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Country Overviews Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Colombia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... The government is trying to keep the virus fromspreading while also trying to keep the healthcare system alive; however, alleged failed promises have led to multiple protests byhealthcare workers. The pharmaceuticals sector will see growth ... Read More

  • Europe Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... to region-specific trends. Themore developed Western markets will continue to be favoured by innovative drugmakers due to stronger regulatory oversight andgreater purchasing power, although growth in these markets will be suppressed by aggressive cost-containment. Revenue ... Read More

  • Asia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... Western Europe. The lower amount of spending equates tofewer hospital beds, doctors, nurses per capita to help tackle the spread of Covid-19, and while the region's relatively rural-basedpopulations offer it some protection from the impact ... Read More

  • Global Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... health islimited, with the leading players being tech start-ups and academic spin-offs. The global recession and the consequential reductionin government spending is a limiting factor in greater adoption of digital health technologies. Based on the ... Read More

  • Latin America Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... are ramping up fiscal policy response against the coronavirus outbreak.However, healthcare spending across the Latin America region remains low compared to developed markets such as WesternEurope. The lower amount of spending equates to fewer hospital ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... expanding healthcare sector. Innovative drugmakers will continue to view MENA as a riskymarket due to political and economic volatility as well as varying patent enforcement and healthcare spending. The Covid-19pandemic highlights the challenges faced by ... Read More

  • Slovenia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... to be allocated to Slovenia over the coming years will be used tostrengthen several areas, including healthcare. Subdued numbers of healthcare personnel will remain a concern in Slovenia,particularly at the primary level, although the government ... Read More

  • Austria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... it will still continue to grow as an ageing population, advances inpharmacological technology and national healthcare insurance cost constraints act as market drivers. Covid-19 cases haveincreased substantially and the government, while implementing measures to contain ... Read More

  • Myanmar Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... appetite for pharmaceutical investment. A major spike in Covid-19 cases at the highest levels of political leadership hashighlighted the government's failure to implement adequate early detection and containment measures to halt the spread of thevirus. Read More

  • Pakistan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... and the strong potential forhealthcare infrastructure and services growth, Pakistan is not a priority target for multinational drugmakers. Downsides tocommercial involvement include negative price pressures, presence of counterfeits and the blurred prescription and OTC medicinedistinction. Read More

  • Thailand Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... which will boost export growthand cement its position as a key drugs market across the Asia Pacific. These developments would help Thailand attract greaterforeign investment into its domestic pharmaceutical industry and will encourage drugmakers to ... Read More

  • Belgium Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... spending over 2020 as resourcesshift away from 'business as usual' operation and towards the treatment of Covid-19 patients. This shift will have the opposite effecton pharmaceutical spending, which we expect to be weakened by fewer ... Read More

  • Brazil Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... now anticipate pharmaceutical spendingper capita will decline in 2020 from 2019, while we have also revised our medium-term growth forecast lower, reflecting the weakereconomic environment against a backdrop of an ageing population and likely lower ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... as wellas widespread political and economic risks. Government incentives to boost domestic pharmaceutical production will provide someimpetus for manufacturing partnerships with multinational drugmakers. The Covid-19 pandemic will continue to be a strain on thehealthcare systems. Read More

  • Hungary Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... sector's lack of funding and preparedness, as wellas the comparatively slow pace of recovery of the broader economy. Despite this, the pharmaceutical retail landscape hasrebounded strongly indicating that supply chains remain largely intact and capable ... Read More

  • Nicaragua Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... a steep decline over the course of 2020. Despite this, we continue to expectpharmaceutical and healthcare spending to increase throughout our forecast period as demand for them rise and amid signs thegovernment is working towards ... Read More

  • Argentina Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... in the healthcare sector and a growing prevalence of non-communicable diseases among the population. However, the government continues to face a constrained fiscal and politicalsituation, which has been intensified by the pandemic. The government has ... Read More

  • United States Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... Trump is unlikely to get healthcare legislation through the House ofRepresentatives. If elected, Biden will bring in a raft of changes including expanding the ACA with the public option of Medicare andrepealing pharmaceutical exemption to ... Read More

  • Australia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... amid the government's focus onintroducing a more streamlined drug approvals process. However, with healthcare costs set to rise, the Government will makefurther inroads into pushing forward with cost-containment policies to help lower the cost of ... Read More

  • Honduras Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... attractive markets in Central America. Demand for more cost-effective generic drugs will remain supported by the growing prevalence of chronic diseases typical in an ageing population and thiswill drive long-term growth of the sector. However, ... Read More

  • Armenia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... slowdown caused by the pandemic will result in thecountry posting a negative real GDP growth in 2020. This will have a significant impact on the performance of the pharmaceuticalmarket, given the high out-of-pocket share of ... Read More

  • Botswana Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... the population withgreater access to treatments, driving demand for medicine over the long term. However, given the small size of the market andmoderate per capital spending on medicines on a global basis, innovative drugmakers will ... Read More

  • Morocco Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... to achieve its goals. Nevertheless, the country’s healthcare andpharmaceutical market will experience growth in the coming years, boosted by a rising burden of non-communicable diseases. Wenote that opportunities will be disproportionately higher for generic drugmakers, ... Read More

  • Venezuela Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... the country’s medical supplies andservices, with fatal consequences for the most vulnerable Venezuelans. Despite a lack of official data, widespread reporting offrequent medicine shortages and mass emigration of healthcare professionals, as well as citizens seeking ... Read More

  • Laos Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... for treatment. The government’s commitment to reaching universal healthcoverage by 2025 will improve the healthcare coverage of a growing population. However, fiscal constraints and subduedhealthcare capacity pose downside risks to the market's full growth potential. Read More

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