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About Us

What is is the world’s largest collection of market research. Our team of industry-specific research specialists offer expert, unbiased insights on which reports will best meet your needs.

Why use has the most comprehensive collection of market research with more than 400,000 market research reports from over 350 leading global publishers. Our research specialists have in-depth knowledge of the publishers and the various types of reports in their respective industries. They save you time and money by personally assisting you in finding the right report.

How do I use
You can begin with a keyword search using the Search field on the left of every page or browse research by markets or topics. When you find a report of interest, click on the title to view extensive product information, including a descriptive abstract and table of contents.
800.298.5699 or +1.240.747.3093 (Int'l) to speak to one of our industry-specific research specialists. They can help you find the report which will best meet your needs and answer any questions your may have in your search.

How can I contact customer service?
Our customer service and research specialist team are available by phone at 800.298.5699 (U.S.) and +1.240.747.3093 (International), by email at Customer service hours are 3:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST Monday through Thursday and 3:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST Fridays.


Our Site

How do I use the site?
If you're new to the site, you need to register for full access to report information and research assistance. Once you've registered or logged in, search or browse to find reports relevant to your business. Next, explore individual reports by reading their abstracts and tables of contents or searching inside the report to see how often and in what context your keywords appear. Finally, choose the format and delivery option that's best for you and place your order using our secure online shopping cart.

How does search work?
Search finds reports containing your keywords in the title, abstract, table of contents, or publisher name. You can also use Advanced Search and the Search this List tool to narrow your search by price, date published, topic, and geographic region.

What is Search this List?
Search this List is a tool that lets you refine your search results quickly and easily find research relevant to your business needs. To use, simply click on Search this List and narrow your current list of reports by keyword, date, price, publisher or region.

What is Search Inside this Report?
Search Inside this Report is a unique feature on that lets you search inside individual reports for keywords and phrases. Results indicate how often your keyword or phrase appears in the report and give you a brief excerpt of each occurrence to help you determine the relevance of the report to your search.


Our Reports

What types of research and reports do you have?
We offer syndicated market research reports, which feature quantitative and qualitative research on markets, industries, and companies. The formats and lengths of reports vary from 10-page company profiles to exhaustive 1,000-page industry overviews. The majority of our reports are stand-alone studies, which are available as PDF downloads or bound print copies. We also offer a number of periodical publications.

Who produces the reports?
The reports are produced by more than 350 leading global publishers and research firms. View our publishers.

How are reports priced?
Report prices are set by the respective publisher. We periodically offer special promotions through various publishers. Speak to a research specialist to find the report which will best meet your needs and budget.

How can my reports be included on the site?
If you're interested in having your reports distributed through our service, please complete our publisher partner form and our publisher relations team will contact you.

What licenses are available for the reports?
Each report is sold under a single-user license or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) email from the publisher (also single user) - that is, only one user is permitted to access the report. Multi-user and site licenses (where applicable) allow a certain number of employees of one company, in one business location, to access the report. A global site license allows all company employees in your organization (regardless of location) to view the report.


Registration and Accounts

What is registration for?
Registration gives you access to report descriptions, tables of contents, and the Search Inside This Report feature for keywords and phrases. You can also receive complimentary search assistance from our industry-specific research specialists.

I forgot my password. What do I do?
Simply request your password and it will be sent to the email address used as your username. You can also contact customer service at 800.298.5699 (U.S.) or +1.240.747.3093 (Int'l) for assistance with any of your account information.

How can I change my account information?
If your information changes, you can update it by going to the My Account section—there’s a link to it at the top of every page. If you have questions about making account changes or wish to discontinue using our service, please call 800.298.5699 (U.S.) or +1.240.747.3093 (Int'l), email or send a written request to, 6116 Executive Blvd., Suite 550, Rockville, MD 20852.


Ordering and Delivery

How do I place an order?
First choose a delivery option for your chosen report, such as online delivery or hard copy mail delivery. Then click the Add to Cart button to begin the ordering process. The Shopping Cart will hold this product and any other choices until you decide to Proceed to Checkout. You can access your Shopping Cart from the cart link to the right of the Welcome message and your name on the overhead part of any page. You can modify your delivery options in the Shopping Cart by changing your delivery selection for the respective product. You can also change the quantity of the report. Once you’ve completed your choices here, click the Complete Order button.

What types of payment are accepted?
For online orders we accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard. Arrangements for payment by check, wire transfer or invoice can be made by contacting customer service at 800.298.5699 (U.S.), +1.240.747.3093 (Int'l) or

How long does delivery take?
Items purchased for online delivery are normally available as soon as your order is processed. Items that are emailed to you by the publisher or purchased for ground shipping are normally delivered within 2-3 business days. Note for first-time buyers: For your security, please note you will be contacted within one business day to verify your information prior to delivery of your first purchase. If you make your first purchase over a weekend or holiday, you will be contacted the following business day.

What are the shipping charges?
For hard copy mail delivery, a flat rate is $25 for shipping to addresses in the United States, $35 for shipping to addresses in Canada and $75 for shipping to addresses outside of the United States and Canada. There is a $5 handling charge for processing orders. All shipping charges are listed for review on the Order Checkout screen prior to confirming your order.


Privacy and Security

What information is collected about me?
When you register, sign up for our Alert Me service, or place an order, we collect your name, email, company, contact information, and address, and when ordering, credit card information. Your IP address is also recorded when you visit the site. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

How is my privacy protected?
We protect your privacy by strictly adhering to the guidelines set out in our privacy policy. You can view and edit information we've collected from you at any time by visiting the My Account page or viewing your Alert Me service settings. If at any point you don't wish to receive updates, newsletters, or promotional communications you can opt-out or unsubscribe by following the directions in the email or emailing with the word "remove me" in the subject line.

How is the site secured?
We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information. We store the personal information you provide on computer systems, which are located in secure, controlled facilities. All information is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

What are cookies and how are they used?
A "cookie" is a passive piece of information stored on your computer's hard drive. It automatically informs of site-specific information, such as your username and what information products you've bought from our site in the past. Setting your browser to accept cookies will streamline your use of, so that you don’t have to log-in each time you visit our web site.




Contact a Research Specialist

Our dedicated research specialists bring an unbiased approach to identifying the research you need to make effective strategic decisions.

Name: Carolyn Unwin-Hall
Direct Line: 240.747.3020

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