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  • Australia Mining Q3 2018

    BMI View: Australia's overall mineral production growth will accelerate over the coming years, as rising mineral prices and a robustproject pipeline boost output. Read More

  • New Zealand Power Q3 2018

    ... in the sector overthe coming years. The phasing-out of thermal power, particularly coal-fired power, will be a key factor determining the future growthtrajectory of the market. And should New Zealand wish to meets its target ... Read More

  • Nigeria Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... project pipeline offers little upside to the outlook. Improved fiscal and regulatory terms could change thisif put through. The refining sector is due to be transformed with the start-up of the Dangote facility in 2020. Read More

  • Switzerland Power Q3 2018

    ... the upgrade of the national grid, in the short-term at least the growth outlook for the market remains subdued. Usage is growing only very slowly and existing capacity is morethan sufficient to meet domestic consumption ... Read More

  • Uganda Power Q3 2018

    ... the country’s economy andpopulation and electrification rate necessitate an increase in power generation; however, increasing dependence on hydropowerheightens Uganda’s risk of power deficits during periods of drought. Development of regional interconnectivity will mitigate this riskif ... Read More

  • Philippines Power Q3 2018

    ... the government focuses on mobilisinginvestment into the market, in order to keep up with rapidly rising demand. Coal will remain the dominant fuel for power generation,accounting for nearly 56% of total electricity generation in 2027. Read More

  • Norway Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... majority of our 10-year forecast period to 2027,as new projects come online and investor interest in upstream exploration remains robust. As such, Norway will maintain its role asan important hydrocarbon exporter over the coming decade. Read More

  • Papua New Guinea Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... existing PNG LNG project will more than double PNG's total export capacity to 16.0mtpa in the latter half ofour 10-year forecast period, based off additional gas from the P'nyang and Elk-Antelope gas and condensate fields. Read More

  • Latin America Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... accelerate in 2018 as private investors venture deeper into the region'soffshore and unconventional resources. NOC dominance will remain intact for the foreseeable future, benefiting oil and gasproduction at the expense of midstream and refining projects. Read More

  • France Power Q3 2018

    ... coming online. Increased government investments areexpected to support non-hydropower renewables, which will be the fastest-growing power source, with an average 8.4% growth y-o-y between 2018 and 2027. Yet nuclear power generation will remain the dominant ... Read More

  • Brazil Mining Q3 2018

    BMI View: Brazil's mining industry value will stagnate over the coming years, as a strong project pipeline and rising non-ferrousmetal prices struggle to offset declining iron ore prices. Read More

  • Argentina Renewables Q3 2018

    ... in terms of power demand, natural resources and supportive policies - however - has to beweighed against heightened economic risks; the peso has depreciated heavily over the past few months despite the government'sefforts, which included ... Read More

  • Chile Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... by limited prospects and a heavyreliance on energy imports. The Magallanes region will remain the focal point of hydrocarbon exploration and production activities,though achieving significant progress will be challenged by spending pullbacks among upstream firms. Read More

  • Algeria Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... BMI View: Algeria's status as a major hydrocarbons exporter will face mounting pressure over the coming decade as maturingfields, insufficient investment in exploration activities and continuously increasing domestic oil and gas demand weighs on exportvolumes. Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Power Q3 2018

    ... to reduce the reliance on oil. Continued delays will result in Saudi Arabia not meeting its target of9.5GW of renewable electricity by 2023. Plans for interconnections will enable the country to monetise excess electricity output. Read More

  • Latin America Power Q3 2018

    ... tenders for transmission projects. The sector will attract investment despite relatively elevated political risk due toelections in large countries, with non-hydropower renewables set to outpeform all other power-generating technologies in terms ofgrowth during the year. Read More

  • Italy Renewables Q3 2018

    ... planned renewables incentive scheme for 2018-2020, Italy has the potential to attract significant investment over thecoming years. We highlight, however, that the scheme is still a draft and that the new 5SM-League government will likely ... Read More

  • Indonesia Mining Q3 2018

    ... the mineral oreexport ban. Nevertheless, policy uncertainty, bureaucracy, resource nationalism and regulatory hurdles will increasingly lead toforeign miners divesting their assets and handing them over to locals over our forecast period from 2018 to 2027. Read More

  • Hungary Power Q3 2018

    ... the market are alreadycontending with artificially lowered electricity and gas prices, which has undermined profitability in the sector and will continue todeter private investors. As a result, the project pipeline remains extremely thin, limited largely ... Read More

  • Germany Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... of normal seasonal demand dynamics as well asthe continued interplay between coal for use in the power generation sector. In contrast, fuels consumption growth will fade asefficiencies, alternative technologies and changing policy direction erodes demand. Read More

  • Canada Renewables Q3 2018

    ... 2027 from an estimated 7.5% in 2017. This will partially offset the retirement of nuclear and coalpower projects across the country. Renewables capacity will total over 23GW by 2027, made up primarily from wind power. Read More

  • China Power Q3 2018

    ... to the sector'simportance to China's energy security and meeting rising power demand, with the sector having surged over 2017/18 in responseto accelerating power consumption. That said, coal generation growth will slow substantially relative to historic ... Read More

  • China Renewables Q3 2018

    ... Chinese government's continued strong support forpower mix diversification, in an attempt to reduce air pollution and stimulate cleaner sources of energy, as well as the importance ofdomestic demand for sustaining a vast equipment supply chain. Read More

  • Asia Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... both natural gas production and consumption. Gas demandgrowth will be increasingly led by Asia’s emerging markets, many of which will start importing LNG for the first time within the nextfive years, capitalising on lower prices ... Read More

  • Canada Power Q3 2018

    ... accounting for around60% of the total. The government's push to reduce carbon emissions will see the share of coal gradually erode, with non-hydrorenewables and gas-fired electricity generation increasing to help offset the reduction in output. Read More

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