs in getting started, avoiding common pitfalls, and successfully addressing challenges as they lead their finance departments through the change management process encompassing processes, technology, and people.“While many CFOs and their departments have ... Read More

  • Best in Citizen Well-Being Award Winner Profile

    ... in Asia/Pacific with how generative AI (GenAI) can impact organizations moving forward.“In the era of AI ubiquity, government organizations must utilize AI to enhance government service delivery and improve citizen well-being. This not only signifies ... Read More

  • Procure to Pay — Why CFOs Are Paying More Attention

    ... years, the "procure-to-pay" process has earned the attention of CFOs due to its significant financial implications. This will shed light on the growing involvement of CFOs in the technology decision-making processes related to this domain."The ... Read More

  • Best in Connected City Award Winner Profile

    ... in Asia/Pacific, including how generative AI (GenAI) can impact organizations moving forward.“In this era of ‘AI Everywhere,’ the model, design, and deployment of Smart City projects need to be reexamined and redefined to create the ... Read More

  • IDC PeerScape: Livestream Shopping in Retail — Practices for Contextualizing Consumer Experience

    ... just sell products; it clearly represents a valuable step of the omni-channel and contextual customer experience. It is a digital pathway that bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, enriching the buying experience ... Read More

  • Generative AI in Action: Vodafone Idea

    ... to GenAI solutions adoption and demonstrate ways of leveraging it to deliver to a wide range of use cases across the enterprise."Leveraging AI for productivity gains is only the tip of the iceberg. The ability ... Read More

  • Worldwide Services Forecast Update, 2023–2027

    ... resulting in services growth in the low single digits in 2023 and 2024," said Nishant Bansal, associate research director with IDC's Worldwide Services program. "Due economic pressures, services market growth for 2023 and 2024 in ... Read More

  • Best in Future of Trust: New Taipei City Government Demonstrates Future of Trust Leadership

    ... Awards 2023 in Asia/Pacific with how generative AI (GenAI) can impact organizations moving forward."In an era in which data is so widely used, created, and ingested, data is king. Moreover, how organizations manage and secure ... Read More

  • The Convergence of Supply Chain and Procurement

    ... 2024 and beyond, or even rethink where they manufacture/assemble, aligning direct procurement strategies with supply chain design should be a necessary prerequisite, or at least an important capability," says Simon Ellis, group VP for U.S. ... Read More

  • GenAI in Healthcare: A Case Study from Virtus Health

    ... Health's chief digital health officer, Jorge Silveira, on GenAI adoption in healthcare. With more than 40 fertility clinics, 63 laboratories, and seven hospitals worldwide, Virtus Health is one of the top five global providers of ... Read More

  • CapitaLand Group Leverages Generative AI for Its Real Estate Investment Management and Development Businesses

    ... implemented it in its business. CapitaLand is one of Asia's largest diversified real estate groups. Based in Singapore, CapitaLand's portfolio, spanning across more than 260 cities in over 40 countries, focuses on real estate investment ... Read More

  • Know Your Customer Solution Evolution

    ... cloud computing, expanded data sets, and the integration of KYC solutions with other financial crime compliance solutions." — Sean O'Malley, research director, IDC Financial Insights' Worldwide Compliance, Fraud, and Risk Analytics Strategies Please Note: Extended ... Read More

  • IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Flexible Work in the United States, 2024

    ... planning related to flexible models to one in which a flexible work strategy is woven into the organization’s culture at every level. It intends to help organizations evaluate current work transformation initiatives and identify the ... Read More

  • Assessing the Potential of the Extended Berkeley Packet Filter

    ... business can benefit from this technology. The extended Berkeley Packet Filter is a powerful tool that should interest not just practitioners but also IT leaders interested in gaining speed, cost efficiency, and security advantages across ... Read More

  • How Edge-Native Applications Will Impact Workloads

    ... it allows organizations to integrate multicloud and hybrid cloud technology into their edge infrastructure, helping support more locationally remote edge operations while optimizing efficiency and lower latency. Many emerging workloads like text and media analytics ... Read More

  • Best in Future of Customer Experience Winner Award Profile

    ... with how generative AI can impact organizations moving forward."In the era of AI Everywhere, organizations must leverage AI to augment their value creation initiatives, such that they can not only maximize customer value but also ... Read More

  • The Digital-First CEO: Route for the Digital Business

    ... implies the intrinsic participation of the CEO and the C-Suite. It is essential that CIOs support CEOs in the establishment of a new people-centric mindset and strategy, as well as the application of ESG strategies, ... Read More

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