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Find the information you need on global healthcare in country overviews. Our collection of market research reports provides insights into product and market trends, analysis, opportunities, projections, sales and marketing strategies with specifics on market share, segmentation, size and growth by country.
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Country Overviews Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Health Care Sector

    ... facilities. Major companies include Ascension, HCA Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, and Tenet Healthcare (all based in the US), as well as Fresenius (Germany), National Hospital Organization (Japan), and Ramsay Health Care (Australia). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Health care ... Read More

  • Healthcare and Social Services in India

    ... COVID-19 pandemic on India’s economy. India’s private healthcare sector provided strong support to the government’s needs during the health crisis by donating isolation beds for treatment, medical staff and equipment. Nonetheless, hospitals and other healthcare ... Read More

  • Healthcare and Social Services in Brazil

    ... number of people in need of medical services, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. The healthcare sector was among the leading recipients of financial support during the pandemic, as the system nearly collapsed owing ... Read More

  • Healthcare and Social Services in Russia

    ... additional medicinal products and services, and amounted to RUB1.3 billion in 2020. Nevertheless, given the underfunded nature of the domestic healthcare sector, Russia has been hit hard by the pandemic outbreak and struggled to deal ... Read More

  • Australia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... amid the government'sfocus on introducing a more streamlined drug approvals process and improved telehealth provision practices. However, withhealthcare costs set to rise, the Government will make further inroads into pushing forward with cost-containment policies to ... Read More

  • Slovenia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... a robust growthtrajectory, as the demand for treatment continues to increase. The small market size and pro-generic drug policies will continue toweigh on the market's potential. Local drugmakers will continue to expand their exports. Slovenia ... Read More

  • Brazil Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... upwardly revised ourpharmaceutical spending forecast for 2020 amid Covid-19-related procurement plans and also additional investment into furtherhealth coverage improvements, we continue to anticipate pharmaceutical spending per capita will decline in 2020 from 2019,reflecting the weaker ... Read More

  • Nicaragua Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... Eta and Iota. This will put pressure on healthcare spending capabilities, likelyresulting in a loss of funding for previously agreed healthcare projects and meaning healthcare spending and coverage will remainminimal even as the population often ... Read More

  • Venezuela Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... the country’s medical supplies andservices, with fatal consequences for the most vulnerable Venezuelans. Despite a lack of official data, widespread reporting offrequent medicine shortages and mass emigration of healthcare professionals, as well as citizens seeking ... Read More

  • Laos Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... health insurance scheme will ensure access to health services to an increasingly large population. Pharmaceutical spendingwill accelerate over the coming years. Low levels of affordability and subdued healthcare capacity will continue to hinder the marketpotential. Read More

  • Netherlands Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... we also expect OTC drug sales to continue to decline in the short term. Wecontinue to see companies in the Netherlands seeking new treatments and vaccines to help the fight against the coronavirus. Thegovernment will ... Read More

  • Qatar Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... of world-class healthcare services, encouragingprivate sector investment across the healthcare sector. The country will move fast towards digitisation and adoption of innovativetechnologies in healthcare. Despite gradual steps towards developing local drug manufacturing capacity the country ... Read More

  • Uganda Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... sector development will support this trend. Theunderdeveloped healthcare system and funding gaps will weigh on access to treatment. Uganda will remain a net drugs importerdespite an increased capacity for local medicines and drugs production. The ... Read More

  • Slovakia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... trajectories, as public funds suffer. According to the Council for Budget Responsibility, Slovakia is expected to postrecord debt at the end of the pandemic, as budget goals were not achieved during more economically stable years. Read More

  • Morocco Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... to achieve its goals. Nevertheless, the country’s healthcare andpharmaceutical market will experience growth in the coming years, boosted by a rising burden of non-communicable diseases. Wenote that opportunities will be disproportionately higher for generic drugmakers, ... Read More

  • Honduras Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... outlook for the Honduran pharmaceutical and healthcare market.Meanwhile, high levels of corruption and an inadequate regulatory environment combine to make it among the least attractivemarkets in Central America. Demand for more cost-effective generic drugs will ... Read More

  • Iran Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... this initiative been a result of systematic efforts to bolster its partnershipswith other governments, international organisations, and NGOs for the provision of medical equipment and infrastructural support.At the same time, Iran has sought to raise ... Read More

  • Tanzania Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... as increasing urbanisation levels. Demand for medicines is expected toincrease significantly as efforts to install universal healthcare coverage start to materialise and more people acquire access to qualityhealthcare facilities. However, despite the government’s efforts, local ... Read More

  • Spain Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... spread of the virus and the country began reopening its economy andeasing lockdowns. However, the country started to see the number of cases spike since the end of July and recorded it's highestnumber of infections ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... is high due to the low per capita spending on pharmaceutical and healthcare as well as the challengingmacroeconomic environment. Efforts to roll out universal healthcare are expected to modestly increase healthcare expenditure inthe long term. Read More

  • United States Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... his major healthcare proposals, including pressure onprescription drug prices. Even with congressional control, Biden's healthcare proposals will be watered down. The impendingSupreme Court case on the Affordable Care Act could limit a Biden administration further. Read More

  • Sudan and South Sudan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... country’spharmaceutical and healthcare sectors will continue to face significant issues, which will undermine their growth prospects in theshort-to-medium term. Political and economic uncertainty will ensure that the country remains unattractive to investments in thehealthcare sector. Read More

  • Cambodia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... low per capita spending on medicine. The introduction of universal healthcoverage will improve access to healthcare over the next decade. Despite challenges such as subdued healthcare infrastructure andpersonnel, the sector will continue to develop over ... Read More

  • Cameroon Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... to healthcare treatment. The Covid-19 pandemic will continue to support thedevelopment of healthcare capacity projects. State support and private sector initiatives will boost the implementation of tele-health while advancing electronic health systems development and integration. Read More

  • New Zealand Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2021

    ... multinational drugmaker opportunities. Indeed, as furtherimprovements are made to strengthen the country’s fiscal position and business environment, investor confidence in the economywill grow. However, financial constraints will remain a persistent challenge in the healthcare sector, ... Read More

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