Electricity Transmission & Smart Grids Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The transmission of electricity from power plants and other points of power generation to substations leading into power distribution systems, individual consumers, and other electrical loads. Electricity transmission is a primary role of any electrical grid and its infrastructure is accomplished in all major grids at high voltage. With the advent of electricity and in early electrical grids, transmission was accomplished with direct current (DC), although all electric power transmission systems and grids today use alternating current (AC) – the exception being select long-distance high voltage DC (HVDC) lines.

Electricity transmission – representing all systems and infrastructure between a generator and its transformer, power conditioner or inverter and a substation or step-down transformer – is accomplished in developed countries in North America and Europe through relatively antiquated and aged infrastructure. Rather than replacing or expanding all transmission lines and capacities through extremely costly and capital-intensive projects, the U.S., EU and Japan have considered increasing the efficiency, reliability, and stability of transmission and distribution (T&D) grid infrastructure through Smart Grid improvements. Smart Grid remains a diffuse industry, political and market term, but is generally defined as the advanced visualization and (partially-) automated control of transmission and distribution systems through two-way communications between sensors, grid-embedded devices, and command points. Grid disruptions could be minimized, intermittent renewable energy generators and energy storage resources could be more efficiently leveraged, and transmission energy losses could be mitigated through the Smart Grid as a merger of energy and IT technologies.

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Electricity Transmission & Smart Grids Industry Research & Market Reports

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