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Energy & Resources Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Global Off-Road Equipment Technology 2020

    ... Sales will be supported by the continued investment in new and replacement machines that feature state-of-the-art technologies designed to help customers improve efficiency and productivity. This report covers off-road equipment demand by market, along with ... Read More

  • Argentina Power Q2 2020

    ... on capacity growth. That said, the long-term outlook forArgentina's power sector remains positive, with the non-hydro renewables sector set to experience the most significant growth.Natural gas-fired power will remain dominant in the country's electricity mix. Read More

  • Austria Renewables Q2 2020

    ... The phasing out of thermal power, includingthe closure in recent months of a coal-fired power plant and the planned withdrawal over the coming years of remaining coal andgas-fired power plants, will create new incentives for ... Read More

  • Colombia Power Q2 2020

    ... new opportunities in thewind and solar power segments, while large domestic firms remain the dominant source of investment in new utility-scalehydroelectric capacity. Despite notable electricity generation growth, rising power consumption will limit overall net exports ... Read More

  • Egypt Renewables Q2 2020

    ... and facilitated by large-scale private sector investment. As a result,the country's non-hydropower renewables capacity will grow by over 8.5GW over the coming decade, generating approximately10% of its total electricity output. However, in order to maintain ... Read More

  • Greece Renewables Q2 2020

    ... end of our forecast period in 2029, thanks to output in this segment rising from12.3TWh to 14.9TWh. However, weak electricity consumption combined with an extremely challenging domestic financeenvironment is weighing on an outlook that would ... Read More

  • Uruguay Renewables Q2 2020

    ... low annual average rate of 2.0% over our 10-year forecast period. Wind will remainthe dominant source of renewables output, accounting for an average of more than 63% of annual renewable electricity productionbetween 2020 and 2029. Read More

  • Sweden Renewables Q2 2020

    ... shaping the market over the coming decade.Growth in the sector will be largely driven by wind power, which will benefit from improving cost-competitiveness, which we expectwill attract ongoing private sector investment over the coming years. ... Read More

  • Turkey Power Q2 2020

    ... political and economic issues. TheTurkish government's focus is to grow and diversify the sector utilising more locally sourced power. Ongoing investment into theexpansion of Turkey's natural gas infrastructure will boost feedstock supply to support slow ... Read More

  • Indonesia Oil & Gas Q2 2020

    ... years, forcing deeper dependence on energy imports going forward to meet risingdemand. The government’s plans for the downstream sector remains ambitious and is implemented, could go a long way to erasingthe country’s large, growing deficit ... Read More

  • Indonesia Power Q2 2020

    ... strategy to boost economic growth. The country has raised itsenergy investment target for 2020 to USD35.9bn, of which USD12bn is budgeted for electricity, and USD2.3bn in renewable energyand conservation, and will put in place policies ... Read More

  • Italy Renewables Q2 2020

    ... view that Italy will continue to offeropportunities for investors. Wind and solar installations picked up compared to 2018, with the roll-out of bonuses for domesticphotovoltaic creating significant upside potential in the residential sector. This outperformed ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Power Q2 2020

    ... average of 0.5% over the coming decade, to reach23.9GW by 2029, driven by a few small-scale non-hydro renewable facilities. Coal will remain the dominant source of generation,despite government intentions to move away from the fuel. Read More

  • Netherlands Power Q2 2020

    ... boosting offshore wind, investments into T&D projects will be key inensuring continued stability of electricity supply. Stringent emissions regulations, the decline in domestic gas production and plansto shut down all coal power by 2030 will ... Read More

  • Netherlands Renewables Q2 2020

    ... wind power sector. This forecast is underlined by government plans toincrease offshore wind capacity to 11.5GW and decommission all coal power plants by 2030. By 2029, renewables will supply 40%of the country's total power supply. Read More

  • Uganda Oil & Gas Q2 2020

    ... as progress on the planned Hoima refinery. This is a further two-yeardelay on our previous forecast, a result of the ongoing tax dispute between Tullow and the government following Tullow's stake salein the production project. ... Read More

  • New Zealand Power Q2 2020

    ... course to remain a key policy focus in thecountry's power market over the coming decade, even in the event of a power shift in the 2020 election. However, given limitedexpected growth in overall power demand, ... Read More

  • Turkmenistan Power Q2 2020

    ... growth will continue to undermine any growthpotential created by the country's substantial natural gas reserves, and our forecasts for capacity and generation growth in 2020and beyond remain muted. As such state-owned utility Turkmenenergo State Electric ... Read More

  • Peru Oil & Gas Q2 2020

    ... upside once we gain a clearer vision on when the Southern Gas Pipeline will be tenderedand completed. However, Peru will produce below its potential, notably in terms of crude, as a history of strong environmentalistopposition ... Read More

  • Congo-Brazzaville Oil & Gas Q2 2020

    ... particularly following the entry of Lukoil into Marine Block XII. Congo-Brazzaville's oil productionand oil exports will remain largely steady through the near term as production from several key new offshore fields settle into theirproduction phases. Read More

  • United States Power Q2 2020

    ... In contrast, the nuclear and coal-fired power sectorswill see a decline in electricity capacity and generation. We forecast the US' total power capacity to reach 1,317GW in 2029, withtotal power generation growing by an annual ... Read More

  • Romania Power Q2 2020

    Romania Power Q2 2020 Key View: This quarter, we have extended our forecasts to 2029. Our core assumptions for Romania's power sector remain Read More

  • South Korea Power Q2 2020

    ... said, President Moon's nuclear phase-out policycontinues to face strong and growing opposition, and will come under increasing scrutiny, particularly ahead of the upcoming 2020legislative elections. Given the high capacity factor of nuclear power, it will ... Read More

  • Sweden Power Q2 2020

    ... will be centred on large-scalewind power projects throughout our forecast period to 2029, while ongoing growth in its solar, biomass and hydroelectric powercapacity supports further market expansion. The country's power sector dynamics will be impacted ... Read More

  • Taiwan Renewables Q2 2020

    ... given President Tsai Ing-wen's re-election in January 2020.Ongoing government commitment and strong investor interests has translated into a robust pipeline, which underpins our forecast.We expect non-hydro renewables capacity to total under 23.3GW and account for ... Read More

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