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  • Guatemala Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... health system will likely improveprocurement efficiency while setting downward pressure on medicine prices in the public sector. While market growthfundamentals will sustain pharmaceutical spending growth over the next decade, the lack of adequate health financingmechanisms ... Read More

  • Hungary Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... our forecasts. Deficiencies within public healthcare funding willcontinue to repress the growth of Hungary's pharmaceutical market in the coming years. The increasing burden on patients formedicine costs will reduce affordability and access to care, whilst ... Read More

  • Moldova Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... sector is limited opportunity due to the small market size and low percapita spending. Market development will be inhibited by high levels of industry- and country-specific risks, including an uncertainpricing regime and high political risk. Read More

  • Pakistan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... account of suboptimal market conditions.The positives, namely the rising burden of chronic disease and the launch of the national health insurance programme, will continueto be outweighed by serious regulatory and pricing challenges, including the prevalence ... Read More

  • Venezuela Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... severely reduced the government's tax intakes.Hyperinflation has decimated the nation’s purchasing power and is contributing to the humanitarian crisis as the healthcare systemcontinues to crumble. Multinational drugmakers will likely avoid what has become South America’s ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... of a new health agency dedicated to medical oversight and hospitallicensing is intended to bring about much needed improvement to the standard of primary and specialised care. At the same time,continuing disagreement over the direction ... Read More

  • Kyrgyzstan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... a unified medicine registration system in the Eurasian Economic Union will support access to medicines,however major barriers such as a lack of spending power and challenges in supply and distribution across the country will remain. Read More

  • Poland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... intent to implement its October 2015 election pledges, one of which was tosignificantly increase healthcare expenditures. In combination with consumer-led economic growth, these factors will provide aboost to market expenditure, maintaining the country's regional outperformance. Read More

  • Morocco Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... coverage, and the country's growingnon-communicable disease burden will provide significant tailwinds for future medicine sales. We believe generics drugmakers willbe the main beneficiaries as the state adopts a pro-generic stance, and continues to slash drug ... Read More

  • Namibia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... the country's competitiveness in theSouthern Africa region. These factors continue to act as a deterrent to multinational pharmaceutical company investment in thelocal production of medicines. We thus expect the country to remain heavily import-reliant, although ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... years, should significantly improve access and coverage, thusincreasing the commercial potential for foreign players with relevant experience. However, we caution that the over-reliance on out-of-pocket payments will continue to mean the market is vulnerable to ... Read More

  • Brazil Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... remain a highly challenging market. A restriction onpublic healthcare expenditure will place additional pressures on medicine prices while schemes to control prices and boost localcapacity will further dissuade foreign investment. Of the four BRICs markets, ... Read More

  • Honduras Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... increase the population’s access to medicine and modernise thehealthcare system, growth will remain subdued given the nation’s low purchasing power. Furthermore, a weak regulatoryenvironment and institutional corruption will continue to be major obstacles for multinational ... Read More

  • Taiwan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... will prove beneficial for the pharmaceutical industry, given the administration's desire to promotebiotechnology, among other initiatives. Public healthcare spending will also benefit, as the government spends more on welfareowing to the country’s rapidly ageing population. Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... in the country. As a result, TheKingdom remains among the Middle East's most attractive markets for multinational drugmakers. Regulatory and market risksremain prevalent, and recent disputes with European players highlight the challenges of doing business ... Read More

  • Qatar Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... industries as part of its broader national strategy. This isdriven by the need to cope with the rising burden of lifestyle-related, chronic conditions, as well as the country’s economicdiversification and development goals. The relatively small ... Read More

  • Austria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... sizecompared to its EU partners. However, like its eurozone neighbours, we believe Austria's pharmaceutical spending will be subduedover the medium term, as states scramble to contain rising pharmaceutical expenditure in line with increasing healthcare demands. Read More

  • Japan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... rising demand for healthcare services due to an ageing population and increased demand for chronic disease treatments.However, the government’s implementation of cost-containment measures and the growing use of generic medicines will limitopportunities for innovative drugmakers. Read More

  • Laos Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... markets in South East Asia, Laos willcontinue to present limited commercial opportunities to multinational drugmakers. On the upside, Laotian pharmaceutical andhealthcare spending will continue to post high growth rates, driven by rising demand for non-communicable ... Read More

  • Armenia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... major interest to multinationals. Factors such as the small overallmarket size, a declining birth rate and healthcare inefficiencies mean that access and services remain below par. A majorvulnerability is the high contribution of out-of-pocket spending ... Read More

  • Georgia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... commitment tohealthcare access widening and similar initiatives will support robust growth of its pharmaceutical and healthcare spending.However, small population and question marks over the sustainability of public sector healthcare financing will represent headwindsto this growth. Read More

  • Iran Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... ability to stave off an impending crisis. However, reportsthat many of Iran’s suppliers of pharmaceutical and medical goods are already suffering from shortages of foreign-mademedications lay bare the period of structural adjustment that lies ahead. ... Read More

  • Italy Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... of new innovative therapies. Although this will translate into renewedcommercial opportunities for drugmakers, operating conditions will remain challenging due to cost-control measures targetingpharmaceutical and healthcare spending. In fact, despite the new government’s populist leaning, fiscal ... Read More

  • Puerto Rico Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... fiscal austerity, a worsening business climate and a lack of federal funding forhealthcare will weigh down on opportunities across the island's pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Overall, we expectmultinationals to adopt an increasingly cautious approach when ... Read More

  • Slovakia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... healthcare, we anticipate itwill continue to target the pharmaceutical sector - particularly the innovative sector – in order to limit expenditure while preventingany significant rise in patient co-payments. Although the country’s ageing population will offer ... Read More

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