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  • Autoimmune Drugs Markets in China

    ... economy maintains a high speed growth which has been stimulated by the consecutive increases of industrial output, imports & exports, consumer consumption and capital investment for over two decades. This new study examines China's economic ... Read More

  • Oman Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... forecast period. While we do not expect the government to reach its target of 10% ofrenewables generation by 2025, we note that an increase in tenders for renewable projects points to an upside in our ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... our 2019 new vehicle sales forecasts for Sweden this quarter. We now forecast a 14.2%contraction in the overall market, with the PV segment (-13%) to fall by a smaller amount than the CV segment (-20.7%). Read More

  • Europe Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... to region-specific trends. Themore developed Western markets will continue to be favoured by innovative drugmakers due to stronger regulatory oversight andgreater purchasing power, although growth in these markets will be suppressed by aggressive cost-containment. Revenue ... Read More

  • Asia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... environments, it is vital that companies appreciate the varying levels ofinvestment risk and reward that are present in the markets in Asia. Nonetheless, on aggregate, the Asia Pacific region is the mostattractive emerging region globally. Read More

  • Colombia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... issue in Colombia for several years. There is a hope that the pricecaps will allow the government to be more efficient in its medicine spending. Colombia already represents a challengingcommercial environment for foreign pharmaceutical firms. Read More

  • Global Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... Governments and politicians are increasingly influencing pharmaceutical markets. In developed states, this is mainlybecause the high cost of medicine are placing pressure on budgets. Conversely, in emerging markets, widening accessto healthcare is a populist move. Read More

  • Latin America Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... robust growth over our 10-year forecast period. Weakenedoutlook in Argentina and Mexico will weigh on both net capacity and generation growth in the region, as we expect limitedtransmission infrastructure investment to constrain wind and solar ... Read More

  • Moldova Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... income levels reduces the capacity of thepotential consumer market, limiting demand for credit services, investment plans and insurance cover. The country is strugglingwith reconstruction efforts in the aftermath of two cyclones - Idai and Kenneth ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... of the region's electricity mix. Despite ambitious targets in the region, the UAE and Egypt will accountfor 65% of the region's non-hydropower renewables capacity growth. As a result, renewables will play a relatively limited role,accounting ... Read More

  • Australia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... 2019 Key View: Sustainability of government-funded medicines will be increasingly questioned in Australia. A regulatory framework thatmeets the highest international standards is a favourable market attribute. Coalition win should facilitate government support formedium-term healthcare investment. Read More

  • Japan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... a deceleration of the pharmaceutical market's growth. This is expected to change in the medium-to-long term though asan ageing population and a very high health spending per capita will fuel demand for high-value innovative medicines. Read More

  • Botswana Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... as it faces major challenges in addressing the burden of communicablediseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Although, the country has no pharmaceutical production capacity, thegovernment has been engaging with international governments and organisations to ... Read More

  • Jordan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... sector. Although the Gulf region medicine pricing unificationand the government's price-lowering initiatives will place downward pressures on the growth of the country's pharmaceuticalspending, the market's fundamentals are sound and should ensure steady longer term growth. Read More

  • Brazil Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... the localpharmaceutical market. Despite this positive development to the regulatory environment, the country’s negative medicine tradebalance will widen. Stabilisation of the economy is supportive of investment in the healthcare sector and the provision of newmedicines. Read More

  • Venezuela Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... all but abandonedoperations in the Latin American country following huge inflation-related hits to revenue. An escalation in the US sanction regimeon Venezuela will also likely make foreign firms extremely hesitant to interact with private businesses. ... Read More

  • Uganda Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... creating opportunities for generic drugmakers in particular, as spending on medicineper capita remains low. Opportunities for drugmakers are also expected to arise from a supply-side perspective, as the governmentcontinues to promote pharmaceutical manufacturing development. Uganda ... Read More

  • Angola Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... generic drug manufacturerswilling to invest in a small yet unexploited market, albeit under challenging operation conditions. The market will continue to beundermined by a weak economic outlook and poor regulatory standards, remaining in the shadow ... Read More

  • Slovakia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... environment, Slovakia's commercial potential for innovative drugmarkers remains below par.Restrictive pricing and reimbursement combine with insufficient public funding, uneven healthcare access and lacking medicalprofessionals to create downside risks to the globally speaking modestly sized market. Read More

  • Austria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... sizecompared to its EU partners. However, like its eurozone neighbours, we believe that Austria's pharmaceutical spending will besubdued over the medium term, as states scramble to contain rising pharmaceutical expenditure in line with increasing healthcaredemands. Read More

  • Indonesia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... in regulatory improvement initiatives, which willcomplement their efforts to achieve universal healthcare coverage. However, some foreign players may remain wary of committingto the market due to the prevalence of counterfeit medicines, low per capital purchasing ... Read More

  • Honduras Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... an ageing and growing population will seethe pharmaceutical market expand with the increased patient base and higher demand for chronic diseases. Nevertheless, thecountry’s low purchasing power coupled with a turbulent political climate and social resistance ... Read More

  • Laos Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... However, economic development willcontinue to drive rising pharmaceutical and healthcare spending in the country over the forecast period. Infectious diseases remainentrenched, while the burden posed by chronic conditions will continue to increase, supporting rising demand ... Read More

  • Netherlands Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... under the Medicines Prices Act. We expect innovative drug sales will continueto decline in the short term, with growth in this sub-sector returning over the longer term as the population ages and chronicillnesses rise. However, ... Read More

  • Poland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... future of the Fund; however, the outlook for the pharmaceutical market andhealthcare sector remain positive. Continued state healthcare funding growth and consumer-led economic growth will provide aboost to market expenditure, maintaining the country's regional outperformance. Read More

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