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  • Autoimmune Drugs Markets in China

    ... economy maintains a high speed growth which has been stimulated by the consecutive increases of industrial output, imports & exports, consumer consumption and capital investment for over two decades. This new study examines China's economic ... Read More

  • Hong Kong Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... aggregate market size. While the HospitalAuthority (HA) continues to receive the lion's share of resources, other areas such as healthcare manpower training and promotionof healthy lifestyles in order to reduce the non-communicable disease burden and ... Read More

  • Turkey Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q2 2018

    ... will support market growth, driven by the Health TransformationPlan. However, we highlight that macro risks will increasingly place downside risks to this expansionary fiscal outlook, leading togrowth deceleration over the long term. Moreover, innovative drugmakers ... Read More

  • Costa Rica Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... America region. It offers superior market access and development opportunities tomultinationals, based on factors such as continuous improvement in healthcare infrastructure and government commitment toupholding an attractive business environment. Additionally, the demand for innovative medicines ... Read More

  • Ghana Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... over innovative multinational firms. In order to ensure thepopulation’s healthcare and access to safe medicines are not compromised by such measures, protectionist policies aimed atboosting local drugmaker capabilities must be accompanied by improvements to medical ... Read More

  • Myanmar Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... limit the uptakeof medicines and challenge pharmaceutical companies' revenue-earning potential. Despite this, the private healthcare providers inMyanmar will be well positioned for growth. Supporting this trajectory is the underdeveloped state of the public health sector ... Read More

  • Namibia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... country's competitiveness in theSouthern Africa region. These factors continue to act as a deterrent to multinational pharmaceutical company investment in thelocal production of medicines. As a result, Namibia is heavily reliant on importing the majority ... Read More

  • Spain Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... recipient of government funds. Furthermore, the Catalanregion is a major growth driver of the wider Spanish economy, contributing around 20% of total economic output, and anyslowdown there following the ongoing secession crisis will undoubtedly filter ... Read More

  • Italy Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... pre-global financial crisis peaks. Weak growth and Italy's massive debt will act as a long-termconstraint on government spending, despite expansionary fiscal policy proposals featuring prominently in the platforms of eachparty. Therefore, it is our view ... Read More

  • Tunisia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... with domesticfirms. Improving healthcare access will be beneficial to the country's pharmaceutical market growth prospects over the comingyears; however, growth will remain limited by the steady uptake of generic drugs in the country. The next ... Read More

  • Gabon Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... signal greater commercial potential fordrugmakers, however, exploiting these opportunities will be challenging in nature as the undeveloped status of the country'spharmaceutical and healthcare markets poses a much less receptive environment for drugmaker opportunities in Sub-SaharanAfrica. Read More

  • Georgia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... in Georgia's pharmaceutical market, thecountry's small population and the relatively limited heatlhcare funding will preclude any major developments in this area.Still, international support, both financial and otherwise, and government efforts to boost entrepreneurship represent majorpositives. Read More

  • Puerto Rico Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... of key health programs. In the near term, economic challenges andoutward migration of labour will raise risks to the island's attractiveness to manufacturers, including pharmaceutical producers. Overthe long term, however, internal devaluation will drive labour ... Read More

  • Mozambique Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... significantly low as a result of widespread poverty amongst the population, limiting potential revenue prospects for drugmakers.Furthermore, weak intellectual property standards and a poorly enforced pricing regime make Mozambique a high-risk environmentfor innovative medicine producers. Read More

  • Kyrgyzstan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... growth, the lack of regulatory oversight will create a challenging environment,creating a major access barrier to drugmakers. Moreover, affordability levels are low, resulting in drug demand almost exclusivelywithin the non-branded generic and over-the-counter medicines sectors. Read More

  • Oman Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... healthcare and underpin growth of the pharmaceuticalmarket. However manufacturers will face headwinds from cost containment measures in the public provision of pharmaceuticalsand healthcare services. Phased pharmaceutical price reductions pose near-term risks for manufacturers and importers. Read More

  • Cambodia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... development and the rising demand for medicaltreatment will underpin sustained pharmaceutical market growth. The underdeveloped regulatory environment means counterfeitdrugs will remain an issue for the foreseeable future, although increasing official efforts to tackle the issue ... Read More

  • Chile Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... solutions and slow implementation of regulatory regulations will continue to pose downside risks to the pharmaceuticalindustry. The adherence to the conditions in the Chile-US Free Trade Agreement will pose upside risks to the intellectual propertyenvironment. Read More

  • Armenia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... the fact that the government pays much of the healthcare bill, all ofwhich restricts demand for innovative pharmaceuticals. All factors taken into account, Armenia is unlikely to change itsattractiveness profile, especially given better opportunities offered ... Read More

  • South Korea Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... pharmaceutical market. In addition to boasting arobust regulatory environment and an advanced medical infrastructure, the country's government remains committed to thestrengthening of the domestic pharmaceutical and healthcare system, with a view to bringing more novel ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... February 1 2019, as planned, given the magnitude and the cost of the project. Nevertheless,compulsory insurance represents an upside risk to our forecasts, especially in the longer term, as the reliance on out-of-pockethealthcare and pharmaceutical ... Read More

  • Guatemala Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... that demand for medical treatment remains on the rise. Morebroadly, the relatively large and growing population will drive commercial opportunities for drugmakers and healthcare suppliers.However, low per capita spending on medicine and a poor operating ... Read More

  • Qatar Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... major driver of growth, while high spending per capita onmedicine will ensure that demand for innovative medicines remains high. Moreover, the government’s commitment towardsstrengthening the healthcare sector will underpin overall sector growth while creating opportunities ... Read More

  • Panama Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... such as populationgrowth, ageing and healthcare infrastructure expansion will underpin sustained pharmaceutical spending over the next 10 years.Panama’s combination of favourable tax laws, the seamless use of the US dollar and shipping abilities will continue ... Read More

  • Botswana Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2018

    ... diversify the country’s economyand invests in infrastructure. However, although Botswana makes for a relatively attractive manufacturing destination, its smallmarket size will continue to limit foreign drugmaker interest as they instead opt for South Africa as ... Read More

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