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  • Research Report on China's Photovoltaic Industry, 2018-2022

    ... year, and the cumulative PV capacity reached 405 GW. China's newly installed capacity was 53 GW, increasing by over 53.6% YOY, ranking first in the world for five consecutive years. The cumulative installed capacity of ... Read More

  • Materials for Proton Exchange Membranes and Membrane Electrode Assemblies for PEM Fuel Cells

    ... successes. The PEMFC is emerging as a winner in many of the primary categories that fuel cells can satisfy. Existing membranes and assemblies still have room for improvement. PEMFC development and commercialization is an ever-changing ... Read More

  • Ghana Power Q3 2018

    ... projects coming online will ensure that the power sector is diversified somewhat, the lack of progress on plannedrenewable projects leaves us more bearish on the share of non-hydro renewable generation in the country's power mix. Read More

  • Hong Kong Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... and ensure that a cleaner energy mix gains greater traction. This increases the likelihood of Hong Kongdeploying an LNG import terminal within the coming years, which poses further upside risk to our gas consumption outlook. Read More

  • Myanmar Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... coming years, as domestic production continue tolag rising demand. Nascent steps taken to start importing LNG by 2020 are likely to produce further investment opportunities,mostly in shoring up Myanmar's underdeveloped storage, logistics and distribution infrastructure. Read More

  • Angola Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... oil production from the country's legacy assets.However oil output is set for persistent declines from 2019; tangible progress to reform state oil company Sonatrach will be requiredto encourage further upstream investment over the long term. Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Power Q3 2018

    ... power generation will remain thedominant source of electricity, we are more bullish on the prospect for new hydropower and non-hydropower renewableinvestments with the government's current plans. The development of the WAPP will ensure increased trade ... Read More

  • Uzbekistan Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... oil sector are less optimistic as we expectcrude oil reserves and output to continue shrinking to 2027. More generally, an improving business environment and PresidentShavkat Mirziyoev's ambitious investment plans could revitalise the country's oil and ... Read More

  • Zambia Power Q3 2018

    ... Solar Initiative' is gaining tractionwithin the market, presenting investment opportunities and posing an upside for power diversification in the country. Significanttransmission infrastructure development will see Zambia increasing electricity exports as generation outstrips consumption from2020 onwards. Read More

  • New Zealand Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... period,due to natural output declines at existing Taranaki basin assets and the limited scope for significant new discoveries, particularlyfollowing the government's April 2018 decision to ban all new permits for offshore oil and gas exploration. Read More

  • New Zealand Renewables Q3 2018

    ... development ofrenewables and already makes extensive use of sources such as geothermals to meet domestic consumption demands. Windpower is also relatively well developed and while solar power currently lags behind there is scope for significant ... Read More

  • Taiwan Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... sector. Its downstream sector, in contrast, is well-developed and continues to expand and modernise. The country'sshift away from nuclear power generation will support gas demand over the coming decade, and result in rising LNG imports. Read More

  • Thailand Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... in the upstream sector. Gas imports will continue to trendtowards LNG, as PTT increases off-take of the fuel, while significantly expanding LNG import capacity, in order to gradually wean offdiminishing pipeline gas volumes from Myanmar. Read More

  • Turkmenistan Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... export geographyby advocating new regional infrastructure projects and holding high level meetings with Russia and Iran in recent months, webelieve the prospects remain bearish in the near-to-medium term. This will result in falling gas production ... Read More

  • United States Power Q3 2018

    ... be the main drivers of developmentin the US electricity sector over the coming decade. This quarter the planned retirement of additional nuclear power plantsreinforced our view that the US nuclear industry will continue to struggle ... Read More

  • Norway Power Q3 2018

    ... with new windfarms being brought online from 2018 to 2020, hydropower will remain the dominant source of electricity, making up more than90% of total power output in the country. The development of regional interconnections will ... Read More

  • Sweden Power Q3 2018

    ... the coming decade, aslimited scope for nuclear and hydropower new-builds will elevate the importance of wind and biomass power to energy security.This will compound the issue of a lack of sufficient baseload capacity, negatively affecting ... Read More

  • Trinidad & Tobago Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... prolong natural gas shortages in Trinidad and Tobago, limiting exports amid governmentconcerns over the profitability of LNG trade. Investment has suffered continued delays due to current market conditions,underscoring the negative impacts of lower commodity prices. Read More

  • United Kingdom Power Q3 2018

    ... ageing coal plants and a rebound in gas power plant economics support its usage.The share of renewable energy will also gradually increase, as the UK maintains its position as the global leader in offfshore winddeployment. Read More

  • United States Renewables Q3 2018

    ... financing. We hold anupbeat structural outlook for the US renewables sector, underpinned by the presence of federal tax incentives and favourable state-level policies, as well as increasing commitment from utilities and corporate power consumers to ... Read More

  • Egypt Renewables Q3 2018

    ... annum over the next 10 years, upfrom an annual average of 22.5% we forecast last quarter. Improving macroeconomic dynamics feed into our increasingly positiveoutlook, with rating agency Standard & Poor's revising up Egypt's sovereign credit ... Read More

  • Iran Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... how OPEC decides to continue and ifnew investment can be brought in. The gas sector is in good shape and is targeting new export routes with Iraq, and eventuallyOman and LNG the most likely targets. Read More

  • Congo-Brazzaville Mining Q3 2018

    ... community has taken steps to begin operationsin the country, with Zanaga Iron Ore and Sundance Resources among the companies leading the charge, although a lack ofsufficient transport infrastructure and high political risk remains an impediment. Read More

  • Myanmar Power Q3 2018

    ... will result in the share of gas in the power mix risingsignificantly, from 36% in 2017 to 44% in 2027, while the share of hydropower will fall from 57% in 2017 to 48% in 2027. Read More

  • Czech Republic Power Q3 2018

    ... capacity being decommissioned. Thermal electricitywill remain the dominant source of power due to continued support for the domestic coal industry. A lack of new projects meansthat Czech Republic will be a net-electricity importer before 2027. Read More

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