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Adhering to legislation that is constantly evolving and changing is par for the course in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are central to many legislation debates, especially as concerns the health and well-being of the environment. The manufacturing industry poses risks that other industries do not. Issues of employee safety, product safety, environmental safety, etc. all apply to manufacturers. Manufacturing requires many resources. Sometimes product manufacturing uses fuels and materials that may draw environmentalists’ ire.

Government regulations are diverse dependent upon niche manufacturers in the manufacturing industry. Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) exist for every industry. Good Manufacturing Principles are established by each organization, often in response to a concern or a need that is brought to light by government regulations. GMPs encourage the updating and revision of out-of-date regulations.

Regardless the industry, regulations set by the government are intended to reduce risk and increase overall quality for all parties involved. Regulations ought to be an integral part of employee training and the evaluation of the effectiveness of current practices. As regulations and legislations change, manufacturing managers must be working to evolve their practices as well.

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Regulation Industry Research & Market Reports

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