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  • Mexico Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... of high-value medicines.Increasing cost-containment measures will repress patented medicine growth, while the generics market remains extremelyfragmented, with local and multinational companies. Opportunities are present due to strong overall market growth and asignificant chronic disease burden. Read More

  • Japan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... Asia Pacific region for foreign drugmaker investment. The market size, ageingpopulation, high purchasing power and the strength of the regulatory environment will maintain the country's position as one of thekey international markets for innovative medicines. Read More

  • Global Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... control growth in healthcare spending and will disproportionately targetexpenditure on medicines with mechanisms such as pharmacoeconomics. Moreover, drugmakers will continue to experience avariety of operational headwinds in emerging markets and challenges will originate from the ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... profile, wherea high prevalence of HIV/AIDS contributes to short life expectancy and low non-communicable disease burden. This profile willbenefit generic drugmakers operating in the country over the long-term, especially as the population grows. However, Zimbabwe ... Read More

  • Guatemala Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... growth fundamentals such as a growing andageing population, rising demand for medical treatment and rising incomes will support this trend. That said, low affordability levelswill ensure that generic medicines continue to dominate the market in ... Read More

  • Latin America Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... economic growthimproves and advances in the regulatory environment continue. In the short term, the business environment is hamperedby corruption allegations and a weak rule of law, which increase operational difficulties faced by the pharmaceutical industry. Read More

  • Oman Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... per capita incomes and a significant underlying burden of chronicdisease. However, manufacturers will face an increasingly cost-conscious public sector in light of government budget constraints.Phased pharmaceutical price reductions pose near-term risks for manufacturers and importers. Read More

  • Poland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... future of the Fund; however, the outlook for the pharmaceutical market andhealthcare sector remain positive. Continued state healthcare funding growth and consumer-led economic growth will provide aboost to market expenditure, maintaining the country's regional outperformance. Read More

  • Azerbaijan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... impact on the healthcare andpharmaceutical opportunities in the country. Increased public sector funding should significantly reduce the over-reliance on out-of-pocket payments, footed by the, generally speaking, low-income population. The country's demographic profile also doesprovide commercial ... Read More

  • Laos Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... to act as key drivers of market growth. Meanwhile, the government will remain committed to improving the regulatoryand business environment. That said, the small domestic drug market, combined with low spending per capita on medicine ... Read More

  • Nicaragua Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... has seen attacks on health facilities and their staff across the nation, will provide headwinds for stakeholders inthe country in 2018. Nevertheless, we retain our view that the market will report strong performance from 2019 ... Read More

  • Venezuela Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... for drugmakers.Despite once being an economically prospering country, Venezuela now has restricted funds available for healthcare spending. Thiswill continue to have an impact on medicine affordability, which compounded with hyperinflation, depreciated bolivar andreduced drugmaker activities ... Read More

  • Costa Rica Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... and development opportunities tomultinationals, based on factors such as continuous improvement in healthcare infrastructure and government commitment toupholding an attractive business environment. Additionally, the demand for innovative medicines will still need to be met through ... Read More

  • Gabon Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... diseases will remain significant, we expect the increasein the incidence of non-communicable diseases to be the key driver of longer-term pharmaceutical market's trajectory. Commercialopportunities will mostly remain in the generic segment, given the rising role ... Read More

  • Hungary Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... its regional peers in the coming years. Whilean ageing population will support long-term market growth, significant healthcare funding issues remain prominent, leading tomedicine shortages and growing waiting lists, while also placing pressure on pharmaceutical expenditure. Read More

  • Austria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... incomparison to its EU partners. However, like its eurozone neighbours, we believe Austria's pharmaceutical spending will be subduedover the medium term, as states scramble to contain rising pharmaceutical expenditure in line with increasing healthcare demands. Read More

  • Botswana Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... by a weakregulatory environment, small pensionable population and a highly ruralised community. Generic medicines will continue todominate the market, with patented drugmakers choosing to operate in larger markets in the region such as South African. Read More

  • Jordan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... diseases among the population. Meanwhile, we expectthe government to maintain a positive business environment for the pharmaceutical industry due to its strategic importance toJordan's economy, ensuring that the country remains a net exporter of medicines. Read More

  • Panama Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... market, Panama will continue to attract interestfrom foreign pharmaceutical companies, reinforcing its role as a re-export hub of pharmaceuticals to the Latin American region.Although Panama's economic growth and, therefore, healthcare spending headlines will remain vulnerable ... Read More

  • Philippines Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... disease profile will continue to evolve in line with economic anddemographic trends and will provide a number of revenue earning opportunities for pharmaceutical firms, a multitude of regulatoryissues will create challenges while policies implemented to ... Read More

  • Qatar Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... government’s commitment towards promoting the developmentof the healthcare sector will support this trend. While local drug manufacturing capacity will continue to increase, Qatar will remaindependent on pharmaceutical imports over the foreseeable future. Despite the favourable ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... incentives. While we hold a more positive long-term outlook on the back ofeconomic prosperity and the push for healthcare self-sufficiency, Côte d'Ivoire will remain a highly challenging market formultinational drugmakers exploring opportunities in West Africa. Read More

  • Asia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... the smaller, underdeveloped pharmaceutical markets willpresent the weakest commercial incentives owing to their relative market size and level of pharmaceutical development. Highergrowth opportunities in the smaller emerging markets will present themselves within the generic medicines ... Read More

  • Europe Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... to region-specific trends. Themore developed Western markets will continue to be favoured by innovative drugmakers due to stronger regulatory oversight andgreater purchasing power, although growth in these markets will be suppressed by aggressive cost-containment. Revenue ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2018

    ... procedures, a lack of enforced patent laws, and ageneral lack of transparency that ensures the region lags behind others globally for revenue-earning opportunities. Despite this, theregion's pharmaceutical markets will continue to provide long-term opportunities for ... Read More

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