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The sun care industry is comprised of establishments which are primarily concerned with the retailing of sun protection, after-sun exposure, and self-tanning products. Sun care consists of product lines designed to reflect or absorb the ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun. Skin exposed to sun is highly sensitivity to burning and sun care products help protect against burning. Physical sun care products are those that reflect the sun’s rays. Chemical sun care products absorb these rays. Sun care products are often referred to as sun block, block out, sun lotion, sun cream, or sun screen, and are typically available in gel, spray, or lotion forms. As lighter skin pigmentations are more susceptible to enduring damage from sun exposure than darker skin pigmentations, sun care products exist dedicated to lighter skin tones. Sun screen is also available in a variety of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) degrees. A sunscreen's SPF is equivalent to its effective nature. The higher the SPF, the more sun protection it is capable of providing again ultraviolet radiation. Common perception dictates that SPF degrees dictates how long the wearer can be safely exposed to sunlight, this is not entirely true. Sun protection is dependent upon not only the SPF of sunscreen, but also the amount of sun block applied, the skin type of the consumer wearing the block, the activities a wearer is participating in during that time period, and how much of the sun screen has been absorbed by the skin. It is recommended that sun block be applied up to thirty minutes prior to sun exposure, and then reapplied after fifteen to 30 minutes of sun exposure. SPF 30+ was once considered adequate for sun protection. Manufacturers have recently been creating sun care products with SPF 100 capabilities, and conscientious consumers have been purchasing these products in droves.
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Sun Care Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Sun Care in Macedonia

    ... to solid volume demand for sun protection, which is the most significant category within sun care. This solid volume demand translated into strong current value growth, which was the largest contributor to the positive performance ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Taiwan

    ... government information campaigns warning people about the dangers of obesity and the role that inactivity plays in the onset of this condition have motivated huge numbers of Taiwanese people to spend more time being active ... Read More

  • Self Tanning (UK) - Industry Report

    ... GOOD GROUP LTD and JK HEALTH & BEAUTY TECHNOLOGIES GROUP PLC. This report covers activities such as sunbeds, tanning, tan, sunbed, sunbed tubes and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Nigeria

    ... Construction Products market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Egypt

    ... for holidays, sun care is becoming a necessity for most consumers for protecting their skin from the sun. The awareness towards the usage of sun protection is becoming increasingly noticeable from Egyptians due to the ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Australia

    ... category, which can be attributed to consumers’ active lifestyles, with many people enjoying outdoor activities. Due the nation’s strong sun care message, many consumers are aware of the negative impact of sun exposure, and as ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Singapore

    ... increased over the review period, consumers have become very conscious about the damaging effects of UV rays and the importance of daily sun protection, which has helped to drive growth within sun care. The K-Beauty ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Bulgaria

    ... likes of Ryan Air and Wizz Air fostered increased tourist flow, especially in the seaside and winter ski resorts. Road traffic associated with holiday escapes is intensifying every year, leading to the emerging role of ... Read More

  • Sun Care in the United Kingdom

    ... contraction over the forecast period. Consumers seem willing to spend more money on high-end products, instead of opting for mass brands, which are not as innovative. Given the vagaries of the UK weather, with limited ... Read More

  • Sun Care in the US

    ... necessary during prolonged exposure in the sun, such as during sports, at the beach or other on occasions. However, due to the rising incidence of skin cancers in the US, consumers are better educated on ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Algeria

    ... sun without any protection can increase the risk of skin cancer. As a result, rising consumer awareness about the harmful effects of UV rays is expected and many consumers will therefore be taking more precautions ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Norway

    ... associated with spending time in the sun. Sun protection in general benefited from frequent recommendations in the media, from the government and health experts throughout the review period. Norway has one of the highest rates ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Finland

    ... with UV radiation. Older consumers were more aware of the ageing impact of radiation, and parents took great care to protect their children against harmful radiation. This was also shown in sales of products offering ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Estonia

    ... overstocking for both manufacturers and retailers, and discourages new brands from entering the marketplace. Although more Estonians are travelling to warm countries in autumn and winter, the assortment of sun care products decreases significantly off ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Chile

    ... awareness of the risks posed by sun exposure and aggressive advertising campaigns by the leading companies in the review period played a key role in this. Furthermore, educational programmes in the mass media positively impacted ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Georgia

    ... keep skin healthy when sunbathing. In a situation when sun care is scarcely advertised and no actions for raising awareness are initiated, the leadership of sun protection is expected to continue into the forecast period. ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Malaysia

    ... to the skin, and even diseases such as skin cancer. Thus, the rising number of health-conscious consumers led to rising demand for sun protection to prevent damage from sunlight; this therefore boosted the value growth ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Romania

    ... example SPF, brand name, product format and additional benefits. However, price is also important as the purchasing power of many Romanians is weak, leading to them opting for products offering the best value for money. ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Slovakia

    ... particularly those offering a higher sun protection factor. Premiumisation was aided by slowly improving consumer purchasing power and growing health awareness. Future sales growth will largely remain at the mercy of weather conditions and the ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Japan

    ... popularity of sun protection. Euromonitor International's Sun Care in Japan report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data 2013-2017, ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Kazakhstan

    ... in towns, skin care products and colour cosmetics with lower SPF rates are typically used instead of sun care. Therefore, the line between sun care and these areas is becoming more blurred due to the ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Latvia

    ... possible effects of exposure to the sun at all times of the year, in Latvia sun protection tends to be used only during the summer and warm weather. Latvians generally do not pay great attention ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Belarus

    ... slower current retail value growth. These products are not considered essential and consumers continued to economise by using less of such products during unfavourable economic conditions. In 2017, the effects of the economic downturn of ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Costa Rica

    ... performance expectations of a broader base of consumers. In most cases, product offers continued to focus on mid- and higher-income consumers given the relatively high unit prices of most sun protection products (both sun blocks ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Hong Kong, China

    ... premium sun care, local consumers’ growing concerns and awareness about skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure resulted in sales increase in both premium and mass sun care. Euromonitor International's Sun Care in Hong Kong, ... Read More

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