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  • Europe Bio-based Chemicals Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... all contributing to the growth of the Europe bio-based chemicals market. The market is all set to rise at a CAGR of 15.13% over the forecast period of 2019-2027. MARKET INSIGHTS To make the economy ... Read More

  • North America Bio-based Chemicals Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... is the key end user in this market. A biorefinery is a facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce fuels, power, and chemicals from the biomass. Biorefining seems to have a stronghold ... Read More

  • Global Bio-based Chemicals Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... business sustainability programs, preference for the usage of the eco-friendly product among the end users, intensive fluctuations in the crude oil prices, and the high market probable of bio-based chemical products are some of the ... Read More

  • North America Inorganic Scintillators Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... expanding numbers of nuclear power plants establishing across the US are responsible for the rising demand in the region. MARKET INSIGHTS The report considers the US and Canada inorganic scintillator markets in detail for forecasting ... Read More

  • Global Inorganic Scintillators Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... of high-energy physics, medical diagnostics and materials science. They are produced under very high temperatures and are composed of alkali halides or oxides. The global inorganic scintillators market is predicted to rise with a CAGR ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific Bio-based Chemicals Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... By the end of the forecast period of 2019-2027, the market is likely to prosper at a CAGR of 17.00%. China, Japan, India, Thailand, South Korea and the remaining countries constituting the Rest of Asia ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific Inorganic Scintillators Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... APAC region are providing money-spinning opportunities for market growth. The continuous rise in the incidence of cancer and other chronic diseases is expected to raise the demand for radiation detection and monitoring equipment that chiefly ... Read More

  • Manganese and Other Mineral Mining in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... ore mined by the industry. After processing, manganese is typically used as an alloy and for various other industrial applications. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key ... Read More

  • New Zealand Oil & Gas Q2 2019

    ... toaccelerating output declines at mature existing fields and significantly reduced scope for new oil and gas discoveries following thesigning of the 'Crown Minerals Amendment Bill' into law in November 2018, banning all new offshore exploration. Read More

  • Czech Republic Oil & Gas Q2 2019

    ... on imported oil and gas, mostly from Russia, as conventionalhydrocarbons production potential is limited. The STORK II bi-directional gas project with Poland is currently stalled, so anymeaningful gas diversification in the coming years is unlikely. Read More

  • Papua New Guinea Oil & Gas Q2 2019

    ... additions based offongoing developments of the giant P’nyang and Elk-Antelope fields. The global LNG market is set to see a wave of new supplyadditions over the next few years, although Papua New Guinea’s high-quality, low-cost ... Read More

  • Peru Power Q2 2019

    ... pose a pertinent risk.Peru will remain a regional underperformer in terms of non-hydro renewables capacity despite favourable climatic conditions for thedevelopment of the sector. Robust growth in domestic power consumption will turn the country into ... Read More

  • South Africa Oil & Gas Q2 2019

    ... in May 2019. Meanwhile, the country's large downstream sector continues to suffer frompoor operational efficiencies and needs significant investment. Without significant infrastructural upgrades, the country will becomeeven more dependent on refined products and gas imports. Read More

  • Taiwan Renewables Q2 2019

    ... will shift over the comingdecade, as nuclear output falls and the share of renewables in the generation mix increases from around 3% in 2018 to just over11% in 2028. That said, if the DPP does ... Read More

  • Turkey Power Q2 2019

    ... renewables auctions will continue to attract investors, mitigating the impact of lira weakness. Turkey’s coal-firedpower sector will attract investment over the next decade, attributable to increases in domestically produced lignite coal supply andimproving economic fundamentals ... Read More

  • Germany Mining 2019

    ... of the largest in Europe, and is focused predominantly on the production of lignite, orthermal coal. As such, the rising environmental standards in the country, including the removal of subsidies, will curb growth in thesector. Read More

  • Iron Ore Quarterly Q2 2019

    Key View: Read More

  • Angola Mining Q2 2019

    ... expected to take a proactive approach tostimulate the mining sector. The previous government had already made important steps in this direction by introducing newmining regulations and fostering a favourable climate for foreign investors, as well ... Read More

  • Congo-Brazzaville Mining Q2 2019

    ... community has taken steps to begin operationsin the country, with Zanaga Iron Ore and Sundance Resources among the companies leading the charge, although a lack ofsufficient transport infrastructure and high political risk remains an impediment. Read More

  • Botswana Mining Q2 2019

    ... Botswana's mining industry will see steady value growth as government efforts to diversify away from the diamondsector encourage foreign investment, particularly coal projects. Nevertheless, diamonds will still dominate the mining industry for awhile to come. Read More

  • Canada Power Q2 2019

    ... tax will causereductions in coal-fired power capacity, while gas-fired and non-hydropower renewables capacity expands in its place. The nuclearpower sector will undergo a contraction as the Pickering nuclear power plant is retired and numerous reactors ... Read More

  • PESTLE Insights: Sweden - Macroeconomic Outlook Report

    ... country is expected to spend €64 bn ($70.8 bn) on railways, roads and other major projects, as well as build 700,000 new homes and offices that will create opportunities for contractors in Europe and beyond. ... Read More

  • Brunei Oil & Gas Q2 2019

    ... production will edge higher, maintaining Brunei's LNG export capacity intact. The USD6bn PalauMuara Besar refining and petrochemicals complex, scheduled to open mid/late-2019, will boost the downstream sector, turningBrunei into a net exporter of refined products. Read More

  • Canada Renewables Q2 2019

    ... in the pipeline have graduallyprogressed and there has been confirmation of licences issued to numerous key wind power projects in the country over the lastquarter. We forecast non-hydro renewables capacity to total 24.2GW by 2028, ... Read More

  • Chad Oil & Gas Q2 2019

    ... View: Crude production will fall throughout our forecast as steep decline rates take their toll. The recent dispute between thelargest producer, ExxonMobil, and the Chadian government will cloud the investment environment in Chad moving forward. Read More

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