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Energy & Resources Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Global LNG Regasification Industry Outlook to 2024 - Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook with Details of All Operating and Planned Regasification Terminals

    ... 45,103.6 bcf in 2019 at an AAGR of 4.2 percent. It is expected to increase from 45,103.6 bcf in 2019 to 59,996.0 bcf in 2024 at an AAGR of 5.7 percent. Japan, the US, South ... Read More

  • Global Small-Scale LNG Liquefaction Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook, 2020-2024 - North America leads Globally on Capacity Additions and Capital Expenditure Outlook

    ... grow by 53 percent during the outlook period (2020-2024), from 32,210 thousand tonnes per annum (ktpa) in 2020 to 49,440 ktpa by 2024 from active, planned, and announced projects. Among regions, North America is expected ... Read More

  • Spain Power Q4 2020

    ... in thermal and nuclear power, the countrywill play an active role in trading both electricity and carbon credits throughout Western Europe. New policy adjustments will softenbottlenecks in grid connection licensing and spur on more efficient ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Power Q4 2020

    ... in recent months, alongside our expectation for gas-fired generation to contract sharply due to anoverall fall in power demand. We see strong growth opportunities across most sub-sectors, particularly for solar facilities and coalfacilities, which have ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Renewables Q4 2020

    ... favourable natural conditions and strong government commitmentfrom both Abu Dhabi and Dubai to diversify their power sectors. We expect non-hydro renewables to be the growth outperformer inUAE, adding a net capacity of 7GW and increasing ... Read More

  • Australia Power Q4 2020

    ... with the slowdown in economic activity. We expectthis to accelerate Australia's shift towards cleaner generation sources, and away from coal and gas generation. We forecast totalthermal generation as a share of the power mix to ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Power Q4 2020

    ... capacity to remain flat over the decade at 0.35%. Furthermore, thenear-term outlook has further deteriorated in line with the macroeconomic headwinds related to the Covid-19 outbreak. However,we highlight that upside risks to our forecasts are ... Read More

  • Europe Power Q4 2020

    ... hard hit due to supply chain delays from foreignmanufacturers. That said, we expect that the non-hydro renewables sector will begin to recover quickly, with a surge in projects over2021, resulting from pent-up demand for capacity ... Read More

  • Latin America Power Q4 2020

    ... thermal power sectors will drive growth within the region,particularly in the wind, solar, and natural gas sub-sectors.That said, hydropower will remain the dominant generation source overthe decade, accounting for 42.7% of the region's generation mix ... Read More

  • Qatar Power Q4 2020

    ... gradually from H220. Over the longer term, growth opportunities will beremain minimal due to a very well-developed power sector, and a limited project pipeline after 2022. We see some potential upsidefor the solar sector given ... Read More

  • Asia Power Q4 2020

    ... add a net capacity of more than 1,500GW, driven largely by expansion in Chinaand India, alongside robust growth in a number of emerging markets, particularly in South and Southeast Asia, albeit from a lowbase. While ... Read More

  • Ecuador Power Q4 2020

    ... reflect a surplus in hydropower-generated electricity, whichwas largely sold to Colombia and Peru. This is in line with our core assumptions, which see hydropower dominating the country'senergy mix in the long term. While Ecuador is ... Read More

  • France Oil & Gas Q4 2020

    ... of shale oil and gas resources. After large refining capacity cuts since2011, we highlight that further refinery closures are possible throughout our forecast period as the European market continues torealign to competitive pressure and falling ... Read More

  • Germany Renewables Q4 2020

    ... transition will see an acceleration of renewablescapacity through a steady flow of planned capacity auctions from a revised Renewable Energy Sources Act. Subsequently, weexpect to see capacity growth over the decade reach 83GW, driven by ... Read More

  • Global Power Q4 2020

    ... the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we expect thatcapacity growth will stagnate over 2020 but expect a stronger 2021 as pent-up demand for growth is met. We highlight that a driveto diversify and decarbonise the power sector ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Mining Q4 2020

    Kazakhstan Mining Q4 2020 Key View: Read More

  • Malaysia Power Q4 2020

    ... We have made further downward revisions and now expectpower consumption to contract by 2.8%, which will weigh on thermal generation most significantly. Increasing governmentattention and investor interest on renewable energy presents some upside risk, but ... Read More

  • Mexico Power Q4 2020

    ... and non-hydro renewables sectors will register the highest growthover our 10-year forecast period. That said, we note continued risks and uncertainty, particularly for the non-hydrorenewables sector, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and recent ... Read More

  • Mexico Renewables Q4 2020

    ... 2029. Supporting our positive outlook, we note alarge project pipeline from previous power auctions and private purchase power agreements, which will result in particularly highgrowth over the near term. That said, we continue to note ... Read More

  • Portugal Renewables Q4 2020

    ... become Portugal's largest power segment. We expect the impact of Covid-19 to be relatively short-lived,with the sector showing signs of recovery with investor confidence high in the latest power auctions. We see ongoing governmentsupport driving ... Read More

  • Qatar Oil & Gas Q4 2020

    ... remain largely flat as the global recession filters through to lower external demand for energy. Weforecast natural gas output to increase by just 1.0%, from our previous forecast of 7.0%. Over the longer-term, increased natural ... Read More

  • Slovenia Oil & Gas Q4 2020

    ... Petisovci field by Ascent Resources, due to permit disagreements between thecompany and the government. Slovenia's sole refining facility is inactive making the country entirely dependent on refined productsimports. Gradually rising domestic consumption will steadily raise ... Read More

  • South Africa Renewables Q4 2020

    ... country's total power output. While we highlight thatrenewables will be best placed to meet the country's power shortages given the short turnaround times and low costs of renewableprojects, there are still risks in the sector. ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Power Q4 2020

    ... growing source of new capacity given its relatively lowcost and ease of deployment, enabling many governments to use it to increase electrification rates. Poor political and economic riskprofiles across many markets in the region will ... Read More

  • Ball Valves Market With COVID-19 & Oil Price Crisis Impact Analysis By Type (Trunnion-mounted, Floating, Rising Stem), Material, Size, End-User (Oil & Gas, Energy & Power, Water & Wastewater Treatment), and Region - Global Forecast to 2025

    ... Forecast to 2025 The ball valves market was valued at USD 8.1 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 14.7 billion by 2025. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% ... Read More

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